Information SkyBlock 3.0
Dear Coldnetwork,

Im sorry for this delayed revamp for skyblock. Normally we were going to release it this weekend but we decided to release it next weekend to make it a PERFECT release. So Skyblock will be released on 22 Jun 4 pm CEST.

What is it going to have as feature?

  • Kill Streaks and its rewards:
To make pvp alive we decided to add kill streaks and rewards. The rewards will be worth achieving. Also we will be adding a competition about kill streak.

  • PvP Arena
PvP Arena will be at /Warp.

  • New Crate
Voucher crate is going to be added.

  • KOTH
We are going to have new crate called KOTH. You can only get this key by winning the KOTH event. KOTH will be at PvP Arena.

  • In Game Ranks Edit
Im going to change in game rank names ( not completely ) and add/remove some commands from them.

  • BuyCraft Edit
We are going to make BuyCraft more balanced, optional and attractive.

  • New Eco ( Balanced )
As you all know current skyblock eco is so easy/broken almost everyone got 1 million in 3 days and many people had 30+ iron golems. This map's eco is going to be more balanced and kinda hard. Also Im going to make many ways to earn money this map so non donators will be able to go for competitions.

  • Donator Mine + Normal Mine
We are going to keep those 2 mines. We will nerf donator mine too of course since its too op.

  • New Kits/Crates/Starter Islands/Starter Stuff/Challenges/Reclaim
There isnt much i can say about this but kits will not give armors since you guys didnt like it so instead of armors kits will give useful blocks etc.
  • Quests
In addition to challenges we are also going to have quests to...
Hello everyone,

Here it is, second map of SpeedHCF and our first HCF SOTW whilst being a premium network.

SOTW Information
SpeedHCF SOTW will take place this saturday (June 8th, 2019) at 4PM CEST.
- 5 Man Factions, No Allies
- Protection 2, Sharpness 2
- 4 Min KOTH Caps
- Conquest: 10 points per capture, -20 points if someone from your faction dies, 250 to cap conquest
- Blocking up in combat is enabled
- 2 hour SOTW Timer

All features from the first map, which are:
Builder & Brewing GKit at SOTW
• Treecapper
• Auto-smelt ores
• Mining sand automatically gives glass (sand will be given in the builder kit as well)
• GKits can be used each day (24 hour cooldown)
• /reclaim key amount increased
• Conquest every weekend
• 15 minute deathban


/meltsand (enabled by default, if enabled sand automatically transforms to glass when mined)
• /choptree (enabled by default, if enabled the whole tree falls down when one log is chopped)

FTop rewards:

1st place: $50.00
2nd place: $30.00
3rd place: $15.00

All rewards will be given in buycraft vouchers.

Trailer reupload link:
(If your video hits 100 views you will be rewarded)

Wishing everyone the best of luck this map,
CN staff-team.
IMPORTANT The Switch (Part 2)
Dear Penguins,

With the switch happening tomorrow, I want to give some last details so you guys know what's going on.
Release time: Saturday 4PM CEST (Countdown:

Lobby & Network:
So yeah, the lobby and network got a pretty decent revamp. We have a new lobby build, completely new lobby looks and a whole new rank system*. We now also have queues for KitMap/HCF.

* check the next section

Rank system:
So now all ranks are stored globally, which means giving staff ranks are good-to-go with 1 command, builder ranks are now actually easy and fun to create and donator ranks can be synced across multiple servers more easily (for example hcf/kitmap ranks on lobby for a queue).

This and going cracked (also if we didn't have a new rank system) has a downside, all ranks are lost. Which means everyone who ever got a donator rank THROUGH DONATING, or THROUGH A COUPON has to make a support ticket (click here) with some sort of proof and their old in-game name. Everyone can now give a new name (For example their new premium account which you can get by pm'ing me if you don't have any premium account)
to receive their donated or redeemed rank on.

So for practice we have some exciting updates which contains the following stuff:
* Actually optimized the server by a ton, we did a test with a bunch of bots and it went flawlessly
* Added an /event menu, where you can now see all events & their status. You can also join/host them from here
* New clean and amazing spawn
* New arenas for most kits
* Tweaked the anticheat
* Redesigned almost every aspect from the practice messages/items, for a better experience
* and way more

For KitMap there's not that much to announce, just...
IMPORTANT The switch
Hello Penguins,

This is the announcement most of you have been waiting for, whether you like it or not, the decision has been made and it's final (for now, if everything goes really bad we could still switch back).

(PM me on the forums if you're cracked)

So yeah, we're going premium. But don't worry, we don't just flip the switch and turn everything premium and re-give all ranks and do a reset. We're going to do updates all over the network, and we will re-release everything in a 1 week timespan. This means that we'll do Practice and KitMap first, and 1 week after SkyBlock and HCFactions. (And maybe a new gamemode after that :p)

To make all of this happen we need some time, without the stress of a server running and just do something we don't do often, maintenance. We'll probably shut down cold this tuesday or wednesday, and release Practice & KitMap saturday. More info soon.

Ban Reset:
We will also reset everyones bans, mutes, warns.

Network & Lobby:
We'll be optimizing the network and the lobby, stripping a lot of plugins away and introduce a brand new rank system, which will allow us to give ranks so much more easier, even if players are offline, give staff ranks with 1 command, allow donator ranks and ingame ranks to be there at the same time and so much more. Which will allow us to do cooler things in the future. (including an HCF queue).

We'll have a brand new lobby, with a new clean way of interaction and optimized to the max.

YouTubers & Builders:
Now we're switching to premium, we feel like way more of the pvp youtubers and their viewers will take us more seriously. Because come on lets say you're a premium pvper, and you watch a video of cold. And you log in and boom, your account is taken by someone who's cracked, or even the hassle of having to do /register and remember a password for a server. I'm sure alot people would just leave after that.

And for builders, we're gonna make a cool...
Hello people,

The reason I don't say penguins is because this is a serious thread, I need your guys' opinion on switching to premium.

I'll obviously be stating why this change should happen and maybe why it shouldn't, just a side-note I'll be 100% honest in this thread.

So after talking to an server-adviser, one of the topics that came the our attention was being cracked. And that if we'd really want to move forward with cold, maybe for the long-term road it's better to switch to premium.

So why would we go premium?
  • Less cheaters and overall rule-breakers
  • More expand-ability options
  • More profit-per-player, which will leave us to get more youtubers (read next item)
  • Actually get taken seriously by youtubers, and their viewers. I'm right now too scared to donate youtubers, because most players of youtubers don't take cracked servers as serious.
  • If we do this, as we have to reset all servers. We'll do this in a big way, fully rethemed, better systems and updates on all servers
So why wouldn't we go premium?
  • We'll have to do resets for the servers, because playerdata could get lost
  • We'll transfer donator ranks to people that bought it on a cracked account
  • We'll probably have an estimated player-drop of 30-50% in the beginning, but we'll make this up with you guys
Information Speed HCF SOTW
Hello Penguins,

Nick and I are trying our best to find improvements for HCF.

Here is what we decided:

  • Speed HCF
  • Builder GKit at SOTW
  • treecapper
  • Auto-smelt ores
  • Mining sand automatically gives glass (sand will be given in the builder kit)
  • /gkit brewing (Gives all necessary items to build autobrewer and some items of each potion material) (for everyone)
  • GKits can be renewed every 24 hours (SPEED HCF EXCLUSIVE)
  • Border Size 1500x1500
  • Warzone size 750
  • /reclaim key amount increased
  • 15 Minute Death-Ban
  • Conquest every weekend
  • 5-Man Factions (No Allies)
New Commands:
  • /meltsand (Enabled by default, Toggles if sand automatically transforms to glass when mined)
  • /choptree (Enabled by default, Toggles if whole tree falls down when one log is chopped)

If any of you have anymore suggestions regarding speed hcf please comment on this thread and It will be discussed.

SOTW will be Saturday 18th May 4pm CEST


Nick and the HCF-Managers.
Information HCF Tomorrow
Hello penguins,

Tomorrow it's finally that time again, HCF Sotw time.

Here's some info about the map.

- We'll be doing some competitions, including f top, top kills and top playtime.
- We will be doing some sort of EOTW
- 3 mans 1 ally
- Archer effects boosted
- God apple to gkits
- Better koth loot, and more often koths
- Conquest once a week with coupon rewards
- Fixes



Information Tomorrow's Practice Release
Hello Penguins,

I'll be giving some info on the features of tomorrow's release (4PM CEST).

Here's a list:
- New spawn
- New event arenas
- New arenas
- 6 new player events
- 2 new ranks
- Map selector for donator
- Bug fixes
- Overall player experience improvements
- Retheme

Here's a sick trailer by @Greggs


IMPORTANT Kit Map Easter
Due to unexpected circumstances Kit Map Easter SOTW will be on Sunday 4pm GMT+1


PS: We will be hosting many events/giveaways on the release as an apologise.
Information Easter events

Hi ColdNetwork players, we haven't had any events lately, and we decided to make one while Easter takes place, we have a lot of fun ideas what we could be doing and give out good prizes.

Egg Hunt [Hosted on KitMap]
21.04.2019 at 5 pm GMT +1

We will place out chests around KitMaps zone with one egg inside ( a special egg ), the user who collects most of them automatically wins the event. Prize is 10 Euros

Easter knockout PvP tournament [Hosted on Practice]
21.04.2019 at 6pm GMT +1

We will do two of these, and maybe a normal Brackets tournament as well, everyone is allowed to participate. Prize is 10 Euros per winner

Random giveaway
Ends on 23.04.2019

To participate in random giveaway, reply to this post with your nickname, prize is 15 Euros
IGN: Nick_0269

All prizes can be used only in our store.
There is also a Easter sale on-going
[45% OFF] in store

Enjoy your Easter guys
-Staff Team
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