IMPORTANT KitMap, Take 2
Dear Cold-Network community,

We've decided to reset kitmap because people are getting bad fps, and just to spice it up a bit.

We've added level tags, the level rewards and their tags can be found at the bottom

Things that changed:
- Huge change:
Faction payouts will still be a thing, the coupons stay but we changed the system. As people keep transferring money, merging etc etc we made it so it counts kills made when ur in the faction.
This means that if you get 50 kills without a faction, you join a faction this will NOT add up to the 'Faction Kills'. Faction Kills can ONLY be obtained while killing people WHILE in the faction.
There will still be weekly payouts with these prizes:
1st: 40 euro coupon
2nd: 20 euro coupon
3rd: 10 euro coupon
- We added koth starters over the crates
- Changed killstreak and levels
- Made an FPS friendly map
- Different world which should also be more FPS friendly
- Added an actual KoTH schedule:
End KoTH 2PM
Shrine KoTH 4PM
Farm KoTH 6PM
SkyCastle KoTH 8PM
Balloons KoTH 10PM
These are Dutch times, the CEST time zone!
Right now THE EST Time zone is 7 hours before these times!
- Changed some faction message
- Made /f invite message clickable to join
- Redid donator perms, they're updated on the store when kitmap releases.
- REMOVED ULTIMATE RANK due to lack of perms and other reasons.

Level 5: [Warrior] Tag + 5 Golden Apples
Level 10: [Samurai] Tag + 8 Min Fire Resistance Potion
Level 25: [Ninja] Tag + 1 God apple
Level 50: [Sensei] Tag + 1 Premium Key
Level 75: [King] Tag + 1 OP Key
Level 100: [Emperor] Tag + /rename command
(1 Level is 10 kills)

3 Killstreak: 3 Golden Apple
5 Killstreak: Double Debuff (1min slow, 30 sec poison)
10 Killstreak: 2:15 Splash Invis pot
20 Killstreak: 1 Min Strength 2
30 Killstreak: 1 God Apple
50 Killstreak: Sharpness 2, Unbreaking 3, Fire Aspect 1
60 Killstreak: 3 Premium Keys
75 Killstreak: 1 OP Keys
Dear ColdNetwork,

After some harsh times with the bots, we found ourselves with some kitmap problems which I hope are fixed now, just make sure to put your render distance on 4. I'll be giving some info about the following topics, I'll keep it short don't worry.

- Staff-Team Future
- KitMap
- OPFactions > Factions
- Prison
- OPSkyBlock
- HCFactions release

Staff-Team Future:

Unfortunately we lost our final manager BAUM, which is a decision that was hard for him but possibly the best for him, BAUM was here since the release when we had our OPFactions and OPSkyBlock servers only. Which was in our opinion the most fun time but due to lack of updates and obviously the release of our more pvp based servers which got more attention they were kinda lost. BAUM just didn't really feel the practice community, he liked it way more with the SkyBlock community which I totally understand this is partly the reason why he's letting go off cold. Also another reason baum left is that I didn't have any jobs for the managers which I really am sorry for but I just couldn't think of anything specific for them, which you guys could totally blame me for not doing their job bcs it was my fault. BAUM also got a busy irl job which I wish him the best of luck with and this was also one of the main reasons BAUM left
What happened to Asodey was just some abuses on KitMap which got him demoted, obviously I still like Asodey and he had his reasons for doing what he did. He was a good staff and always helpful, I also wish him the best of luck with his future.

Thank you both @BAUM_xD @Asodey for your service :)
About our manager spot, as @Mahdi717 is really doing an amazing job, he can take over the management position without any issues. Whether we need a new staff-manager is still unknown, we'll look how mahdi handles both of these jobs. Just please, don't pm me for any...
Hello, penguins!

We've had our own discord for a while now. People usually can't find an invitation or they've to ask the staff members. So, by Nick's permission we're willing to post it's invitation here. This invitation will NEVER expire. It'll be easier for everyone to join from now onwards. I hope this will be helpful.


Your's Sincerely,
Dear Cold-Network,

We actually spend time in testing and thinking features through from now on since prison, prison went pretty well and there weren't many bugs. I feel like it's just our pvp community who doesn't like grinding but I might be wrong. Anyways here's a feature list of KitMap:

We'll be doing weekly /f top payouts to keep it alive
Every week for 6 weeks we give the following rewards:
1st: 50 euro coupon
2nd: 25 euro coupon
3rd: 10 euro coupon

We have a new jungle-themed spawn and warzone for this map.

- Removed daily rewards etc
- Added Voting back and the Vote crate, + vote parties
- Leveling system and level rewards. (With leaderboards /toplevels)
- Fixed enderpearl in spawn bug
- Fixed enderpearl out of koth bug
- Fixed Subclaim signs
- Redone the scoreboard to make it look better
- Added backstab cooldown and made it actually hit someone
- Fixed Pearl glitching (besides leaves because that's near-impossible to fix)
- Added pearling through fence gates
- Redone killstreak rewards and fixed them
- + More

Dear ColdNetwork,

We'll be doing our first ever EOTW on kitmap, this will have some coupon rewards.

And we're resetting and updating coming saturday, we're not sure of the time yet but I'll make a thread within a few days with it's features and the time.

We'll be doing a Practice tourney tomorrow at 7PM GMT+2!
This will be a brackets event hosted by me in return of a 20 euro rank or upgrade. I'm not sure whether I'll do 2 or 1 tourney but that's yet to be decided.


Dear Cold-Network,

Click here for the countdown!

As it's taken 1 more week of the prison release I'll tell the ones hyped for it, it was worth it
We have tested 99% of this prison and are pretty sure it'll be a smooth release!

It's current features:
- Upgradable backpacks
- AuctionHouse
- Hidden blackmarket shop
- A few things added to sign shops
- Shops for your plot and a combat shop
- Casino, /jackpot, /bar, /coinflip and /rps
- Rank A-Z + Free, and 50 prestiges
- 6 Donator ranks
- 4 Crates
- KoTH Event (Schedule is 4PM GMT +2, and 7PM GMT+2 every day and one more at 9PM GMT+2 on saturday and sunday) it's inside /warp pvp
- Menus for almost everything
- A plot world
- A free world
- Clans, you can create and manage clans on rank E!
- mcmmo
- Variety of pickaxes and swords spread over crates
- /warp pvp
- /grinders (warps for mcmmo)
- Chat games to unscramble words for a Rare key!
- + more!


Dear ColdNetwork,

Results of the free giveaway from may:

1st €50:


2nd €25:

3nd €10:


Results of the premium giveaway from may:

1st €150:

2nd €100:

3nd €50:

You will be pm'ed tomorrow with your prizes, please do not pm me for it I will remember I promise ;)


EDIT: Release will happen next saturday, at the same time. So we can do tests and add more features including mcmmo, gangs, a few events, dropparty room and more. Sorry!

Dear Cold-Network,

Today I'll be presenting the list of features prison will be having:
- Rank A untill Z with a 'Free' rank.
- 5 Kits spread out over those ranks
- 6 Donator ranks and kits
- Upgradable /backpack (Similar to pv, but it is only one)
- Menu's for almost everything
- Plots
- Shop to buy blocks for your plots to build with
- A-Z Mines + 6 Donator Mines
- Bar Gambling and possibly some other casino items
- AuctionHouse
- Possibly some of your suggested features if you comment them here


Dear Cold-Network,

In my previous thread:
I was talking about a few things and some people got confused and didn't understand what was being said:

The two resets announcing are not coming soon, this will take a few weeks so don't worry please. It's just to ask features so we can start working early and add as many as possible. Also the glitches/bugs will be fixed!

Now about /premium, this command is only for Premium players with access to /login of their account, so this has nothing to do with cracked players. All cracked players can keep playing safely without worrying.

Basically to activate you need to login on your premium account, go in the server and do /login and then you can do /premium (only in the lobby) this is just so you don't have to /login every time while you're premium.

Dear Cold-Network,

After a suggestion we added the command /premium! This command is used so premium members can use /premium to never have to login again.

If there's any commands you would like to see added globally please let us know in the comments!

Please leave features for the coming opfactions reset here:

and OPSkyBlock here: