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  1. 2XxWitherxX2
    I am always here,if u need me,just stall for me,Have a nice day
  2. alltheway
    alltheway DODE2K
    hi, looks like ur here also, [its me skyarmyfan11]
  3. MadDog4Real / omri
    MadDog4Real / omri
    This Week Are Promosss!!!!!!!
  4. MadDog4Real / omri
    MadDog4Real / omri
    the cold network members made me happy after looking in the staff section i see so much people appling for op sky block love ya peeps <3333
  5. JashTheGamer
    Having a bad hair day
  6. MbPerStrafe
    Qwikbeatzz you are trash loser Who is your nigga? hahahah gtfo kid
    Best HCF base builder The BlobFish is Making a ComeBack Coming soon...
  8. QwikBeatzz
    try and find real info on me Good luck trying i always run on a Nfo server and multiple vpns God Cant find me
    1. Skippi99r
      Who tf cares?
      Jan 23, 2017 at 2:28 AM
  9. QwikBeatzz
    Ddos Threats ahaha it isnt a threat WebSites ip: Servers ip: fucking try me
    1. Skippi99r
      OK I'd love to try you :)
      Jan 23, 2017 at 2:28 AM
    2. QwikBeatzz
      but Skipper why does the websites ip after i resolve the cloud flare "Protection" lead me to this ip
      Jan 23, 2017 at 2:50 AM
    3. RomanOG
      Because you don't know how to properly resolve cloud flare protection LOL I can teach you ddosing if u want, I would like to try you, don't show of with your childish posts, ive seen like 200 of these, fking trashtalkers
      Jan 23, 2017 at 7:46 PM
      Skippi99r likes this.
  10. max
    max Ghostman627
    Ghostman627 can i buy an unbann if im perm banned becouse i wont leave a good server like this ...
    1. RomanOG
      Yes you can buy, if you buy an unban you will be unbanned
      Jan 23, 2017 at 5:03 AM
  11. MrShitty
    Cold Network please do a Optifine Cape giveaway for Premium player's Please <3
  14. blaneiii_96
    blaneiii_96 Penguin_PvP
    penduin_pvp yo pengu are the reset of op faction's going to happend???
  15. MbPerStrafe
  16. Ghostman627
    @max Re appeal properly dont post in messages in the public section like this. Then and only then do you have a chance to be unbanned.
  17. Mercykiller48
  18. max
    max Ghostman627
    ghostman627 i am banned but i have loads of friends here i am joined mutch YT members on this coldnetworkserver to help i helped new members i Always have been nice to people and i deleted my hacks so i cant get banned anymore becouse i love this server - that are the most reasons to unban me :)
  19. MeLikeGamz
    wheres a staff when you need one :.
  20. MeLikeGamz
    Why is the AVATAR is not working?