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Dear ColdNetwork,

NOTE: I had this thread ready 2 days ago but forgot to upload it due to testing a new core and base.
Date: HCFactions Map 7 SOTW TODAY 7PM GMT+2

Map 7:
All bugs fixed (Except /f kick for inactive players, this is because cracked uuid's are different and buggy)
6-Man factions, no allies (the votes for 3 and 8 were kinda the same so I decided 6.
Prot 1, Sharp 2, Power 4, as you guys voted.
Awesome new worldspawn and netherspawn.
New core and base which means even the 'ineffective' unbreaking bug has been fixed
And more new stuff!

Yours faithfully,

Dear ColdNetwork,

EDIT: At 11:00AM GMT +2 they will be doing an hardware intervention.

I was at work today when I got messages the network went offline, I asked if I could go home an hour earlier for you noobs (which was ok). I checked if this was a ddos as soon as I got home and this is not the case, the cooling broke.

All I can do atm is wait and call the host tomorrow morning, I'm sorry for this inconvenience.
(A fun fact is this game server are a max of 2 months old, this is really weird this happened to us :/)

Yours faithfully,

Dear ColdNetwork,

Friday 4PM GMT +2 we'll be having our HCF EOTW
Vote how you want the EOTW CLICK HERE

Also for Map 7 we'll be using a new hcf core and knockback settings + new potting for suitable debuffs, vote for the mapkit and faction restrictions here:

Yours faithfully,

Dear ColdNetwork,

As I announced in yesterdays thread, all bugreports/suggestions got removed.

Why? Because there were a ton of them and I can't read 80 suggestions and discuss it etc, as it was pengurino's responsibility, but he didnt have time for it.

Wtf where's my thread? I both announced it in the server and on the forums home page here so sorry but you should've saved it some where to repost it as I said.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

# Player Monthly Votes
1 IronKiller 168
2 Amiel1 168
3 Tomcruise99 158

Both ironkiller and amiel get 25Euros coupon code as they had the same votes yesterday
Tomcruise gets 15Euros coupon code
Dear coldnetwork,

I've seen a lot of bug reports and suggestions which originally pengu's job, but he doesn't really have time for it anymore.

Hereby I'm announcing that I'll be handling those. But I can't read all 80 suggestions and 60 bug reports while some of them are already added/fixed. This will take days so I'm requesting everyone with a bugreport/suggestion they think should still be added/fixed to back them up somewhere in a document. Because I'm removing all of them within 24 hours!

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Dear Cold-Network,

We will be opening our Practice 2.0 Beta sunday, this will be a beta to check bugs and maybe improve some performance issues or gameplay stuff.

(I probably forgot some features :p)
Solo Features:
* Standard Ranked & Unranked 1v1 queues
* PvPBot, here you can duel a bot, to practice your skills.
* Replay matches, this is for donators. They can litterly watch back their fight just like someone would /spectate you in a live fight.
* Custom Kit, this for donators. Here you can make your own kit and use this in party fights, or a bot fight.
* Standard Kit Editor
* /duel mode, with a section to toggle them, and see your pending duel requests.

Party Features:
* Party vs Party A menu where you see all other parties and their members, and duel them.
* Party TeamDeathmatch, split your party in half and fight with the selected kit!
* Party FreeForAll, every member of the party will be fighting on his own.
* Party vs Bots, your party vs all bots
* Party settings, open your party (it announces in chat too) so everyone can join, and put a max limit of any choice you want it to be.
* Party Chat

* We also have events which we will be giving the permission to start them to donators:
* Brackets, this is basically a 1v1 tournament with a kit you choose.
* LastManStanding (LMS) This is a free for all.
* Juggernaut, this is a gamemode where 1 player will have for example a GApple Kit, and the rest nodebuff and you will fight against the juggernaut with all other nodebuff kit players!
* KoTH (KingOfTheHill), This is a team objective, fight with a team to win a koth!

Yours faithfully,

Dear ColdNetwork,

We will be having some maintenance to fix some host issues, we've seen players having difficulties and we want to fix lag and more. We will be testing out this server with new hardware. And another EU location for better ping for everyone from the EU.

This maintenance will start tomorrow morning and is hopefully done a few hours later.

Yours faithfully,

Dear Cold-Network community,

I'm here to announce the official release date of factions.
It will be sunday 4PM GMT+2, COUNTDOWN HERE!

Some new features
* Faction related coloured nametags both above players and in TAB
* We will be having 1 koth daily and 2 on friday/saturday/sunday.
* Shockwave/Infusion pickaxes and harvester hoe's
* Fixed mob merging
* Custom Bosses (Advanced, rewards based on % damage done)
* No /warp shop, but /shop for every rank
* Smooth KoTH's close to spawn, you have to walk there
* Fixed scoreboard with supported KoTH board which works perfectly this time!

A trailer with the features made by @Danieltheworm

If you have over 200 subs and reupload the trailer you will get 3 premium key at the start of factions.
Feel free to reupload this if you have under 200 subs, it will help the server alot!
DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/#!qEI22QQB!FO2oZ284WtD7eUQbEmv4M0rhDiA5V5O-IZvWPLhDVI4

I hope to see you sunday 4PM gmt+2 at the release and take care!

Yours faithfully,

Dear Cold-Network,

Don't forget about SOTW, it will launch 4PM GMT+2 COUNTDOWN

This map will be:
* Protection 3, Sharpness 3
* 8 Man factions, no allies
* Votes enabled again
* Donatable crate keys made cheaper
* Scheduled KoTH's, actually this time :p
* Fixed all deathban timers