Dear ColdNetwork,

Yes, I really want to push out updates. But there's a problem, I don't have much inspiration to add new things I'm currently working on Kit-PvP, and we'll be starting on factions really soon (a lot will be done by @Asodey ) please for kit-pvp leave suggestions that you think will be fun, I have the old classic kit system with fisherman, berserker, ninja, etc etc and I want a leveling system with maybe big-mid ranks like at level 10 you'll get rewards and extra permissions and maybe a bit extra hearts.

News & Manager:
Since penguin is gone, I need some people to look at staff and interact with players and help them if needed with some higher perms, I will be accepting 2 managers (One will be @Rated , and the other one is classified for now). They will help me with managing the network, taking players feedback, help me do forum stuff and just overall manage the network. I also hope you guys like the new forum layout, this will be final for now until I feel like getting a whole new layout etc.

Also, we'll be accepting staff more often then just once every 2 weeks etc. I'll be adding a staff application form today for players to understand better.
Also I was thinking about forum donator ranks but if we would give donators their rank here it will take ages before everyone has them.

I think that was it, thanks for staying with cold :)


Dear Penguins,

As many of you know I have been inactive for so long. Maybe some of you were waiting for this announcement or have never expected this and shocked. Yes I am leaving Cold Network due real life problems school , family etc. It has been a nice run with my brother Nick and the community. At the end of story I reached my goals which was 150+ players daily. I want to see Cold Network with 500+ players in the future. Thanks for everything I am leaving minecraft.

Good Bye Cold Network :)
Dear Penguins,


Sorry for the late results im kinda slow, if you won please I'll pm you on the forums
80 euros

40 euros

20 euros

Dear Penguins,

I'm happy to announce we'll be using a new setup with some new features and fixed bugs.
We'll have better optimizations so lag after a few hours should be fixed, we'll be using last maps koth's because those weren't really used due to the low player count. We'll also add DTC event and probably some custom pvp event depending how the player count will be.

Vote for map kit and faction limit here:
Dear Penguins,

Note: Giveaway/Discount info below!

I know I'm a little bit late with this but I kinda forgot to make this thread, I'm happy to announce that we officially exist for 1 year now, to be honest in the first few months we didn't really know what we were doing until around december when we released practice, we had a good playerbase and it kept growing. On exactly december the 26th we hit 100 players! This was a huge milestone and we have never expected to come this far, this was a peek we didnt get for a long time again but we still had 90 players sometimes, after a month we had 100 players peeking a day. We then started to grow a little bit by a little bit more and had 100 players on some schooldays. Then it went op kinda slowly, we just launched more gamemodes got some more players and started paying youtubers, then after a few more months we reached 150 players and then around 1 month later we hit 200 (Obviously on an HCF Eotw), and now we sometimes had 200 players without SOTW's or releases, obviously this was in the holidays but it's still not bad. I hope we will have a beautiful future and I will stay on coldnetwork for as long as the network exists. (unless someone offers me 1mill)

To celebrate this I will be hosting a giveaway which contains:
- 1x €80 Coupon
- 2x €40 Coupon
- 4x €20 Coupon


Also a 1 week 65% Sale is live right now! (Highest ever, If I remember correctly :p)

Thanks for staying with us and I hope we will come a long way!


Dear Penguins,

You've been asking for this a long time but the time finally arrived we'll be updating/resettings opskyblock, it will be normal skyblock and everyone will keep their donator ranks.

Also I fixed lag on practice it was a dumb mistake of me sorry

New features:
* Island upgrades (Homes, Size, and Members)
* Generator upgrades (This is for cobble gens)
* New balanced kits
* New islands for donators, the higher the donator rank the bigger islands and more resources
* New crates
* New /shop, also /warp shop with a menu per shop section (for example a bot that sells farming shit)
* New balanced supply crates at warp pvp
* + More that I forgot xD
* + We will be doing updates this time due to not having alot of time left to work on this version of SB

Changed features:
* McMMO limited more and disabled pvp mcmmo

Removed features:
* Custom Enchantments

Also we will have a brand new spawn :)

Yours faithfully,

Dear Penguins,

Recently we've been working a discord and decided to publish it now. Hereby this is the official discord:

Also as most of you have seen, we made practice leaderboards: CLICK HERE

And I was working on bedwars but it will be so hard to make it work for 1.7, I don't think we can due this (Dev made everything with armorstands which is 1.8) so that's kind of bad news, ofcourse we'll still be trying to fix this but don't get your hopes up too much.

More updates coming soon!
Dear Penguins and PolarBears (idek),

EDIT: Release at 7PM GMT+2!

Today we're releasing the full 2.0 release of practice!

I'll just give you a list of things, I don't have to much to say about it haha.
All bugs from the beta should be fixed, if not report them in bug reports!
And we changed all arenas to better fps arenas!
Solo Features:
* Standard Ranked & Unranked 1v1 queues
* PvPBot, Fixed knockback (still weird but it works), EDITABLE DIFFICULTY(easy, normal, hard, hacker!
* Replay matches, this is for donators. They can litterly watch back their fight just like someone would /spectate you in a live fight.
* Custom Kit, this for donators. Here you can make your own kit and use this in party fights, or a bot fight.
* Standard Kit Editor where you can just edit the kits to your likings!
* /duel mode, with a section to toggle them, and you can see your pending duel requests.

Party Features:
* Party vs Party A menu where you see all other parties and their members, and duel them.
* Party TeamDeathmatch, split your party in half and fight with the selected kit!
* Party FreeForAll, every member of the party will be fighting on his own.
* Party vs Bots, your party vs all bots
* Party settings, open your party (it announces in chat too) so everyone can join, and put a max limit of any choice you want it to be.
* Party Chat

* We also have events which we will be giving the permission to start them to donators:
* Brackets, this is basically a 1v1 tournament with a kit you choose.
* LastManStanding (LMS) This is a free for all.
* Juggernaut, this is a gamemode where 1 player will have for example a GApple Kit, and the rest nodebuff and you will fight against the juggernaut with all other nodebuff kit players!
* KoTH (KingOfTheHill), This is a team objective, fight with a team to win a koth!
Dear Penguins,

I've had to reset kitmap due some a few things, I also changed some things and will update somethings later on.

Changed things:
- World, we changed the world. No more 20 stacked diamonds, it's more detailed and more beautiful.
- End I couldn't do this now due to time but I will do this later tonight.
- Token system, I've made this in a different way, no physical stuff. Only a token system which doesnt require an inventory spot so it's easier to save up ;). The way to open the shop is '/token shop kitmap'. I will add more things later tonight so comment stuff you'd like to see in it!
- 3 KoTH's replaced, Castle, Simple and Temple have been replaced by these 3 due player requests:
Army (Base) I love this one:

- And more! (Rogue fixed later this week sorry.)
Dear Penguins,

There are a few corrupted world files in kitmap which sometimes cause the factions to disband on slight disruption and im sick of it, so are you I suppose. I'm sorry for this but I'mma remake kitmap.

Tell me things you'd like to see in a new kitmap!