Information SkyBlock Competitions
As we have informed you all before SkyBlock 3.0 is going to be released on Saturday at 4pm GMT+1
( ) To make the gameplay more challenging we are going to have some competitions with rewards. Here is the further info about competitions;

Competition Name:
King Of Skyblock

Goal: You and your squad should have the most leveled island on SkyBlock.

Ends on: Next skyblock reset

Reward: $30 coupons on store for the leader and $20 coupons for the 3 members that the leader choose.

Competition Name: Serial Killer

Goal: You must the be the top killer.

Ends on: Next skyblock reset

Reward: $20 coupons on the store.


Competition Name:
Best Challenger

Goal: You must be the first one to complete all of challenges.

Ends on: Continiues until someone completes all of challenges.

Reward: $20 coupons on the store.

Competition Name: Top Voter

Goal: You must the be the top voter.

Ends on: Next skyblock reset

Reward: $20 coupons on the store.

Competition Name: Top Deaths

Goal: You must the be one who died the most.

Ends on: Next skyblock reset

Reward: $20 coupons on the store.

Competition Name: Rich

Goal: You must the be the one who is at /baltop #1.

Ends on: Next skyblock reset

Reward: $20 coupons on the store.

Competition Name: Mcmmoer

Goal: You must the be one who has most mcmmo power.

Ends on: Next skyblock reset

Reward: $20 coupons on the store.

Competition Name: Walker

Goal: You must the be one who walked the most.

Ends on:...
Dear Cold Network,

We have a skyblock trailer now made by: @Greggs

Added GTA guns into skyblock and added many stuff into BuyCraft and did many small changes about gameplay in addition to previous post.

King Regards,
Cold Network Staff Team
IMPORTANT Network Update
Dear Penguins,

As most of you have probably noticed, we've removed Skyblock, HCFactions and Creative from our network.
The reason for this is pretty obvious, the gamemodes were just dead, on SkyBlock and HCFactions it's mostly our fault, but for Creative we don't feel like it will ever become played so that's gone for good.

Skyblock will be back, on the 9th of february with a bunch of improvements (no more data losses, promised + daily backups) and a bunch of new features.

HCFactions, we're unsure as of now. The ranks bought* on there are not redeemable for a coupon as of now, until we fully decide to remove it. We will probably just revamp it fully and try it out again but I can't promise that. For the EOTW we decided not to do it, to compensate for that we'll be giving rewards to not only the top 3 factions, but also the top 10 playtimes + top 10 kills (an equal amount of 10 euro storemoney for these 20).

To get your rewards check the spoiler below of the winners, and if you're in it then make a support ticket. (I will check ip's so don't try and fool me lol), unfortunately coupons are broken and abused alot, so just create a ticket with items you want of 10 euro.

Faction Top 3 Leaders:
  1. mxtalcore (40 euro storemoney)
  2. Lordblacknes (20 euro storemoney)
  3. GoTPvPz (10 euro storemoney)
    (Also make ticket with items you want of the value)
Top 10 Kills: (Each gets 10 euro)
  1. GoTPvPz
  2. Strqfed__
  3. iPixelZ_
  4. iTzAndreas120
  5. EndiEB8
  6. mxtalcore
  7. Milsoe
  8. ItzStrafe__
  9. lolsann
  10. Emeraldinggg
Top 10 Playtimes: (Each gets 10 euro)
  1. iTzAndreas120
  2. Strqfed__
  3. EndiEB8
  4. mxtalcore
  5. iPizelZ_
  6. LattyPvP
  7. Repertory
  8. Emeraldinggg
  9. 51LOKLE
  10. Valkiryie

* only the ones bought with real money
Due to some unexpected circumstances,
Kitmap SOTW has been moved to the following date:

Sunday 20th January 4PM GMT +1

Sorry for any inconvenience caused,
- Cold Staff Team
Information GiveAway Winners
Dear Penguins,

Christmas GiveAway
My apologies for this late thread, I kept getting reminded in the afternoon when I wasn't home and because I'm stupid when I actually got home I kept forgetting.

Here's the results:
1. iTzAndreas120
2. SomeRandomSteve
3. Fadil will reroll

You'll get pmed on the forums in a bit.


Information Kit Map Winter Update
Dear Cold Network,

Kit Map Winter in going to be released on 19 January. ( Countdown: )


Everything will be the same such as in game ranks, map size, economy , map kits , warzone and road border style, in addition to these it will have some small changes:

  • New Warzone
  • New spawn
  • KOTH Schedule
  • New KOTHS
  • Fire Resistance to all kits
  • Supply Crate loot and cooldown edit
  • Crate Edit
  • Adding end portals to the shop

Uncertain: Pearls will be better than the current one for sure but about tali pearling we will try our best to fix it.

King regards,

Hello people of coldnetwork.

The following rules have been changed:

Admitted to cheating: 15d IPBan

Cheats found in SS is now not appealable.
(If you think the screenshare ban was false you may staff-report the staff member.)

Illegal Mods: 30 Days IPBan.

These rules are changed as off NOW meaning that these rules will apply to all future bans.
Information In Need Of Builders
Dear Cold Network,

As title says we are in need of builders to help us create maps. You can apply for builder by building something good on your own plot at Creative server. ( Do not forget to put the pictures of your building into your builder application + your in game name)

More Info & Apply here:

King Regards,

Dear Penguins,

I hope your 2019 is going well so far, I have been working on a project for a week now and was planning on releasing it later but due to the lag with playercounts I have worked hard so we can release it tomorrow.

Things in the practice revamp:
- Everything is brand new, it's fully remade
- 20+ New arenas
- 6+ Sumo arenas
- A few new fun kits
- Performance improved by atleast 300%, we should be able to hold atleast 300 players on practice smoothly, if nothing bad happens.
- Shared arenas, which means there can be multiple matches in no-build arenas. (Never the not enough arenas bug on non-build kits again)
- Leader-boards for ranked elo's and new: for unranked wins
- Fully customized tab which has useful information based on your match state
- Tournaments: 1v1 and 2v2 matches for all kits (even build, and sumo)
- Brackets and Sumo in a brand new system
- Consistent updates, due to having full access to the clean code of the plugin
- New lobby, which we downloaded lol (it's too good to leave alone)

An amazing trailer made by @Danieltheworm (kast)

Reupload please :) Download:!eARmzSSY!M8VaQO0IYnRIqeIKRZXc9Z-tE2kj-fZB9AOwK3Fccv8


Cold Team
Information Creative Gamemode 2/2

After few small changes and improvements i'm happy that i can announce the final release date of Creative. We decided to Create two Donator Ranks Called Creator and Custom. Players without a rank do have the ability to use basic WorldEdit commands such as //Set, //undo, //redo, //pos1, //pos2, etc.

All further Commands and abilities will be listed once Creative is released in its own Forum Section!

Creative will support all Versions from 1.7 up to 1.13.2 (We recommend you to use 1.8 to play Creative at its full expirience.)




I decided to make a short trailer to get a quick peak how it looks like :) (Feel free to reupload it) Check it out:

(my first Trailer i've ever made in my life)


Yours ~Administrator and the StaffTeam