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    ⚠Rules are also applicable to Kitmap ⚠

    Kick and Kill - Kicking somebody and then killing
    1 Day ban

    Abusing Ally - Un-allying and then killing allies
    1 Day ban

    Leaving and Killing - Leaving a faction and then killing faction members.
    1 Day ban

    Deathban Evading - Evading a deathban e.g. finding glitches to prevent death.
    1 Day ban

    Insiding - Stealing from/ Destroying a faction base , etc..
    7 Days ban

    Allying - Teaming with an enemy faction to attack another enemy faction (even if solo). Trucing is when 2 people do not attack each other and do not help each other to target another player , which is allowed.
    1 Day ban

    Dtr Boosting - Having alt accounts in a faction for more DTR
    3 Days ban

    Glitching - Block glitching with evidence , etc
    1 Day

    Dtr loss Evading - Kicking someone to prevent losing Dtr or going raidable.
    1 Day ban to both the person kicked and the person who kicked , as well as the faction being set raidable.

    Nether portal trapping - Trapping somebody in a nether portal.
    7 day Warn

    Suffocation trap - Killing somebody with a suffocating trap.
    1 Day Ban

    Kill Boosting - Having an alt or friend die to you multiple times , without valid reason
    for an advantage

    1 Day ban

    Reclaiming base once raidable - disbanding the faction and claiming in a new faction to get full dtr.

    Faction set raidable and 1 day ban to the leader of the faction

    PvP Timer Abuse -
    3 day ban for all players involved.
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