After an hour at 5 p.m. GTA+1 we will be doing PvP/KOTH/Parkour events and rank giveaways + drop party.

-Which ranks will be given?






Drop Party Stuff:

*Premium/Legendary/Ultimate Keys

*Coupon on Donation Store



*Special Kits

The Cold Network Staff Team,
Server will be backup in few minutes. Sorry for the downtime.

Dont worry about the stuff/ranks you had we already have backups so everything will be ok we also are be doing rank giveaways in an hour.
Information OPFactions reset..
Dear Cold-Network community,

So as some of you have noticed we had rollbacked to a few days ago. We tried to solve some bugs, some of the bugs were fixed and some were not, so we have decided to reset OP Factions because there are people who are happy because they got their lost stuff back, and there are people who are sad and dissapointed because they worked on something and lost it due to the roll back. The only solution to make it fair for everyone is to reset OP Factions and make many Drop Parties in the first 4 days of OP Factions, The reset will not take so long as we are not gonna add any new stuff that are hard to make and config, we are gonna fix all the bugs and improve OP Factions.
Thanks for the patience.

Yours Faithfully,

The Staff Team
Information OPFactions rollback
Due to bugs, we've had to rollback opfactions to a couple of days ago.
Because of this we have given /kit base to all players and we will give a lot of items away tomorrow (11-12-2016)!

Things like mcmmo etc have not been rollbacked. just money, items and the world.

Our apologies!
IMPORTANT Updated Rules!
Dear The Community!
We have updated and added many rules, please check them at to be updated. Thanks for supporting us and enjoy your time on the server :)

Nick, Roman and the staff team.
Dear Cold Network,

I have explained the skills of custom enchantments

Enchantments / Special Stones (Total 82)

Special Stones (Total 4)

Cursed Stone
Any Item Enchant
Takes off a random enchantment from an item and gives you the Rune of that enchantment and level.

Magical Rune
Any Item Enchant
Gives an extra slot to an item. (Can't exceed its limit which is 15)

Protection Rune
Any Item Enchant
Prevents an item from getting destroyed from unsuccessful enchantment.

Magic Dust
Rune Enchant
Increases the success rate and decreases the destroy rate by random number of the Rune.

Enchantments (Total 78)


Sword Enchant
When attacking another player you have a chance of gaining some of your health back
Maximum level: III

Sword Enchant
Has a chance of inflicting a poison effect on your victim
Maximum level: III

Kill Confirm
Sword Enchant
A chance of your victim dropping their head on death
Maximum level: III

Sword Enchant
A chance of inflicting blindness on your victim
Maximum level: III

Boot Enchant
Gives you infinite jump boost
Maximum level: III

Boot Enchant
Gives you infinite speed boost
Maximum level: III


Bow Enchant
Has a chance to summon lightning on your victim
Maximum level: III

Bat Vision
Helmet Enchant
Gives you infinite night vision
Maximum level: I

Demonic Aura

Armour Enchant
Has a chance of giving the wither effect to your attacker
Maximum level: V


Armour Enchant
Chance of evading damage (regardless of cause)
Maximum level: V


Armour Enchant
Restores the wearers health and hunger while walking / running
Maximum level: III

Arrow Rain
Bow Enchant
Spawns a barrage of arrows in the air after you hit a player with an arrow.
Maximum level: V

Bow Enchant
When hitting a player with an arrow they will receive a slowness debuff.
Maximum level:...
Information Op Factions Release!
Dear Cold-Network community,

We have offically released Op Factions.

Here are some features:

* Non-donator ranks

* Mcmmo

* Challenges ( /quest )


* 5 Diffrent Crates

And more!

* Non-Donator ranks;
We have ranks that can be achieved by in game money.

Chicken - 50.000 - /eat - /feed - Be able to set 3 homes /Kit Chicken

Sheep - 75.000 - /tpahere - Be able to set 4 homes /Kit Sheep

Ocelot - 100.000 - /tptoggle- Be able to set 5 homes /Kit Ocelot

Wolf - 150.000 - /nick - /anvil - Be able to set 6 homes /Kit Wolf

Skeleton - 250.000 - /heal - /echest - Be able to set 7 homes /Kit Skeleton

Creeper - 400.000 - /craft - /nv - Be able to set 8 homes /Kit Creeper

Enderman - 600.000 - /me - Talk in message with colors - Be able to set 9 homes /Kit Enderman

Guardian - 1.000.000 - /fly - Be able to set 10 homes /Kit Guardian

IronGolem - 2.500.000 - /block - Be able to set 12 homes /Kit IronGolem

EnderDragon - 5.000.000 - /ci - /hat - /near - /fix - Be able to set 15 homes /Kit EnderDragon

* Challenges ( /quest )

You can do challences and earn money/items from it. Like on Op Skyblock but on op factions its /q instead of /c


Most of you probably know what KoTH is but I'll explain it really quick, there's one KoTH in the map in the world and it can be captured by standing on the red area for 2 minutes, you will get a KoTH crate.


The goal of mcMMO is to take core Minecraft game mechanics and expand them into add an extensive and quality RPG experience. Mcmmo wont work on people but you can make yourself custom potions by developing your Alchemy levels.

* 5 Diffrent Crates

We have put 5 diffrent crates:

- Noob
- Crate
- Premium
- Legendary
- Ultimate

Information Reward of Top Voters
Dear Cold Network Community,

From now on Top Voters will receive rewards.


* 1st Top Voter: 20 Euros Coupon on Donation Store.

* 2nd Top Voter: 15 Euros Coupon on Donation Store.

* 3rd Top Voter: 10 Euros Coupon on Donation Store.
Information KitPvP Release!
Max protection is 2 and the max sharpness is 3!

Tonight we will be releasing KitPvP:

Here are some features:
  • An upgradable kit system.
  • A system to level and earn extra cash, xp and killstreaks.
  • Xp levels offer you a little bit more health.
  • No item loss on logout
  • We added /stats [playername] or just /stats for your own stats
Yours faithfully,

Information Downtime over!
Cold-Network is now back online!

From now on, cold-network will stay online.

We have launched a 30% off sale because of our downtime!
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