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  1. Jigsaw_user
  2. Kian M
    Kian M
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  3. Zaak
    Hacked by TDB. L noob
  4. PorG0D
    PorG0D NeyTiiix
    it would be foolish to rely so much on a public anticheate. how can you be so sure. it's obvious that you don't know anything about anti cheats.
  5. Cani
  6. Fwxr
  7. Womiko
    IGN HitsTrue
  8. spacyr
    idk im just spacyr
  9. Losmen
    sosa clickr
    1. JackBarker07
      thats a throwback icl
      Oct 27, 2022
  10. OutlookExpress
  11. MSX6
    MSX6 Bewertungen Deutschland
  12. Cani
  13. Sajvy
    Sajvy Spookier
    Hello I was plaing on coldpvp with my friend and he went for food so I get bored and started dragclicking on him and then when I hit over 35 cps I get banned forever.
  14. Sajvy
    Sajvy Ziblaking
    Hello I was plaing on coldpvp and then my friend went for food so I was kinda bored and start dracklicking on my afk friend and then I get permanenty banned. I dont have prove that I wasnt autoclicking but I can prove you that I can more then 30 cps. Thanks anyways.
  15. Hubert_x
    Banned with no reason tf (spike) what even is that
  16. andrej
    yall broke im up
  17. Bestxrm
  18. Fwxr
    Can my ban get Shortened at least like 14/30 days?
  19. Spooky
    I missed my 6 year anniversary ffs
  20. Shadow6006ITAAA
    This server is a scam lol
    1. Spooky
      And why is that huh?
      Sep 24, 2022
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