Information Update
Dear Community,

I know I've been off the radar for some time, but here are some upcoming updates:

First off for kitmap, we will for now push out a reset tomorrow 4pm gmt+1 with a new map and world.
Then after that I'll make a thread where people can leave suggestions and things like that.

Now for HCFactions, EOTW will be tomorrow, and for the next map you can leave suggestions on THIS THREAD (CLICK HERE) please check the comments if your idea hasn't been posted yet.

Practice will get a 2.5 update next saturday/sunday, this will include some new maps (maybe all maps will be gone but there might be a few we'll add back because they're nice) and some addons + improvements (this will be posted later).

OPFactions will receive a full REVAMP soon aswell, we are not sure of the date yet but this will probably be within march.

Now this I'm most excited about, I was basically just checking out...
IMPORTANT Forum things
Dear Penguins,

I want to announce that from now one we will have a player report form, and staff report section + form, in this we will keep the threads private so only admins can review them. This is just so we avoid any annoying discussions.

And here I am again, saying something that is litterly stupid as owner but I have to do this again:
As I didn't keep up with the suggestions and bug reports, I will go over the bug reports like as soon as possible but the suggestions are just stacked up, and since we have 2 managers now, I think this should be easier to handle as they know what cold is capable of of adding things and what is good or not good for the network, but to fully keep up we have to clear them again. I'm sorry for being so stupid not doing these and I will make sure this doesn't happen again.

My apologies for the inconvenience,

As I kinda didn't like the way the giveaway worked as in ranks, I've decided to put everyone in and the first winner gets the highest price (These prices have all been cut by 25% because of the sale, aka you can use this with sale so the 75 would value 100 in the store)


You've all been pm'ed.
Dear Penguins,

I'm happy to announce that after alot of work and try we just finished Op-Skyblock and i want to thank @Rezar for helping me way to much with it.So as the tittle says we are going to release Op-Skyblock today in 7PM and we will change from Skyblock to op-Skyblock, first i'm hoping the new op-skyblock will be much better then the last one we had, and i hope it will be your favorite gamemode. Also we will be giving out 50 EURO coupon for the top Island (and something to 2nd and 3rd Island) in end of the season wich can be used in our store (

Island upgrades
New balanced economy
New kits
New crates
New spawn
Like 80 quests
NPC's to help you out!
Mergeable spawners
*+ much more that i forgot

Yours faithfully,

Information 2 New Managers!
Dear Penguins,

Unfortunately as 99% of you all know, thrintios has resigned from his manager position.
Therefore, I've chosen 2 people to be manage:

One of them is a friend which I know for like 2 years now. He's very experienced with the whole managing/owning server business: @Eclectic

And one of them is a known admin on cold who I think if he is back to really active can really be a great manager for our network: @BAUM_xD

I hope you all aren't too overwhelmed by this,