Information SkyBlock New Season
Dear Cold Network,

Its been a while since we closed skyblock for next update,first season of premium switch was better than i expected so we put more effort on this update to make it much more funnier than the season one. Im finally ready to announce you guys that its going to be released on 31 August 5 pm GMT+1



  • Quest:
In addition to challenges we decided to add quests to make you guys not get bored easily ( since you guys complete challenges in max 1 week ) Also quest is different than challenges which requires mining, walking etc different type of skills.

  • Quiz
To keep the chat alive and make you all focus chat more we added quiz which will ask you questions such as: What color is creeper? First one to say ''green'' no capital letter will win reward such as spawners , keys , blocks.

  • Player Shop ( Known as chest shop )
With this feature you will be able to sell your stuff to other players. With this you can get rid of the stuff you dont need which you cant /sell. Also you can buy stuff from other players for cheaper price than shop.

  • Clans ( /clan )
We are adding clans with the aim of helping teaming at pvp arena ( since we have koth you migh need to team with your friends to win ) also you can set clan home etc with this!

  • Minions
Yes, we are bringing minions back to do boring jobs for you guys.

  • New Supply Drop Rewards
Its been 3 seasons since we havent changed its loot. With this update new supply drops will be added. The stuff im going to add in will be much better than previous one. So you guys will be running to collect them all :)

  • /Reclaim Rewards
Many of you...
IMPORTANT Unexpected delay
Hello everyone,

Unfortunately I will be at an event today Unexpectedly and the practice release must be delayed by maximum one day.
Information Today & Tomorrow
Hey everyone,

Today is a pretty special day to me ( bday :) ), and therefor I want to share a bit of this day to give back to the loyal players with an exciting giveaway & sale increment!

So lets make this giveaway a bit more spicy for old players, the prizes will be:
10x: 10Euro store worth of stuff.
But as I said it's not just a giveaway, I'm doubling the reward for winners who are registered for 2 years+.

There also is a 60% SALE live only today which ends tomorrow!

A brand new practice update, including some new maps, new spawn, 1 amazing new event and we smoothened out the KB again :p.

The new potion maps are absotutely amazing, and to enjoy this experience I decided to allow the /duel map selector for everyone atleast for now.


Cold Staff Team
Information Kit Map SOTW
Dear Cold Network,

As its been almost a month since last update, we are doing a new SOTW for Kit Map. Here are the features its going to have.



Special Items:
We'll still be having special items like grapple hook (without a class connected), bombs, switch balls and more. These will be available from crates, quests and of course the store.

You'll be able to set bounties on players. If you kill a player who had bounty on him/her you will receive the money!

4 sided KOTH. Much more funnier than classic KOTH!

Basically is a koth, but instead of standing on a place you have to mine a block. Once you mine a block (and there-by receive points) enough times you will win the DTC event. ( Like Annihilation )

Leader boards:
Visible leader boards in spawn.

Crates & Drops revamp:
Air Drop locations will be changed + Some changes in crates

To bring some more fun, and possibilities to achieve store items. We will be introducing quests, with this you can receive keys, tokens, items and more to use.

These are the main things, but there'll be more to this update. Trust me :)


Cold Team.
Hello everyone,

So it is finally happening!
OsPika will merge with ColdNetwork.

Factions Information:

Normal Factions will release on wednesday 14-08-2019 7PM (AMSTERDAM)

Alot of features, which are:
• Member and Donator kits & ranks
• Collector boxes (collect mob and farm loot)
• Genwalls like obsidian, sand, cobblestone, ...
• Voting and paid crates
• working cannons and raiding
• 3x Koths
• Free fly in factions land
PVP Aren's with & without MCMMO
• MAX 50 players per faction
• Default 50 F POWER per player
Faction upgrades
• 2 Month map

And many more features!

FTop rewards:
1st place: $250.00 buycraft $50.00 paypal
2nd place: $100.00 buycraft $25.00 paypal
3rd place: $50.00 buycraft $10.00 paypal
All rewards will be given to the faction owner.

More gamemodes (OpFactions & OpSkyblock) are planned by dutchminerHD and will release soon!

Good luck on the faction map,
CN staff-team.
Dear Cold Network,

Season 1 ended at 10 August, here is the Competition winners!

Is Top ( King Of SkyBlock ) :
* MrWalid

Best Challenger:
* Veltrix

* BadEthernet

Season 2 is very soon and is going to have much more features than Season 1. Stay Tuned :)


Cold Team
Information What Now Part 2
Hello Cold Networkers,

First of all we are so sorry for not updating the server for a long time after those update posts we made.You guys were excided for updates but we couldnt execute due to some circumstances but thats not an excuse. We should have kept the server updated. We really feel like we let you guys down but we will work so hard to gain you guys's coldy love back :3

Secondly we Cold Team decided to focus on our current main gamemodes which are: Practice , Kit Map and Skyblock ( Yes HCF isnt in main gamemodes ). We are going to fix the player count first and gameplay quality then add the promised new gamemodes. I can assure that the main gamemode updates are going to be amazing and be on time. We'll also be getting famous youtubers to record gameplay videos on our server for the updates.

Thats it what we have planned so far. We will start pushing updates for those 3 main servers very soon. Stay tuned!

Join our Discord:


Cold Team
IMPORTANT About Discord
Hello everybody!

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, we lost most of our discord members.

We kindly ask you to invite your friends and old players.

Discord Invitation Link:

What now 2/2 thread is tomorrow.


Cold Team
IMPORTANT What happened?
Dear ColdNetwork,

What happened and what is going to happen?
So what was going on in the last few weeks, we promised updates but nothing really happened..

I made a little mistake, I worked on the servers we are updating/releasing but the schedule was just not possible, every weekend I was either gone and in this last week I went on vacation.

But to make up for this, we have really exciting updates coming, including a new type of HCF, SkyBlock update, KitMap update, GTA, KitPvP and an exciting factions server which will have a playerbase from another server because they are merging in to us. (read below)

I won't have a really tight schedule ready for this but I can promise you the first update will arrive this saturday, and we'll be updating the lobby within a few days to show you guys what servers will come and what updates will arrive.

There will be seperate threads for each server once they are releasing soon with full information about them.

We will be merging, this is so both our playerbases will create something bigger. They just did a season of factions and the release was pretty fun, together we'll be fixing the bugs and adding new stuff and then release this factions on cold really soon (< 2 weeks). The factions on their server is basically ending as we speak. The server I'm talking about is OSPika ( OPFactions will also be added, but after the factions release.

Last giveaway:
Also here are the giveaway winners, make a ticket with the forum account you commented with to claim prize!
1. Willq_ (50 store credit)
2. Asodey (25 store credit)
3. V9T (15 store credit)


Cold Team
SOTW Information
SpeedHCF SOTW will take place this Sunday (21/07/19) at 4PM CEST.
- 5 Man Factions, No Allies
- Protection 1, Sharpness 2
- 4 Min KOTH Capture
- Conquest: 10 points per capture, -20 points if someone from your faction dies, 250 to cap conquest
- Blocking up in combat is enabled
- NEW: ELO Rank system
- NEW: Custom Enchantments spread around crates
- NEW: Summer GKit
- 2 hour SOTW Timer

All features from the second map, which are:
Builder & Brewing GKit at SOTW
• Treecapper
• Auto-smelt ores
• Mining sand automatically gives glass (sand will be given in the builder kit as well)
• GKits can be used each day (24 hour cooldown)
• /reclaim key amount increased
• Conquest every weekend
• 15 minute deathban

/meltsand (enabled by default, if enabled sand automatically transforms to glass when mined)
• /choptree (enabled by default, if enabled the whole tree falls down when one log is chopped)

FTop rewards:
1st place: $20.00
2nd place: $10.00
3rd place: $5.00
All rewards will be given in buycraft vouchers.

Wishing everyone the best of luck this map,
CN staff-team.​
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