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Thank you guys so much for 50+ players!
As a thank you we did a rank give-away event of 75Euros! (Devided in 2 ranks)
We will be doing more give-aways at player milestones, in example:
  • 75 Players
  • 100 Players
  • 150 Players
  • 200 Players

Again a big thanks and we hope we can reach more milestones in future!

Yours faithfully,

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We have a ColdBot! To look at the commands type ?help, and u will get a pm of the bot with all the commands!
Hello everyone,

I just wanted to announce this so everyone understands the new appeal rules

1-Asking a staff to read your appeal is not against the rules anymore but do not spam a staff to read he will have the choice to deny it
2-If your appeal is denied you do not have to wait for a month anymore , Instead you will have to wait for 2 weeks since waiting for a month is a lot
3-Not following the template will be an instant deny to your appeal so make sure you follow the template

Thanks for reading :)
Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to inform everyone that the rules have changed , So to avoid any misunderstanding I made this thread to explain what is new

In Game Rules :

Swearing with disease is now against the rules and will be punished by an insta warn + 15 minutes mute (Even in factions its not allowed)
Telling someone to suicide is now a rule breaking in factions (It was not in the past) and will be punished by a 1 day ban
Trying to get reaction from staff (By trying to get warned in a way you can report them etc) is now against the rules and will be punished by a insta warn and 1 day ban
X-ray is now punished by a perm ip ban!

Thank you for reading :)
We officially released on 09/18/2016, join us at: play.coldnetwork.net