Comments on Profile Post by Asodey

  1. SniperCoco
    Because we're just like brothers (Indians) we get excited and feel good if we see a sister or brother (from India) even though India has a big amount of population, computer games are not that famous at all. It's hard to find Indians. Lol
    Dec 7, 2017
  2. BituteDuzge
    im from slovenia and i live in slovenia, but when i turn 20 I will move to new zeleand
    Dec 7, 2017
  3. SniperCoco
    New Zeleand tf?
    Dec 7, 2017
  4. BituteDuzge
    Dec 7, 2017
  5. TheDeathBringer
    Indian Asodey confirmed. He gonna scam us all...
    Dec 7, 2017
  6. Manuel
    Hello dis id indian tech support how may I help you?
    Dec 27, 2017
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