You may have noticed a lack of network updates recently, but this is not without reason.
We've been working hard on updates that ensure your pvp experience is unrivalled, now it's time to deliver them.

Coldnetwork will be whitelisted from the 13th of August, 11 PM CEST (5 PM EST) until 14th of August, 7 PM CEST (1 PM EST) to perform necessary update implementations. All bans and blacklists will be reset, giving players a chance to enjoy the new updates. On top of that, a new domain "" will be added to join through.

Furthermore, we have cleaned up the public discord and will remake our lobbies to be more FPS friendly. Rewards for the top 3 times on lobby parkour will be given out on the day the network gets whitelisted. Donations will now be globally broadcasted across the entire network to show appreciation and for you to flex your new rank.

Click here to watch the trailer.
Reupload the trailer to support us and EXRTA FREE KEYS on SOTW!

(download link in desc)


We are giving away x2 $100 store coupons on our twitter!
Click here to join the giveaway!

Hit registration, knockback, potions and performance
These three essential terms are what make up combat, therefore we have optimised our software to minimise response time and prove unparalleled smoothness. This guarantees your hits and potions land without interruptions, leaving pure skill to determine who will be victorious in a fight.
(Note, this change in how velocity is calculated and applied might take some time to get used to)

Death match event
A new event has been added where the first person to reach 15 kills wins the...​

Yo Penguins,

A brand new skyblock realm will release July 24th, 3 PM CEST.

July 24th, 3 PM CEST

This is a modern skyblock server with alot of cool features.
Tropical skyblock realm is made by dutchminerHD with days and days of work

Some cool features:
- Minions
- Infinite Chests & Voidchests
- Island top with is lvls
- Custom mob loot
- /Mobcoin shop
- Koth with sick rewards
- Great vote rewards
- Island upgrades
& Alot of more features

Island Top information, DYNAMIC

If 25% of the donation goal gets reached these will be the payouts:

1st = $75 PayPal | $100 Buycraft + TAG
2nd = $60 Buycraft
3rd = $25 Buycraft

If 50% of the donation goal gets reached these will be the payouts:

1st = $150 PayPal | $200 Buycraft + TAG
2nd = $75 PayPal | $100 Buycraft
3rd = $50 Buycraft

If 75% of the donation goal gets reached these will be the payouts:
1st = $225 PayPal | $300 Buycraft + TAG
2nd = $100 PayPal | $150 Buycraft
3rd = $40 PayPal | $75 Buycraft
4th = $50 Buycraft
5th = $25 Buycraft

If 100% donation goal gets reached these will be the payouts:
1st = $300 PayPal | $400 Buycraft + TAG
2nd = $175 PayPal | $250 Buycraft
3rd = $50 PayPal | $100 Buycraft
4th = $50 Buycraft
5th = $25 Buycraft

Custom Mob Drops


MobCoins Earned by killing mobs


Dragon Eggs


-Cold Team

@Nick @Prionity
Information Practice Season 7

Yo Penguins,

Practice Season 7 is going to be released today at 5 PM CEST with many major gameplay changes.

June 28th, 5 PM CEST

Check here to see what time release is for you!


New Knockback & Hits & Pots

Mostly when a server change their knockback the players of the servers do not like it. However, we have made amazing knockbacks for each ladder that you guys will love pvping with. The new knockback is higher, sensitive and a lot smoother than current one. (KB By @Prionity) Besides hits and knockback, the pots are now slower and smoother which requires skills.

New Events:

Added 2 new events that are;
* Gun Game: You start with wooden axe, you upgrade your weapon each kill and first one to reach diamond sword wins the event.
* OITC: First one to reach 20 kills wins the event.

New Nodebuff and BuildUHC Maps:

We have added a lot of fps free maps that are full flat with pixel arts around for no debuff ladder. Also we have added beautiful fps free maps for build uhc ladder aswell.




New Parkour Event Maps:


-Cold Team

@Nick @Prionity
Information Kit Map SOTW

Yo Penguins,

First of all, thank you all for the support & interest you guys have showed lately. When we first released Kit Map we did not expect it to get that big. In order to not let you guys down we work hard on Kit Map and make sure it is perfect before releasing. After working on it for many hours and discussing about the features with our management team, we are finally ready to announce them. Expect a GREAT SOTW today with brand new warzone & features :)

PS: As an apologuise for announcing the SOTW a bit late, we are giving away x2 Diamond Ranks on our discord at #giveaway section. We will also be doing crazy key alls and sales during SOTW.

PS2: We are also starting to give PAYPAL CASH for f top from this map. Expect the price to go higher map by map.

June 27th, 7 PM CEST (1 PM EST)

Check here to see what time release is for you!


* Faction Top 1: $30 PAYPAL - $30 Store Credits

* Faction Top 2: $30 Store Credits

* Faction Top 2: $20 Store Credits


Brand New Warzone:

Since you guys really liked this map it was a bit stressful for our builders to build better map. However, they managed to do it. The new map's theme is Marvel with great traps and also the map is fps friendly (the most fps friendly map since 2016).



Yo Penguins,

SkyBlock new season is going to be released this sunday. Season length is 3 weeks.

June 21st, 4 PM CEST

Check here to see what time release is for you!

Island Top & Competitions

In total, we will be having between $300 - $450+ in prizes according to reached donation goal. Here is the breakdown.

Dynamic Payouts

0 ➜ 50% Donation Goal
If 50% or less of the donation goal gets reached these will be payouts!

1st. $25 PayPal | 75 Buycraft
2nd. $50$ Buycraft
3rd. $25 Buycraft

75% Donation Goal
If 75% of the donation goal gets reached these will be payouts!

1st. $50 PayPal | $100 Buycraft
2nd. $75 Buycraft
3rd. $25 Buycraft

100% Donation Goal
If 100% of the donation goal gets reached these will be payouts!

1st. $100 Paypal | $200 Buycraft
2nd. $100 Buycraft
3rd. $50 Buycraft

PS: Payouts are seasonal.


The season is going to all features that previous season had (but better versions of the features such as bosses will spawn more often at mine etc). Besides the features from last season we are going to have amazing unique features too!


We have updated our gambling system and added many new games to get chance to win $$ and run skyblock's economy.







Yo Penguins,

We have been working on new HCF realm called ''Tribes'' to bring back the hardcore experience to Cold Network. Tribes releasing on;

June 19th, 7 PM CEST (1 PM EST)

Check here to see what time release is for you!


Click here to watch the trailer.
Reupload the trailer to support us and EXRTA FREE KEYS on SOTW!
(download link in desc)


Map Information;

* 8 Man, No Ally.
* Protection 1, Sharpness 1, Power 4
* 2 hours SOTW timer.
* Nether: 1.0k x 1.0k.
* World: 1.5k x 1.5k (Claims start at 1.0k).
*Building up in combat: Enabled.
* Tali Pearling: Enabled.
*/Gkits: Disabled.
* /Spawn & /Enderchest is now only usable in spawn or in your own faction territory.
* /f home is now instant if there's no-one near you in a 50 block range or during sotw.
* Strength is nerfed a bit and rogue backstab is buffed a bit.
* /blockpickup is usable for everyone, you can use this to add blocks which you don't want to pickup (e.g. ''/blockpickup add 4'' or ''/blockpickup add cobblestone''.


7 PM CEST - Release of TRIBES
7:15 PM CEST - Key All 1.0
7:30 PM CEST- Flash Sale
7:45 PM CEST - Key All 2.0...

Hello ColdNetwork,

Today I have some topics to inform you guys about, I won't make this too long don't worry.

New Forum Theme
As you can probably see we have a new forum design, I hope you all will like it. Please PM me here on the forums if any bugs occur!

Support Tickets:
I have been waiting for the right timing for this, and I feel like with this change this is the right time:
The support tickets system will be going to the discord, this will be clarified/added within a few days.

Voting Rewards
From now on we will be doing monthly top voter rewards, you can find vote links and information on:
A leaderboards will soon be live in the lobby, votes are already counting as we speak and they have been for the past 16 days.

If you read this you are probably too late, but there's a discord on going in the #giveaways channel on:
Information SkyBlock 3.0
Dear Coldnetwork,

Im sorry for this delayed revamp for skyblock. Normally we were going to release it this weekend but we decided to release it next weekend to make it a PERFECT release. So Skyblock will be released on 22 Jun 4 pm CEST.

What is it going to have as feature?

  • Kill Streaks and its rewards:
To make pvp alive we decided to add kill streaks and rewards. The rewards will be worth achieving. Also we will be adding a competition about kill streak.

  • PvP Arena
PvP Arena will be at /Warp.

  • New Crate
Voucher crate is going to be added.

  • KOTH
We are going to have new crate called KOTH. You can only get this key by winning the KOTH event. KOTH will be at PvP Arena.

  • In Game Ranks Edit
Im going to change in game rank names ( not completely ) and add/remove some commands from them.

  • BuyCraft Edit
We are going to make BuyCraft more balanced, optional and attractive.

  • New Eco ( Balanced )
As you all know current skyblock eco is so easy/broken almost everyone got 1 million in 3 days and many people had 30+ iron golems. This map's eco is going to be more balanced and kinda hard. Also Im going to make many ways to earn money this map so non donators will be able to go for competitions.

  • Donator Mine + Normal Mine
We are going to keep those 2 mines. We will nerf donator mine too of course since its too op.

  • New Kits/Crates/Starter Islands/Starter Stuff/Challenges/Reclaim
There isnt much i can say about this but kits will not give armors since you guys didnt like it so instead of armors kits will give useful blocks etc.
  • Quests
In addition to challenges we are also going to have quests to...
Hello everyone,

Here it is, second map of SpeedHCF and our first HCF SOTW whilst being a premium network.

SOTW Information
SpeedHCF SOTW will take place this saturday (June 8th, 2019) at 4PM CEST.
- 5 Man Factions, No Allies
- Protection 2, Sharpness 2
- 4 Min KOTH Caps
- Conquest: 10 points per capture, -20 points if someone from your faction dies, 250 to cap conquest
- Blocking up in combat is enabled
- 2 hour SOTW Timer

All features from the first map, which are:
Builder & Brewing GKit at SOTW
• Treecapper
• Auto-smelt ores
• Mining sand automatically gives glass (sand will be given in the builder kit as well)
• GKits can be used each day (24 hour cooldown)
• /reclaim key amount increased
• Conquest every weekend
• 15 minute deathban


/meltsand (enabled by default, if enabled sand automatically transforms to glass when mined)
• /choptree (enabled by default, if enabled the whole tree falls down when one log is chopped)

FTop rewards:

1st place: $50.00
2nd place: $30.00
3rd place: $15.00

All rewards will be given in buycraft vouchers.

Trailer reupload link:
(If your video hits 100 views you will be rewarded)

Wishing everyone the best of luck this map,
CN staff-team.
IMPORTANT The Switch (Part 2)
Dear Penguins,

With the switch happening tomorrow, I want to give some last details so you guys know what's going on.
Release time: Saturday 4PM CEST (Countdown:

Lobby & Network:
So yeah, the lobby and network got a pretty decent revamp. We have a new lobby build, completely new lobby looks and a whole new rank system*. We now also have queues for KitMap/HCF.

* check the next section

Rank system:
So now all ranks are stored globally, which means giving staff ranks are good-to-go with 1 command, builder ranks are now actually easy and fun to create and donator ranks can be synced across multiple servers more easily (for example hcf/kitmap ranks on lobby for a queue).

This and going cracked (also if we didn't have a new rank system) has a downside, all ranks are lost. Which means everyone who ever got a donator rank THROUGH DONATING, or THROUGH A COUPON has to make a support ticket (click here) with some sort of proof and their old in-game name. Everyone can now give a new name (For example their new premium account which you can get by pm'ing me if you don't have any premium account)
to receive their donated or redeemed rank on.

So for practice we have some exciting updates which contains the following stuff:
* Actually optimized the server by a ton, we did a test with a bunch of bots and it went flawlessly
* Added an /event menu, where you can now see all events & their status. You can also join/host them from here
* New clean and amazing spawn
* New arenas for most kits
* Tweaked the anticheat
* Redesigned almost every aspect from the practice messages/items, for a better experience
* and way more

For KitMap there's not that much to announce, just...
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