Hello Penguins!

First of all Merry Christmas I have great news for you all :)

Starting with a shocking new which is: CRACKED USERS CAN NOW JOIN!! With this update network will be supporting both premium and cracked users. However, its a bit different than it used to be for cracked users. You wont be able to use the names that are taken by any premium user so we can call that Network will be %70 premium and %30 cracked. Instead you can take names like Pengurino1, Pengurino_ instead of Pengurino. With the aim of not having 999999999 steve or alex skinned players on the server we are bringing /skin back ^^.

About the Christmas update I can assure that we learned from our mistakes as a result we actually worked on every single game and created perfect gamemodes for you all. From now on we are going to be more proffessional server. Here is the info:

PS: Network will be whitelisted from 20th of December to 21th of December 4pm GMT+1
PS2: We will be having few youtubers on release and during Christmas update ( Ziblackingg, Tobiaz, Combokira, Zaydeh, VitaPvP Twitch & more! )
PS3: Cracked users will be able to join with the update ( 21 December )

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHY-IZUgZE0
--> If you reupload the trailer you will receive few keys on release and get high chance to win the giveaway we are going to host. ( We will be giving away few ranks! )

Countdown: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdo...d+Network+Christmas+Update&font=cursive&csz=1


21 December: Practice PvP 4 pm gmt+1
21 December: Annihilation 7 pm gmt+1

22 December: Kit Map SOTW 4pm gmt+1
22 December: SkyBlock 7 pm gmt+1...
Information HCF Release Sunday 4PM CEST!
NEW Features:
- Added KB Flowers
- Crate changes
- Palace koth will have 4x KoTH Key
- Gamble Crate
- Faster brewing
- Faction points for /f top (10 points from koth, 1 point per kill, 1 point per death, 25 per conquest)

SOTW Information
SpeedHCF SOTW will take place this Sunday (17/11/19) at 4PM CEST.
- 6 Man Factions, No Allies
- Protection 1, Sharpness 1
- 4 Min KOTH Capture
- Conquest: 10 points per capture, -20 points if someone from your faction dies, 250 to cap conquest
- Blocking up in combat is enabled
- NEW: ELO Rank system
- 2 hour SOTW Timer

All features from the previous maps, which are:
Builder & Brewing GKit at SOTW
• Treecapper
• Auto-smelt ores
• Mining sand automatically gives glass (sand will be given in the builder kit as well)
• GKits can be used each day (24 hour cooldown)
• /reclaim key amount increased
• Conquest every weekend
• 15 minute deathban

/meltsand (enabled by default, if enabled sand automatically transforms to glass when mined)
• /choptree (enabled by default, if enabled the whole tree falls down when one log is chopped)

FTop rewards:
1st place: €40.00
2nd place: €20.00
3rd place: €10.00
All rewards will be given in buycraft vouchers.

Wishing everyone the best of luck this map,
CN staff-team.
Information SkyBlock Release
Dear CN SkyBlockers!

SkyBlock will be released on 16 November 4pm GMT+1 ( Amsterdam Time ) I call this season as transition cause our the biggest aim in this release is ''bug free'' after this season we will be adding custom features.

Countdown: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdo...0=136&msg=SkyBlock+Release&font=cursive&csz=1


  • Boss:

Two types of Bosses will be added with special drops! ( /Warp Boss )

  • Best Spawner Type Change:

Since noone liked Ghast being the best spawner type Im changing it to Silverfish! So from now on Silverfish will drop ghast tear and gunpowerder.

  • Missions Difficulty Change:

As almost everyone complete missions in max a week we thought that its not fun and competitive so we are making them harder to make them more competitive than before.

  • Quiz Event:

A question with a reward will pop-up in chat at any time.

  • New Kits:

You guys complain about kits being usesless. As a result we are changing kits.

  • Chunk Anchors:

They will be in new season!

  • Much More:

We will be having small changes for the release such as vine to /shop or lowering /heads prices etc...

Competitions Of New Season:

Competition Name:
King Of Skyblock

Goal: You and your squad must have the most leveled island on SkyBlock.

Ends on: Next skyblock reset

Reward: $30 Coupons on store ( Leader only )

Competition Name:
Best Challenger

Goal: You must be the first one to complete all of challenges.

Ends on: Continiues until someone completes all of challenges.

Reward: $20 Coupons on store

Competition Name: [COLOR=rgb(0, 179,...
Information Release Information
Yo Penguins,

Its the last post of restructuring called ''Fresh Start''. Here is the info about Gamemodes and Network.

Release Information:

  • Whitelist will be turned off on 26 October at 03:45 pm GMT+1
  • Practice PvP will be released on 26 October at 04:00 pm GMT+1
--> https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/party?iso=20191026T16&p0=136&msg=Practice+PvP+++Network+Release&font=cursive&csz=1

  • Kit Map SOTW will be released on 27 October at 04.00 pm CEST
--> https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20191027T16&p0=195&msg=Kit+Map+SOTW&font=cursive
  • SkyBlock Season 4 will be released on 3 November at 05:00 pm GMT+1
--> https://www.timeanddate.com/countdo...49&msg=SkyBlock+New+Season&font=cursive&csz=1

  • HCF Lite SOTW will be releass on 2 November at 05.00 pm GMT+1
--> https://www.timeanddate.com/countdo...7&p0=136&msg=HCF+Lite+SOTW&font=cursive&csz=1


Global & Network:

  • Giveaway ranks and the ones you guys win from crates are seaonal not permanent. ( Did that in order keep it special for donators. We will still be giving away many ranks. )
  • You guys can edit your own messages on forums again.
  • You guys can post pictures on discord again.
  • Custom tags ( forums ) have been added to buycraft.
  • BuyCraft has been updated.
  • Unban all has been done. ( Forums , Discord , In Game. )
  • Gamemode managers: ( They have the title on forums & discord so you can report them the bugs & suggestions. )
  • SkyBlock -> Alin27 ,...
Hi Penguins,

After the positive feedback from you guys referring to how I feel about the situation of the Network boosted our motivation even more. I really appreciate how you guys try to help us revive the server. So even though I included the suggestion part in my post not many of you focused on suggestion part cause it was more of a situation assesment. I need you guys's opinion for each thing that is server related. ( Discord , TeamSpeak, Forums, Rules, Lobby, Practice, OP-Factions, Kit Map, SkyBlock. )


Im willing to make a discord events a thing. Apart from these what would make our discord more fascinating and fun?


Many of you might have noticed Im not TS user but im aware that you guys receive ts ranks real slow so im planning to accelerate it. Also might add a TS rank with special perms for the people who wants to support the server. Anything else we should add to make TS better?

Forums & Rules:

Cleaned all section's off topic and outdated sticky threads.

Updated information & template of Player Trade & Giveaway section.

Updated Media Section Rules & Information template.

Updated Team Recruitment Template.

Updated Kit Map Guide and will keep updating according to server updates.

Post Practice PvP Guide.

Updated Asistance & Questions Information post.

Rules have been updated.

I will be hiring forum moderators to keep forums proffessional like deleting useless posts or moving posts to right sections etc.

We will be starting to sell custom forum tags at BuyCraft again.

What else should we add to make forums better?

Lobby, Practice, OP-Factions, Kit Map, SkyBlock:

New Lobby will be put for the release & few plugins in to make it more proffessional like player visibility on/off speed on/off etc.

About the gamemodes, since we are going to reset them we need you guys's opinion ( I have few listed accouring to you guys's suggestions ) but im going to collect more ideas and make a seperate thread...
Dear Cold Network,

Before anything that i should include in this post Imma share what we have planned for the network's resurrection;

I think ''Fresh Start'' is what we need. You guys can consider this as a new version of Cold Network but its not Cold 3.0 or something like that.

We will whitelist the Network from 21 October to 25 October and remake all gamemodes accoring to you guys's opinions, also fixing all bugs, putting new lobby along with some rule,staff changes. We can change or add anything you guys suggest untill 26th October. You can suggest anything as comment or pm me on discord instead
( Pengurino#9271 ). We are opening the server on 26th of October at 4pm GMT+2 ( Starting with practice ) and release the rest of gamemodes in this schedule;

26 October 4pm GMT+2 Practice

26 October 7pm GMT+2 SkyBlock Release

27 October 4pm GMT+2 Kit Map SOTW

2 November 5pm GMT+2 HCF Lite SOTW ( New version of HCF )

PS: GMT+2 = Netherland timezone.
PS2: We will be having some big youtubers as guest.

PS3: I will make two posts about gamemodes in few days. ( One to discuss stuff about features with you guys, one to announce its release )
PS4: Donator ranks wont be lost.
PS5: Unban all ^^

PS6: We are staying premium.

So Im starting the ''critisize'' as its sometimes needed.

Its obvious that the server is at its worst days. I know its all our fault ( Nick and mine mostly ). We both were demotivated about the server due to private reasons ( Yoeri was the only one who kept updating his own gamemodes which wasnt enough at all ). With the serious drop on the playercount and lack of activity made us worry about our baby. As...
Information Kit Map SOTW
Dear Cold Network,

After quite a long time without updates we are back and starting to update the network with Kit Map. Here are the features its going to have.



Special Abilities/Items ( Common ):
We will be having special items like grapple hook (without a class connected), freezer, bombs, switch balls and more. These will be available from crates, quests and of course the store.

You'll be able to set bounties on players. If you kill a player who had bounty on him/her you will receive the money!

4 sided KOTH. Much more funnier than classic KOTH!

Basically is a koth, but instead of standing on a place you have to mine a block. Once you mine a block (and there-by receive points) enough times you will win the DTC event. ( Like Annihilation )

Leader boards:
Visible leader boards in spawn.

Crates & Drops revamp:
Air Drop locations will be changed + Some changes in crates

To bring some more fun, and possibilities to achieve store items. We will be introducing quests, with this you can receive keys, tokens, items and more to use.

Elo Ranking ( On Scoreboard ):
To make the gameplay more competitive we are making elo ranking visible on score board!


Cold Team.
Information Practice BETA Tomorrow!
Dear ColdNetwork,

I think it's that time again where we do an ACTUAL update for practice.

This will take place at 4PM CEST!
Click here for count down

So what we'll be doing is implement a pretty big new feature, but this requires testing... so what we'll do is host a fun week and at the end we'll hand out some rewards to winners.

The features that'll be added are the following:

Clans will be like factions, you can invite up to 5 players to your clan and access the clan chat.
We've implemented a new queue called the Clan Queue, every single player of your clan can join this queue and earn elo for the whole clan.
At the end of the week the top 3 clans with their elo get a reward, we also have win streaks and the top winstreak clan will also get a reward.

Global ELO:
We will now also have global elo in the leaderboards and in your stats menu, we will also give out small rewards for this at the end of the beta week.

HCF Kits:
We now added Rogue and Archer to enjoy in the Party HCF event, check them out!


Hello everyone,

We announced this before on discord but in case you missed it, the OPFACTIONS release date will be on friday 20-09-2019 at 3PM (amsterdam)
The OpFactions server will be based on an older version of opfactions made by me in 2016.

Hope everyone will like the release and play the gamemode since i worked very hard on this release and it's my favorite gamemode in minecraft.
Never played OpFactions or Factions before? Well make sure to check it out! It's alot of fun to play with friends and everyone will be able to make a huge base in our custom world.
48 Hours Grace period.

Will list some more features below!

- 11x Ingame Ranks
- 5x Donator Ranks
- 30 and 5 minutes potions III
- 1 Vote crate, 1 Premium crate and 1 Koth Crate
- 3+ KOTH'S
- Warp PVP, Warp NoMCMMO
- MCMMO with 100k CAP
- 100 LEVEL SPAWNERS (spawns 500-1500 mobs at once!)
- GAMEMODE 1 for last donor rank
- Custom 12k x 12k Normal World
- Custom 7.5k x 7.5k Nether World
- Custom 5k x 5k End World

Ofcourse there are many more things to look forward for but you have to check that out on the release :)

FTop rewards:
1st place: $250.00 buycraft $50.00 paypal
2nd place: $100.00 buycraft $25.00 paypal
3rd place: $50.00 buycraft $10.00 paypal
All rewards will be given to the faction owner.

The Factions rewards will change or will be removed if people dupe money or dupe illegal items that results in a f top balance change!

Spawn preview:


Hope we will see you on opfactions this friday!
A server trailer will be announced soon enough on our discord server!

Kind Regards,
ColdNetwork Staff team
Information KitMap + Giveaway info
Hey everyone,

This thread is about kitmap, the stuff that happened 2 days ago and the giveaway from 1 week ago.

So I was going to announce the winners today, but when I saw that only a few people replied to the Giveaway thread with their IGN I think it's best if I re-announce it and announce winners tomorrow.
I didn't put comment your ign below, so here it is: Comment your ign below to win one of the 10 euro store credits.

Two days ago we had another "ETB" also known as server grief, nothing really bad happened besides our kitmap being destroyed beyond the ability to repair it. I have backups but they're older then 5 days and I don't want to confuse every player that doesn't read this with their stuff being rollbacked so far. So lets just refresh kitmap and do a reset tomorrow at 4PM CEST. I'll add a few things to make it more fun aswell tomorrow.

REMINDER: SkyBlock is releasing in a few hours:


Cold Team
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