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    In Game Name:
    In Game Name: MoniNac Age: 17 Country: England
    What is your native/main language and do you speak any other languages?: My main language is English.
    Proof of Channel Ownership:
    No :)
    Server Review:
    Why would you like to become staff?: One reason behind me wanting to become staff is that I see myself as quite a decent staff member, others may have their own opinion, and I believe that if I try hard enough and not make the same mistakes as last time I can improve the community by clearing out the cheaters and cleaning up the toxicity on the forums. I'd like to become a staff member as I feel that I fit in quite well with the community so I can help a lot of people as I'm easy to talk to and get along with most people in the community. Another reason is that I know the rules well, as being staff here before. I know when its right to enforce them and when it is not. Being a staff member in the past I feel that I fit the position quite well, I was liked by most people on the server and knew how to make sure that I was making people happy and not being biased towards warnings / punishments. I would also like to prove myself and prove that I can be a good staff member and help out cold to having a better future as a server, from the responses I got whilst being staff here from being told I was a great staff member I feel like I have potential to make it far on here. I know last time I resigned but this time around I will stay for as long as I can and try to make a positive impact to the server. I would like to become a staff as this is really the only server I enjoy to play on / be apart of the community. Any other server I try to join doesn't have a community that I enjoy and I want to stay here for a long time and help out as much as I can.
    Do you have Discord:
    Do you have Discord? If yes, are you able to use a microphone?:
    Yes, I have both discord (moni#9211) and a working microphone.
    Video Type:
    Being false demotedBeing false Being false demotedBeing false demoted
    What game-mode will you play the most:
    What makes you so special, and makes us pick you over others?: One thing that makes me "special" is that I have had many past experiences on large servers which means that I can handle a staff position and whilst staff know to act professional at all times whenever dealing with a player. I have also been a staff member here before so I know how everything works which means I'll be ready to help. Activity - I can be very active which makes it so that I can help out whenever a player needs it and would be able to clean up the community of rule breakers and the people who like to argue on the forums all day for no reason. Every time I have been staff on here I have been as active as I could some days spending 6-8 hours on the server, with breaks of course. Trust - As I have been staff twice now and didn't abuse my powers I think it shows I can be trusted with a staff rank, even when I was given Sr.Mod because of Nicks mistake I instantly told him instead of abusing for people. I don't want to get myself blacklisted in anyway on here so I'm not really trying to abuse or anything like that as this is pretty much the only server I like as others have terrible communities. Honesty - Whenever it comes to owning up to a mistake I know I did I am always 100% honest and wouldn't lie to get out of a situation unlike some people. I would take the punishment no matter what it was and woud be fine with it. Reliable - Whenever there is a task that needs doing / I have been assigned too I would make sure to get it done no matter what and make sure I take my time when doing it to make sure it has the best outcome. Maturity - I know when being a staff member to also be mature at all times when on the forums, in-game or dealing with a player in teamspeak. My recent behaviour may not show this but I am trying to change and not be involved in arguments on the forums anymore. Past Experiences - As stated above and below I had quite a lot of experiences on large servers which makes me a good pick for a staff member as I know what I am doing. I have dealt with large player bases and many toxic players. Screensharing - I know quite a bit about screensharing and can find most clients, autoclickers or whatever else I'd be looking for. I have screenshared on most servers I have been staff on including ColdNetwork and I am familiar with most screensharing tools. Hard-working - The last time I was a staff member here I was constantly on all of the servers, practice, kitmap, checking for rule breakers and on the forums dealing with reports. I know punishment pages don't mean a lot but every time I've been staff here I have gotten 90 - 100 ban pages in 2-3 weeks which isn't a lot but it shows that I get online a lot and deal with the rule breakers. Motivation - I am always motivated to become a better person / staff member and always try my hardest to prove that I can make it to the higher ranks and would get on as much as I could to help out. Patience - What I mean when I say patience I mean when talking to a player that is maybe younger than me or doesn't English well I wouldn't try and hurry them so I could move on I would wait it out and help them with whatever they may need. Also in screenshares I know that most people can't afford the best of computers especially when they have to play on a cracked server so they probably don't even own a premium account. These computers tend to be very slow in screenshares which is definitely annoying and is time consuming but I know that I chose to freeze him and screenshare him so I have to deal with it and I would finish the screenshare no matter what. Professional - When being a staff member I know that one of the most crucial parts about being a staff member is how you act within the community. I know how to act as a staff member and make sure that people know I know what I'm doing. Even if there is something I disagree on within the staff team I know that I shouldn't just cry about it and get in my feelings because something isn't how I want it. I know to deal with it and get on with my role. I think I should become a Staff member on Cold because I am a mature person and get along with pretty much everyone so I wouldn't just flip out on a player and say words that would offend them and make the Cold staff look bad. I would also make a good staff member because I am familiar with the rules, I have read them around 4-5 times now and can say I would know how to enforce them onto a player, so I will never falsely ban/mute a player something they shouldn't have been punished for. As my experience on Badlion I have handled many large crowds of players and know how to calm them down if they are frustrated, Also have dealt with some very toxic players on Badlion so I would know when to punish a player if they are going too far. I Have had a lot of experience when It comes to hackers so I can identify hacks when a player is using them, This is because I have played Minecraft PvP for over a year now I would say and like every other server there are always hackers on there. Unlike other players complaining I have actually watched these hackers to see how they try to hide/defend themselves in order to not get banned. Also as I have used many hacked clients I know one when I see one. I can bring to the staff team a new staff member to help keep the Cold community the best it can be. Also I listen to both side's of an argument so if a player was needed to be banned I would listen to both side's of the argument and then ban the correct player. I can also bring a friendly staff member that would communicate with the community and try set up mini events like 2v2 tournaments etc on kit map which would bring the community together and allow them to play against each other and be more competitive. Some Scenarios: If there was a YouTuber / Famous rank on the server who was starting a massive campaign in which he was evoking players to flood the chat, what would you do? First off I would lock the chat and temporarily mute the YouTuber / Famous rank and then pass the evidence onto the head of the youtubers for them to deal with it If you were in the middle of an event and you had the chance to win and someone was breaking the rules outside of your event, what would you do?: I would start off by leaving the event no matter how far I was into it because it's not all about winning and I don't really care about pvping that much and then go deal with the rule breaker. You are online and you see that a higher ranked staff member is abusing his powers or cheating on the network. What do you do? If put in this situation I would first start by attempting to gather evidence without them noticing so that I would have enough proof to forward onto to management. Do you have any past experience being a staff member?: Badlion: Role - Survival Games Moderator Player Count - 7000-8000 Proof - Resign/Demoted - Resigned due to irl issues When I was a staff member on Badlion I got to the position of a Survival Games Moderator after passing my 3 Week trial. As a Trial - Moderator I had to record players and post them in a secret forums section where the Moderators and above would review the evidence and decide if they should be banned or not. Some skills I learnt from this is that I gained more knowledge on how to decide if a player is cheating or if they player just has a good connection and skill in the pvp department. I also learnt how to handle a large amount of players asking me questions at one time. OxPvP: Role - Moderator Player count - 100 - 200 Proof - Message from the person who was platform admin at OxPvP Resign/Demoted - Resigned due to the owner not communicating with the staff for 2 weeks which eventually led to the server closing When I was a staff member on the server OxPvP I also got the the position of a Moderator. As a staff member on this server it was my job to moderate chat and punish the players breaking rules. Whilst being apart of this server I learnt how to ScreenShare with better knowledge and how to help people out in support rooms. EvoPvP: Role - Moderator Player count (At the time) 200 - 300 Proof - I don't have any proof other than the staff guidelines which I could show considering the server is long gone now. Resigned/Demoted - Resigned due to me not enjoy the game at the time. Whilst working here I would be either going around the KitPvP or SkyWars servers and making sure that everyone was following the rules and having a good time or being on the OPFactions server and looking around for players X-Raying OPCraft: Role - Moderator Player count (At the time) 500 - 600 Proof - I dont really have any proof other than this very old screenshot of my desktop. as you can see the OPCraft staff chats are there. Its not that good proof but it's all I have Resign/Demoted - Resigned due to exams When I was a staff member on the OPCraft network I also got to the position of a Moderator after being a Helper for around 2-3 weeks. When I worked for this server It was my job to teleport around the players in staff mode and decide if they were cheating and on some instances see if they were using X-Ray. Whilst working for this server I learnt even more knowledge on deciding if a player was using cheats or not. ColdNetwork: Role - Moderator Player count - 100 - 200 at some points Proof - Resign/Demoted - I was demoted for who knows, I was never fully given a reason other than Cypru telling me that I was blackmailing XenBot into leaking staff chat, when I asked for proof of me doing so they wouldn't give me any and Cypru even said he never saw it so I don't know if its even true because I don't remember blackmailing him. When I asked Nick he said "idek dude" Whilst working on here I would mostly sit on practice checking reports on the forums and in-game trying to respond to them as soon as I could or I would be spectating any player that would set off alerts. Quickly I want to clear up these cheating allegetions which is a reason as to why I wasn't allowed my rank back and have too apply. Yes I did ask Perito if he wanted to hack on cold with me as a joke. Believe me or not it was a joke, I just wanted to see what he would say if I asked him. The only time I cheated was when I was on my alt and was frozen by staff and let go. I had nothing to do so I decided to cheat and that's all I can say about that. After I was unfrozen I told Mahdi about it and alt f4'ed my game so I wasn't cheating anymore. I apologize greatly for my actions and hope I can be forgiven. SilentPvP: Role - Sr.Moderator Player count - 50-100 Proof - Don't have any proof either but Nick was the owner so I think he knows Resigned/Demoted - Resigned as the server had no staff left other than an inactive admin, two owners and then me and Etiu. I decided to ask Nick if I could switch servers to cold to which he allowed me to. Whilst working on Silent for most of the time I was learning a lot of independence and working hard as I was the only staff on for long periods of time as there was a shortage in staff. I also leant quite a bit about screen sharing. BombMC: Role - Moderator Player Count - 50 - 75 Proof - I do not have proof. Resigned / Demoted - The server closed after the owner lost interest in minecraft and switched to CSGO. Whilst working here for the short time it was open I would log on and watch over both the FFA and Survival Games servers making sure that the people playing were not using any unfair advantages or being toxic in the chat. As I was good friends with the developer Cupo I would sometimes help him testing new things etc Being staff on all these servers has given me many skills that will help me out when being a staff member and make me a good addition to the team.
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    Is this a staff application or media application lol?
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    What the fuck
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    - Guess you wanted to apply for Staff. This is not the right section.

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