Dear ColdNetwork,

Results of the free giveaway from may:

1st €50:


2nd €25:

3nd €10:


Results of the premium giveaway from may:

1st €150:

2nd €100:

3nd €50:

You will be pm'ed tomorrow with your prizes, please do not pm me for it I will remember I promise ;)


Information Prison Release
EDIT: Release will happen next saturday, at the same time. So we can do tests and add more features including mcmmo, gangs, a few events, dropparty room and more. Sorry!

Dear Cold-Network,

Today I'll be presenting the list of features prison will be having:
- Rank A untill Z with a 'Free' rank.
- 5 Kits spread out over those ranks
- 6 Donator ranks and kits
- Upgradable /backpack (Similar to pv, but it is only one)
- Menu's for almost everything
- Plots
- Shop to buy blocks for your plots to build with
- A-Z Mines + 6 Donator Mines
- Bar Gambling and possibly some other casino items
- AuctionHouse
- Possibly some of your suggested features if you comment them here


IMPORTANT About my previous thread
Dear Cold-Network,

In my previous thread:
I was talking about a few things and some people got confused and didn't understand what was being said:

The two resets announcing are not coming soon, this will take a few weeks so don't worry please. It's just to ask features so we can start working early and add as many as possible. Also the glitches/bugs will be fixed!

Now about /premium, this command is only for Premium players with access to /login of their account, so this has nothing to do with cracked players. All cracked players can keep playing safely without worrying.

Basically to activate you need to login on your premium account, go in the server and do /login and then you can do /premium (only in the lobby) this is just so you don't have to /login every time while you're premium.

Dear Cold-Network,

After a suggestion we added the command /premium! This command is used so premium members can use /premium to never have to login again.

If there's any commands you would like to see added globally please let us know in the comments!

Please leave features for the coming opfactions reset here:

and OPSkyBlock here:


Information Update thread
(OPSkyBlock crashing has been fully fixed)
Dear ColdNetwork Community,

I want to give you guys some updates on a few things that are going on right now:

- Annihilation
- KitPvP
- Suggestions
- Bug reports
- Support tickets

Annihilation is now an official gamemode of coldnetwork, the release will be saturday at 4PM or 7PM GMT+2.
It will have the following features:
- 3 Donator Ranks
- In-Game ranking through scores (CS:GO Ranks)
- 6 Maps including the classic Coastal and Canyon
- A lot of classic and new balanced kits.
- Kit shop from XP
- Cosmetics shop from XP

Reupload for an XP bonus of 5000! You must have 100 subs and active viewers


Release is confirmed yes, but no features are yet to be announced, thread soon.


I have decided to remove suggestions, yes I didn't take the time...