Dear Cold-Network community,

We have offically released Op Factions.

Here are some features:

* Non-donator ranks

* Mcmmo

* Challenges ( /quest )


* 5 Diffrent Crates

And more!

* Non-Donator ranks;
We have ranks that can be achieved by in game money.

Chicken - 50.000 - /eat - /feed - Be able to set 3 homes /Kit Chicken

Sheep - 75.000 - /tpahere - Be able to set 4 homes /Kit Sheep

Ocelot - 100.000 - /tptoggle- Be able to set 5 homes /Kit Ocelot

Wolf - 150.000 - /nick - /anvil - Be able to set 6 homes /Kit Wolf

Skeleton - 250.000 - /heal - /echest - Be able to set 7 homes /Kit Skeleton

Creeper - 400.000 - /craft - /nv - Be able to set 8 homes /Kit Creeper

Enderman - 600.000 - /me - Talk in message with colors - Be able to set 9 homes /Kit Enderman

Guardian - 1.000.000 - /fly - Be able to set 10 homes /Kit Guardian

IronGolem - 2.500.000 - /block - Be able to set 12 homes /Kit IronGolem

EnderDragon - 5.000.000 - /ci - /hat - /near - /fix - Be able to set 15 homes /Kit EnderDragon

* Challenges ( /quest )

You can do challences and earn money/items from it. Like on Op Skyblock but on op factions its /q instead of /c


Most of you probably know what KoTH is but I'll explain it really quick, there's one KoTH in the map in the world and it can be captured by standing on the red area for 2 minutes, you will get a KoTH crate.


The goal of mcMMO is to take core Minecraft game mechanics and expand them into add an extensive and quality RPG experience. Mcmmo wont work on people but you can make yourself custom potions by developing your Alchemy levels.

* 5 Diffrent Crates

We have put 5 diffrent crates:

- Noob
- Crate
- Premium
- Legendary
- Ultimate

Dear Cold Network Community,

From now on Top Voters will receive rewards.


* 1st Top Voter: 20 Euros Coupon on Donation Store.

* 2nd Top Voter: 15 Euros Coupon on Donation Store.

* 3rd Top Voter: 10 Euros Coupon on Donation Store.
Information KitPvP Release!
Max protection is 2 and the max sharpness is 3!

Tonight we will be releasing KitPvP:

Here are some features:
  • An upgradable kit system.
  • A system to level and earn extra cash, xp and killstreaks.
  • Xp levels offer you a little bit more health.
  • No item loss on logout
  • We added /stats [playername] or just /stats for your own stats
Yours faithfully,

Information Downtime over!
Cold-Network is now back online!

From now on, cold-network will stay online.

We have launched a 30% off sale because of our downtime!
Information Cold-Network update
We're happy to say that all issues with our servers has been fixed!
Good things about the host:
  • We now have 100% access to all files without anyone else having that
  • We have fixed all server sided lag!
  • We won't have this problem ever again, since we are now with an expansive but really one the best hosting companies out there
  • We can add more servers
Survival status:
  • It has been rollbacked a few days unfortunately.
  • Because of the rollback we launched a 25% sale on all survival items!
Kit-PvP status:
  • We're now working on a new Kit-PvP with new kits, a new kit system and the original crate system.
Yours faithfully,

Nick & The ColdNetwork Team
Information Huuuge OpSkyblock-Spawn
Dear ColdNetwork Community

We(BuildTeam) are proud to say: We are finished the huuge OpSb spawn today...

Over 35million blocks
2 big PvP Arenas
Big spawn with Crates/shop etc

Spawn will be added soon :)

Special thanks to @Penguin_PvP / @Nick for this awesome Server! <3
Also a big thanks to Community for this awesome time and Support

Best regards ColdNetwork Build-Team
Dear Cold Network, Since people really enjoy the events we decided to make them more often.

21 November - 27 November Factions Events Schedule:


*KOTH ( No Teaming but you can team on normal KOTHS )

-Winner gets a KOTH key + Kit GoD PvP/Tools


*Parkour ( Fly/home not allowed )

-Winner gets 1 premium key.


*Mountain ( Fly/home not allowed )

-Winner gets 3 Weekly keys


*-* Drop Part Day!



-Winner gets good pvp gear + 1 premium and 1 weekly key!


*PvP Event

-Winner gets 10 Euro coupons on Donation Store ( Global ) !


*Boat Races ( You can break other people boats by your hand )

-Winner gets Snow rank.

PS: Different events will be added every week.

21 November - 27 November Kit PvP Events Schedule:


*KOTH ( No Teaming but you can team on normal KOTHS )

-Winner gets a KOTH key + Kit Zeus


*Parkour ( Fly/home not allowed )

-Winner gets 3 premium keys.


*Death Match

-Winner gets Kit GoD


*Mythic Mobs

( You will be allowed to kill myhtic mobs all day and get gear from them )


*-*Drop Party Day!


*PvP Event

-Winner gets 10 Euro coupons on Donation Store ( Global ) !


*Bow Wars.

-Winner gets Ares rank.

P.S. Different events will come every week. Its schedule of a week!

21 November - 27 November Op SkyBlock Events Schedule:


*Parkour ( Fly/home not allowed )

-Winner gets 2 Premium Keys.


*KOTH ( No Teaming )

-Winner gets a KOTH key + Kit GoD


*Boat Races

-Winner gets all kits once

*-* Spawner Drop Party Day!


*-*Block Drop Party Day!


*Mythic Mobs

( You will be allowed to kill myhtic mobs all day and get gear from them )



-Winner gets...
Dear Cold-Network community,

First of all we are sorry for the down time about Kit PvP and Survival.

So we decided to make an event on Factions and Op Skyblock while we are fixing Kit PvP and Survival. The event will start in an hour.


PvP Event

Snow rank give away

Op SkyBlock:

Parkour Event

SkyTitan rank give away.

Once again we are sorry.
Information Survival release!
Dear Cold-Network community,

We are releasing survival tonight!

Myhtic Mobs + Drops
3 Diffrent Crates ( Vote-Premium-Legendary )
Non-donator ranks


Custom Enchantments

Xp Shop GUI

Custom World

Challenges ( /quest )

And more!



Mythic Mobs

We added Myhtic Mobs, it basically is like mob arena mobs are over powered, Its hard to kill them but whenever you kill a Myhtic Mob you get custom drops like diamond blocks , protection 4 armor ect.

What can I win from Myhtic Mobs?

Ugly Spider: Potions
Skeleton Knight: Enchanted books + armors
Blaze Knight: Golden Apples + foods
Zombie Knight: Enchanted Weapons
Pigman Knight: Blocks + Ores


World spoilers

Same as Myhtic Mobs but they are so powerfull. So that means whenever you kill a boss you get OP reward.,

NOTE: Will be added after survival release. In the beginning noone will have enough gear to kill them.

Vote crate, can be obtained from voting
Premium crate, can be obtained from a votecrate or from our webstore
Legendary crate (Has really good items) can only be bought in the webstore

Non-Donator ranks
We have ranks that can be achieved by in game money.

Farmer - 10.000 - /eat - /feed - /Kit Farmer
Miner - 75.000 - /anvil - /suicide - /ci - /Kit Miner

Redstoner - 150.000 - /heal - /craft - /workbench - /Kit Redstoner

Healer - 200.000 - /compass - /nick ( Non colors ) - /Kit Healer

Proffessional - 350.000 - You get extra kits - /Kit Proffessional

Master - 500.000 - You can talk in chat/message with colors +...
Information KitPvP maintenance!
KitPvP maintenance! Could take up to a few hours
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