First of all I hope all of you had a great christmas time,

Factions removal
After this revamp, not even 50 players came just to look at SOTW so we decided it's not worth having it / updating it anymore. We will remove it from our network, OPFactions will have one last shot (Which we make sure runs lag-free at sotw by rendering world, we didn't do this at factions sorry).

Donators have 1 month to make a ticket saying the amount they donated on factions (So not the rank, but the actual amount you donated on factions) and some proof they did that, like your paypal email + ingame rank obviously :p

HCFactions + OPSkyBlock delay!
Now I have some bad news, first of all kinda out of nowhere, I can't be home today at HCF SOTW release time, so that means I have to post-pone it to tomorrow, and OPSkyBlock release will be postponed a bit later this week, no date has been set yet. I'm sorry!

Practice ELO Race
We're currently hosting an elo race which means the first 3 places on the global elo leaderboards will receive rewards when it ends. We will do way more of these, probably different gamemodes, like a soup elo race. But this one will just be global elo and it will end at the 7th of january 2018.
First of all I hope you all have a wonderful christmas, now I'm kinda sad as I've made no profit this month. (Just putting it there for all the actual donators how thankful I am). So I've decided to do the following.

Give Away:
I'll do a christmas giveaway, only for the real donators (15euros+ donated). Because these are the people keeping the network alive + making updates possible. Sorry for all the non-donators but I feel like this is only fair.

- 1x 75 Euro coupon
- 2x 37,50 Euro coupon
- 4x 15 Euro coupon
(These will not include sales, so you can buy things only from the original price)

Enter by commenting your ign, when I will announce the winners I will pm you as the previous time, but I will ask for payment proof so don't comment your ign if you want to be funny when you didn't donate.

(You must have a minimum of 15 euros donated, this means 15euros without sale, if you bought a 30 euro rank with 15 euros it's fine, if you bought a 20 euro rank with 10 euros I won't accept it.)

Punishment Reset:
We'll be doing a punishment-reset, only the people we don't think will turn good on our network won't be unbanned. Some blacklisted people will be unbanned tho. I hope you all are fine with this, I am constantly trying to achieve a good anticheat but it's hard to find a perfect one which doesn't false-flag and all that shit.

Don't forget to read the update thread!

I hope you all have a wonderful christmas, thanks for supporting us :)


Dear community,

I hope you all are enjoying december so far, I have some exciting updates for you all:

Tomorrow we'll be releasing our factions 2.0 release, this will include loads of bug fixes, new features, optimized performance and way more which is all stated in asodey's thread: CLICK HERE
For the countdown: CLICK HERE
A big thanks to @Asodey for making this all happen.

After a long time (Sorry didn't really look at hcf) we'll be doing our long-awaited EOTW. This will happen this sunday and we will do the SOTW at Friday the 29th. We'll have a christmas themed map this time :), and new koth's possibly new features and I guess this time I'll do a conquest event. If you have suggestions for this map please let me no, and don't be like add a whole new event because that's pretty hard to do.

After this skyblock test, I think it's better if we bring back OPSkyBlock as I feel like our players like OP stuff a lot haha, it blows me away there are still sometimes 10 people on opfactions after like a lot of months of uptime. Anyways this will have the features from 3.0, which was a map where we had a lot of players on (I don't have 2.0 anymore :( ) @Rezar will give me a lot of features to add so thanks to him for that, and now I've gained a lot of experience I'm pretty sure we can make it lag free (not sure about hoppers tho for that).
I believe if we put hard work in to this we can get a lot of players on it, and make it like the old days where we had 60 players on it while we had a smaller playerbase then currently, so I'm really strafing to get the 60 players back on there :)
This release will probably take place on the 30th, this isn't 100% confirmed yet.

From the start...
After a lot of blood, sweat & tears we finally are announcing the official release of Factions 2.0.
We experienced a decent amount of bugs and problems during the development, however, i think it was worth it all :)
This season will be more into pot-pvp style.


NOTE: TNT Will be enabled in 5 days (After the sotw)
NOTE2: Withers are disabled this season.

Heres some features:

AuctionHouse - Players will be able to list their items for sale and users will be able to purchase those items through the GUI securely. (/ah)

Bosses - These guys are insane, they will be spawned by one of the owners during an even (Or me xD).Bounties - Place a bounty on someone's head, let people target him!

CoinFlip - Gamble using /coinflip

Creepers - Creepers have a 40% change of dropping TNT on death. (They will still drop gunpowder)

Enderpearl - Enderpearls have a cooldown of 10 seconds

Envoys - Envoy are chests with loot that will fall every 11 hours all around the WarZone. Thre are 3 tiers of the crates: Common, Uncommon and Exotic.

Events - These will be hosted by one of the owners or me.

Fly - This season we will have something fair for everyone, Top In-game rank (for in-game money) will be able to fly in their own faction's territory. First 3 donor ranks will be able to fly in their own territory, 4th+ donor ranks will be able to fly everywhere.

FTop - Check the factions top list using /f top (It will open a gui)

GenBuckets - A feature you all wished to have on cold network's factions, GenBuckets generates walls with specified blocks with just a bucket. Purchase them for in-game money using /GenBuckets.

Hoppers are uncraftable, they are worth a decent amount of money and you are able to obtain them from the /warp...
Dear ColdNetwork community,

Hey guys I have a few updates to tell you guys:

* First of all I hope all of your decembers are going well, I will be doing some giveaways throughout december so stay tuned for that!

* We'll be doing one more factions season of our own, after that we'll spend the full time while our factions is live on working on our big release with wartic! Our own release will be just as awesome but with a few things less then the big release. We're fully revamping it anyways so it will be fun!

* Now about staff applications, I've put back the cooldown time to 1 month because @ByeTon and me decided to let all head-staff vote on applications every saturday. This also means we will handle the applications more strictly.


IMPORTANT Updates + Merge!
Dear Community,

Here's finally a thread with updates, news etc..

Wartic/EnderGod merging into ColdNetwork:
First of all Welcome all wartic players, I think you'll all enjoy it here and I hope we'll make cold as enjoyable as possible for you guys!

Yes, after a discussion of me and another network owner. Around 2 weeks ago TamataPvP and me made the decision to merge. We truly do this for you guys, to bring a much better experience with their factions, and faction player base I truly believe we can get all gamemodes a bit spreaded out.
I'll give some details per server for now:

HCFactions: sotw gets like 100 players, which dies within 2 days. With their playerbase added I believe we can get much more players on SOTW and it wont die out that fast, because their players are faction lovers and with their active faction players and our players that leave because of there's not that much players combined I think we could get a really fun HCF experience, maybe later on the road add some more HCF servers, like fives, and tens etc...
(We'll use their hcf setup for the lag-free experience on their HCF,

Factions: Wartic/EnderGod got 400 players on their factions SOTW, so that should be an amazing release for us. We're aiming for a bit higher then 400 players, hopefully we can manage to achieve that.
A bigger thread on the new factions will be made later!
(We'll use wartic/endergod's factions mostly for their amazing factions, as I really suck at it haha)

Skyblock: We'll definately revamp this somewhere in the future, we will get a lot of info from experienced players to see what went wrong onthis release, and what we could improve and if we should maybe switch back to opskyblock.

Opfactions: Opfactions is unsure as of now, we might give it one more shot to revamp. However if we do choose to not revamp it and remove opfactions we'll ofcourse give everyone their money back in coupon's for theirselves to choose on what other server they'd want to buy another...
Here are the results of the Halloween Give-Away:


Contacted you all in PM'S

IMPORTANT Player Spoofing?
Dear Penguins,

In the past week I've been accused of playerspoofing. Now for people that are not wanting to read this whole thread, have I played spoofed? Nope, never.

So basically once I demoted and after that blacklisted StaffMass, and his even more sad brother OGs. They are spreading the network that I'm playerspoofing.

I think these screens are enough but I'll give some explanation:

First of all, I have no idea why there's /playerspoof. I did NOT create this in and first I thought it was basically a message if you didnt have permission or it was a bullshit command it does just give that message. But yes, it is a command which apperentaly is in the spigot (one i bought for this amazing kb). But it's useless which I showed in the screen, it doesn't work. Don't ask me why it has the command because I didn't ask for it I can show the whole logs from the dev I bought it from when I was buying this.

Now about the players who play in practice matches, this is just the dumbest argument ever. As I showed in the screen, even arcane has a less % people playing an actual practice match then on cold so that's just bullshit.

I hope this explained enough,


IMPORTANT Happy Halloween!
Dear Penguins,

I hope you all have a good halloween time and I'll be hosting a giveaway to celebrate it + a 40% off sale!

- 1x €30
- 2x €15

Comment your name below this thread!
Only comment once or your disqualified!

Some other info:
Alot of you are asking why KitPvP and Bedwars aren't released yet, well kitpvp has one major bug which I will get fixed soon and bedwars I don't feel like we have enough players for it as of now. And we will be doing a major factions revamp we've been working on for some time (mostly @Asodey ) very soon! Stay tuned for that, it will be awesome!


IMPORTANT F*** toxicity
Dear Penguins,

It's time to say goodbye to all toxicity in our network, from now on any badsportsmanship, being disrespectful we will punish.

Obviously we understand that some of you say it as a joke but we can't tell from the public chat, so therefore it can only be allowed in /msg's as a joke, but watch out who you message, because if he reports you we still punish for it.

Sorry if you dis-agree with this but I'm sick of seeing all toxic/badsportsmanship chat messages.