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Dear Cold Network, We have done a few changes on OP - Factions.

* Added GUI shop for certain stuff that would help while building base ect.

GUI Shop Includices;

- Obsidian
- Bedrock
- Flint and Steel
- Water Buckets
- Lava Buckets
- Bricks
- Cobblestone
- Oak Wood
- Enchantment Tables
- Sand/Red Sand
- Repeater/Comparator
- Dispenser/Dropper
- Redstone
- Ice

* The world is square now.

* Allowed Creeper Eggs;

Allowed Creeper Eggs back but they cant damage obsidian and bedrock anymore.

* Changed Cooldown of Supply Crate Event;

New cooldown in 5 hours.

* Added New Event Maps;

- Mountain
- Tnt Run
- Spleef
- Mine
- PvP
And more!

* Added New Crate;

- January ( Every month we will have new crate and is donateable )

* Added new KOTH;

We have added new KOTH and is called Mesa but the timing of it is 5 mins.

* Made Sponge Suck Lava;

Now sponge sucks lava like water.

* Made TNT Destroy Lava;

Now you can raid bases easily.

* Edited KOTH Crate;

Many of you guys complained about it so we decided to change the rewards, new rewards are;

64 pengu head
64 nick head
16 iron golem
kit elite+
kit elite
kit godtools
kit godpvp
1000 mcmmo credits
500 mcmmo credits
1 legendary key
1 ultimate key
2 premium key

* Added sign to take knockback/punch off signs at shop;

Some of you guys didnt like knockback and punch so we put signs to take them off at shop.

* Added /tntfill to Custom Rank.

* Added no fall damange to VIP.

* Fixed donators commands that doesnt work.

* Allowed all faction and message commands in combat.

* Allowed e pearl in ct + put cooldown.

* Fixed that keys dont give rewards.

* Added Leader Boards Back.

* Fixed /f top.

* Fixed /back on death.

* Fixed Top Voter GUI.
Saturday ( 07.01.2017 ) at 5:00 p.m. GMT+1 we will be doing Event, Rank Give Away and Drop Party @ Op - Factions and Op Skyblock

First Saturday of 2017 is going to be epic dropparty giveaway and event ;)

Op Factions;

-Which ranks will be given?




*Iron Golem

*VIP x2

*Ender Dragon



Drop Party Stuff:

*Premium/Legendary/Ultimate/KOTH/Vote/Noob Keys

*Coupon on Donation Store ( 5 - 10 - 15 Euros! )

*Iron Golem,Creeper,Blaze,Pigman,Enderman,Chiken,Cow Spawners

*Endstone,Gold,Diamond,Emerald,Iron,Coal,Bedrock,Obsidian,Bricks Blocks

*New Special Kits ( Punch V Bow Kit / KnockBack V Kit / A better kit than Kit GoDPvP and more! )

*Money ( 150k + 250k + 350k + 500k + 1 Million! )


*Parkour Event

Most of you all know what Parkour Event is.


1st: 1 Ultimate Key + 3 Stacks Bedrock

2nd: 1 Premium Key + 150k

3rd: 16 Iron Golem - 16 Creeper Spawners


Most of you all know what Moutain Event is.


1st: Ender Dragon Rank + 1 Legendary Key

2nd: Iron Golem Rank + 1 Premium Key

3rd: Guardian Rank + 3 Stacks Noob Key

Guess Number:

Most of you all know what Guess Number Event is.


1st: /Kit GoDPvP

2nd: /Kit GoDTools + Kit Elite+

3rd: /Kit Elite + /Kit MVP+

Op SkyBlock;

-Which ranks will be given?





*Sky Soldier

*Sky Warrior




Drop Party Stuff:...
Dear Cold-Network community,

We have offically released Op SkyBlock.

Here are some features:

* Non-donator ranks

* Mcmmo

* Challenges ( /quest )


* 9 Diffrent Crates

*New Donator Rank System

*Mob Arena

*Mine and Earn Money

*Custom GTA Guns

*Custom Starter Islands

*Custom Challences

*Custom Shop

*Custom Events

*Custom Maps

And more!

* Non-Donator ranks;
We have ranks that can be achieved by in game money.

Dirt - 150.000 - Be able to set 3 homes - /Kit Dirt

Stone - 450.000 - Talk in chat with colors - Be able to set 6 homes - /Kit Stone - /Kit FlowerSet

Grass - 750.000 - Talk in message with colors -Be able to set 4 homes - /Kit Grass - /Kit BannerSet

Sand - 1.200.000 - /ci - Be able to set 5 homes - /Kit Sand - /Kit SandSet

RedSand - 1.500.000 - /afk - /suicide - Be able to set 6 homes - /Kit RedSand - /Kit WoolSet

Sponge - 2.250.000 - /eat - /feed - Be able to set 7 homes - /Kit Sponge - /Kit GlassSet

Obsidian - 3.000.000 - /compass - /heal - Be able to set 8 homes - /Kit Obsidian - /Kit ClaySet

Beacon - 7.500.000 - /depth - /me - Be able to set 10 homes - /Kit Beacon - /Kit SpawnEggSet

Bedrock - 15.000.000 - /kittycannon - /echest - Be able to set 12 homes /Kit Bedrock - /Kit NetherStar

Endstone - 25.500.000 - /nick - /craft - Be able to set 15 homes /Kit Enderstone - /Kit VoteKey - /Kit SpongeBlock

Frozen - 50.000.000 - /hat -...
Dear Cold-Network,

So for hitting 100+ players on cold-network, we're hosting a HUGE giveaway, we will separate all these rewards for players so a lot of people will win instead of just one :) The give-away list can be found below this thread!
The stuff we're giving away:

  • 5 Full-Access Premium minecraft accounts (from https://selly.gg/u/Forced)
  • 1 Silver rank
  • 1 SkyKing rank
  • 1 MVP+ rank
  • 2 Ultimate keys, 3 Legendary keys and 5 Premium keys on OPFactions
  • 2 OP keys, 3 GoD keys and 5 Premium keys on OPSkyBlock
How to enter is:

Yours faithfully,

Dear cold-network players,

We have officially launched practice pvp in BETA, which means we know it has some bugs like party duels not working, most kits not being able to get edited, etc...

The current features are:
  • 1.7 and 1.8 support (Perfect pvp on both versions)
  • Parties
  • /spec (Spectate players)
  • Perfect knockback, hit detection and no-lag.
This is a trailer of what we offer in practice made by @OttoBobbo / Danieltheworm
After an hour at 5:30 p.m. GMT+1 we will be doing Event, Rank GiveAWay and Drop Party @ Op - Factions

-Which ranks will be given?




Drop Party Stuff:

*Premium/Legendary/Ultimate Keys

*Coupon on Donation Store



*Special Kits


*Parkour Event

The Cold Network Staff Team,
After an hour at 5 p.m. GTA+1 we will be doing PvP/KOTH/Parkour events and rank giveaways + drop party.

-Which ranks will be given?






Drop Party Stuff:

*Premium/Legendary/Ultimate Keys

*Coupon on Donation Store



*Special Kits

The Cold Network Staff Team,
Server will be backup in few minutes. Sorry for the downtime.

Dont worry about the stuff/ranks you had we already have backups so everything will be ok we also are be doing rank giveaways in an hour.
Dear Cold-Network community,

So as some of you have noticed we had rollbacked to a few days ago. We tried to solve some bugs, some of the bugs were fixed and some were not, so we have decided to reset OP Factions because there are people who are happy because they got their lost stuff back, and there are people who are sad and dissapointed because they worked on something and lost it due to the roll back. The only solution to make it fair for everyone is to reset OP Factions and make many Drop Parties in the first 4 days of OP Factions, The reset will not take so long as we are not gonna add any new stuff that are hard to make and config, we are gonna fix all the bugs and improve OP Factions.
Thanks for the patience.

Yours Faithfully,

The Staff Team
Due to bugs, we've had to rollback opfactions to a couple of days ago.
Because of this we have given /kit base to all players and we will give a lot of items away tomorrow (11-12-2016)!

Things like mcmmo etc have not been rollbacked. just money, items and the world.

Our apologies!