Information HCFactions Map 2
Dear ColdNetwork,

We're releasing map 2 tomorrow at 7PM CEST
Click here for a countdown

Here's the info about the map:
- MapKit: Sharp 1, Prot 1
- Factions Limit, 6-Man and 1 ally
- Actual scheduled koth's sorry! command will be /schedule
- New Spawn and overworld
- New Glowstone mountain system, fully fixed + broadcasts!
- Hidden players in spawn to improve fps and server performance (only on sotw)
- Bug fixes
- and more!


Information Factions Release Thread
For tomorrow's release I'm just gonna list all features I can think of right here:

Click here

- Nether and End filled with netherrack and sandstone until y 100, with flat bedrock on all worlds
- WorldBorders fully patched up like no pearling mob spawning etc:
world border: 7500x7500 (15k blocks wide)
nether border: 2500x2500 (5k blocks wide)
end border: 5000x5000 (10k blocks wide)
- Improved kits
- Revamped ingame ranks
- Revamped donator ranks
- Cool new spawn
- Simple Nether & End Spawn
- Water placeable in nether so you can make bases there.
- Minimal custom enchants (Custom enchants that do not effect combat way too much but just slightly)
- Slightly reduced world borders
- McMMO, 250 limit on axes/swords and NO unarmed. (You get mcmmo from spawners!)
- Better gen bucket (horizontal and vertical)
- /f vault
- /f tnt
- /f fly
- Improved menus
- A cannon jar which means raiding is a thing. Raiding and claiming and base defensive will also have their own rules.
- Revamped buycraft store and cheaper things.
- Revamped gkits
- Way easier economy.
- Koths
- New end and nether and trench pickaxes
- Wands (lighting Wands sell Wands harvester Wands etc)
- Better way to calculate f top.
- Revamped crates
- Bug fixes
- More
Hi there,

In the previous announcement we gave information about HCF EOTW and the new SOTW.
We did the EOTW today at 4 PM CEST, which went pretty decent.
We worked on HCF later, but we just lacked time to complete everything.
It also wasn't a smart idea to do a SOTW on a Wednesday, especially since school started.
We also felt like there wasn't even hype for this one, and apparently not everyone knew about it.

We take full responsibility and are very sorry to everyone who was hyped for this one.

''But when will SOTW be?!''
We will come out with a release date when we're actually server that there's enough hype for it.
In this time we're going to continue working on HCF to make sure its optimized and able to be as its peak performance when we're actually launching.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and we will make sure this won't happen again.
- Management Team
Dear ColdNetwork,

I'm gonna keep this thread a bit short and not that well organized as other bigger threads.

GiveAway results:
The winners of the giveaway are as following:
1st (50):

2nd: (25):

3rd (10) 2x:

This is valued credits for the store, these may not be applied with a discount, aka with the money you get from 3rd place you could buy a silver rank, just the full price. Otherwise this would not be that fair to real donators.
Make a ticket on forums with what you want from this.

You can believe me or not but I can't record rn, when I'm home for the next giveaway I'll record the full giveaway process!

HCF Info:
As I don't have wifi in my appartment I will not be doing any eotw or sotw on vacation sorry.
The EOTW of this map will be on wednesday 4pm CEST, and the sotw will be on the same day (wednesday) 8PM CEST, this will have a new world, bugs fixed etc

(Factions release at saturday 7PM CEST)

New Giveaway:
As I promised a new giveaway will launch, it will be bigger and longer!

1st 1x 100 euro worth of webstore items (no sale are allowed)
2st 1x 50 euro worth of webstore items (no sale are allowed)
3rd 1x 25 euro worth of webstore items (no sale are allowed)

About the sale:
The 70% sale did end but the 50% summer updates is still going on for around 6 days.

I wish you all the best of luck with the giveaway,

Information 24th of August
Dear ColdNetwork,

While I'm chilling in greece, tomorrow its my birthday.

I want to do a big sale and 2 giveaways

The following giveaway will end tomorrow night, then another one will start after it :)

To enter just comment ur ign.

1st: 50 Euro credit in store
2nd: 25 Euro in store
3rd: 10 Euro in store

Goodluck and I love you all :)
Information What now?
Dear ColdNetwork,

I just want to let you all know I'm really grateful on how cold is doing, it seems to be running really well and I hope you guys still enjoy it. I'm really looking forward to add some new gamemodes to fresh it all up but more info on that later.

I'll be talking to you all about a few things on what is going on with cold:
The past week
Cold 2.0?

The past week:

I know there was a little bit of chaos regarding gamemodes, but I think in terms of lag every thing should be stable now. (KitMap & HCF lag is 100% fixed right now), practice should be way more stable aswell.

I kinda did this unannounced but I'm actually in Greece right now, where the area is super pretty but the resort is dog shit. I did this unannounced as I'm kinda afraid some people would maybe target us while I'm gone or something like that but I just realised that's kinda dumb anyways, I made backups of everything and I have my laptop with me.
I'll be home at tuesday probably a bit late.

This release was kind of messy, it was badly announced and kinda hectic due to the vacation we believe therefore there was no attention for it 2 days ago, we'll be releasing saturday the 1st of september, this release will be tested and there will probably be a trailer. Check out mahdi's thread for more information about Factions. This release will be smooth! We've redone everything about it.

ColdNetwork 2.0:
There might be some rumors spread about a 2.0, well we're really thinking about doing this. We have no idea yet how because if we would revamp all gamemodes at once I feel like that won't really benefit cold but maybe like a ColdNetwork 2.0 month or something like that would really be cool.
This way we could really well add some new gamemodes to draw people's attention.
Information Factions Revamp

As you all may know faction is replacing OP-Faction for a more simple and fun platform. We will be doing many rule changes on Factions. I will post a thread explaining the rules soon.

The features so far are:
-Water placeable in nether so you can make bases there.
-Minimal custom enchants (Custom enchants that do not effect combat way too much but just slightly)
-Slightly reduced world borders
-Better gen bucket (horizontal and vertical)
-New factions plugin with many cool features.
-Faction fly
-A cannon jar which means raiding is a thing. Raiding and claiming and base defensive will also have their own rules.
-Revamped buycraft store and cheaper things.
-Revamped gkits
-Way easier economy.
-New end and nether and trench pickaxes
-Wands (lighting Wands sell Wands harvester Wands etc)
-Better way to calculate f top.
-Revamped crates
And much more bug fixes where hopefully we will not face bugs on release.

Hope to see you competing there and thanks for reading!.

Dear Cold-Network community,

We have done a ban reset so as many people as possible can enjoy HCF.

Guys I really want to give HCF a shot again, make it bug and lag free.
Please invite your friends, and reupload the trailer!
Click here to download the trailer
If you get more then 20 views, you'll get 3 Ultimate keys, and 1 op key. (Top 2 crates)

HCF Details
- 6 Man Factions
- Protection 2, Sharpness 2
- Fully tested
- 6 Crates including koth and vote crates
- Good /reclaim for donators
- /Gkits in the store only
- Pearling through fencegates
- OG Spawn
- New world, nether and end
- 4 KoTH's
- Remade shop for good economy
- Weekly /F Top prizes if the server is somewhat alive
1st: 40 euro coupon
2nd: 20 euro coupon
3rd: 10 euro coupon
- FPS friendly world
- Added a KoTH schedule:
(1 Koth every day, and 2 at friday until sunday)


IMPORTANT Ban Reset 06/08/2018
Dear Penguins,

Bans as of today have been reset. Through discussion the staff team have decided to give everyone a second chance.
As a result of the HCF Release on the 11th of August , we would like to give many people the opportunity to play on the HCF gamemode and we think that more players would make it an enjoyable experience. As well as the constant Kitmap resets which in turn have had excellent feedback, and further releases of both OPSkyblock and Factions.

Spread the word about the ban reset ! , we'd like to see everyone who was previously banned , reformed and back on the network.
IMPORTANT KitMap, Take 2
Dear Cold-Network community,

We've decided to reset kitmap because people are getting bad fps, and just to spice it up a bit.

We've added level tags, the level rewards and their tags can be found at the bottom

Things that changed:
- Huge change:
Faction payouts will still be a thing, the coupons stay but we changed the system. As people keep transferring money, merging etc etc we made it so it counts kills made when ur in the faction.
This means that if you get 50 kills without a faction, you join a faction this will NOT add up to the 'Faction Kills'. Faction Kills can ONLY be obtained while killing people WHILE in the faction.
There will still be weekly payouts with these prizes:
1st: 40 euro coupon
2nd: 20 euro coupon
3rd: 10 euro coupon
- We added koth starters over the crates
- Changed killstreak and levels
- Made an FPS friendly map
- Different world which should also be more FPS friendly
- Added an actual KoTH schedule:
End KoTH 2PM
Shrine KoTH 4PM
Farm KoTH 6PM
SkyCastle KoTH 8PM
Balloons KoTH 10PM
These are Dutch times, the CEST time zone!
Right now THE EST Time zone is 7 hours before these times!
- Changed some faction message
- Made /f invite message clickable to join
- Redid donator perms, they're updated on the store when kitmap releases.
- REMOVED ULTIMATE RANK due to lack of perms and other reasons.

Level 5: [Warrior] Tag + 5 Golden Apples
Level 10: [Samurai] Tag + 8 Min Fire Resistance Potion
Level 25: [Ninja] Tag + 1 God apple
Level 50: [Sensei] Tag + 1 Premium Key
Level 75: [King] Tag + 1 OP Key
Level 100: [Emperor] Tag + /rename command
(1 Level is 10 kills)

3 Killstreak: 3 Golden Apple
5 Killstreak: Double Debuff (1min slow, 30 sec poison)
10 Killstreak: 2:15 Splash Invis pot
20 Killstreak: 1 Min Strength 2
30 Killstreak: 1 God Apple
50 Killstreak: Sharpness 2, Unbreaking 3, Fire Aspect 1
60 Killstreak: 3 Premium Keys
75 Killstreak: 1 OP Keys
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