1. Hey Guest, I'm happy to announce that we exist for 1 year, we've launched a giveaway + started a 65% sale for a week!
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Dear cold-network community,

Hereby I'm presenting you the giveaway most of you have been waiting for for like a couple of months :p, it ends sunday.
To enter the giveaway just say some funny message down in the comments (NO RACISM OR SWEARING OR YOU'RE DISQUALIFIED)


1x €50 coupon
2x €25 coupon
5x €10 coupon


This week I'm gonna be doing funny questions daily and who wins gets a 10 euro coupon,
The first question is, who do I love the most from cold-network? (Hint its not a staff/owner)

Yours faithfully,

Dear cold-network community,

I'm sorry for the delay but I'm happy to announce that we will be releasing HCFactions SOTW MAP 3 tomorrow!

The SOTW Time will be 12:00AM EST, 7:00PM CEST (Amsterdam time), 05:00PM UTC.
Countdown: HERE

A bigger thread will be out tomorrow.

Yours faithfully,

Nick & The Cold-Network staff team
Dear cold-network community,

We are not able to start kitmap because our copy of the hcf plugin got a new anti-leak, and we as a buyer were not aware of that (which is not our fault, he should've contacted me) so I have to contact the developer of it. Unfortunately the developer is kinda inactive so we have to wait a few hours before he can come online.

Yours faithfully,

Dear cold-network community,

I wanted to release HCF map 3 today, but that is not possible.
Why? Because this plugin I have right now is total ****, as you've noticed kitmap uses that plugin and it is full of bugs.

The release will probably happen on the 1st of april, and no this is not a april fool.

Yours faithfully,

Nick & the Cold-Network team.
Dear cold-network community,

First of all I would like to apologize for the KitMap delay, we are ready to release but we can't make it so DTR won't drop to make you raidable. We don't want raidable shit.

Now here's the info about Practice 2.0:

We will be releasing this soon, we really don't know a date yet but it will probably be within a week!
NOTE: Release thread can be found HERE
Dear cold-network community,

Yesterday I added a new server file to check if hoppers and other vanilla minecraft bugs would be fixed. And I didn't restart HCF (What was needed) because there were players on it. Then when the daily restart around 5-8am gmt+1 happened, the server file changed and our permissions system broke. This caused problems and we were able to recover 50% of the griefed damage and fixed all ranks and claims.

Now I've made a poll in this thread on what should happen next.
Poll: http://coldnetwork.net/threads/what-now.2618/

Sorry for the inconvenience, we will make up for this!
Dear cold-network community,

As you've probably noticed, our forums got griefed. This was fully MY fault by not removing an ex-staff's rank! Therefor we've decided to host a give away + our biggest sale yet! Ends saturday the 25th.

And for everyone, you can apply now even if you have the cooldown of 1 month from last denial!

Dear Community,

As it has been shared to you before, Op-SkyBlock is going to reset. We have been working on it and EDIT: It has been released!



I have made one more thread about OP-Skyblock a week ago and told the things that is going to be added in it you can find the thread here. We also decided to add more stuff that is not in the 1/2 thread;

Mini Games:

We decided to add mini games ( Sky-Wars - Egg Wars ect ) into OP-SkyBlock this means you will be able to play mini games on OP-SkyBlock and get chance to win items/ranks/keys by mini game wins! ( You get 1 token each game you win )


We added /warp GTA into OP-Skyblock to make it funnier for players. This means you can fight with people with GTA guns ( You wont be able to get sword, over powered armor on it. Its in diffrent world which doesnt allow you fight with illegal items )

Fixed Bugs:

We also fixed bugs like /stats , commands in combat, removed over powered custom enchantments ect...


We added new style of /warp Mine with custom drops.

And alot of small changes!

King Regards,

The Cold Network Staff Team
Dear Community,

As it has been shared to you before, Op-SkyBlock is going to reset in few days. With this update many things in it will changed and added, this means you will still have your rank but lose all of your items.
Listed below are all of the new features and perks we will added to OP-Skyblock


» Crates
Crate prizes will be changed, adding kits for daily and weekly crates.

» Weekly Competitions
Many people joined the last Castle/Island Level competition so I will be doing weekly competitions on OP-Skyblock to keep game play alive.

» Mine
Im going to remove /warp mine cause It destroyed the economy of the server and made game play mining when It should be farming.

» New Maps
Of course new spawn and pvp arena will be added, builders are working on new spawn currently.

» New Eco
Many of you guys complained about so I am going to remake the economy.

» /quest
Different quests will be added to make it fun for players.

» Custom Challenge Rewards
Adding attractive rewards to /c to make challenges worth completing.

» Nerfing PvP / Removing Stacked Armor
Many of you complained about about pvp, so I am going to remove high enchantments from god and higher donator kits + removing stacked armor to make pvp more exciting.

» Villager Shop
I am going to add Villager Shop and make ''emerald'' rare.

» Events
OP-Skyblock game is all about building so I'll make events on it to make the game play less boring. ( Will post a detailed seperate thread about events after reset )

» Fun Perks
Some fun perks will be added to OP-Skyblock to make it a bit more exciting.
You can now /hug a player! The player must be within a 1 block radius to you for the command to work.

/bow will be added, now you can shot tnt/ice and many more with bows

Chairs will be added, by right clicking on a stair, you can now sit!

Jetpack will be...
Hello cold-network community,

We have decided to add the way of donating through csgo skins in cold.
Here's how to do it:
  1. Re-check the value of your skins, and make sure it connects with the price on the webstore
  2. Click on this link: Tradeoffer Link
  3. In the textbox below the trade, fill in your username, and the rank you want.
Send the offer, it will be answered within a few hours!