Accepted 9DQ's Punishment Appeal

Discussion in 'Accepted Appeals' started by 9DQ, Jun 10, 2019.

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    No I Am Not !
    Soo Yesterday Me and My Friend ( GLOCKINGGG ) Were Playing on The Practice Server And I Was Soo Laggy so i Disconnected and Restarted my Router and my Ping was fixed like from 200+ to 60 - 70 But Anyways, Today i Joined And i Was Playing again So Laggy that i Couldn't Even Eat / Pot / Drink Speeds Pots and That Stuff and not even pvp But i Tried To. So After That My Mc Lagged Out ( I Thought it Was My Internet ) But it wasn't. Everyone (For Me) Lagged out and everyone was Froze so i Decided to Restart The Router and Reconnect. Okay and After That i Was Joinnig and on my Screen Pop Up That i Was Banned From Console For Cheating !?!? I Swear im Legit You Can Ask Everyone on The Server and Im Not Quite New player im on Cold for like 2 - 3 Or Smth Like That Years On The Server So I Couldn't Throw 3 Years of Playing for Cheating. I Mean i Want To Say That im not Cheating and Im IM the Minecraft PVP Comunnity for 7 Years now Soo... I Think That When Server Laggs for Me ( I mean the ping when gets highier ) I Set Off Alerts On Console for Flying or Reach Or Smth Like That. { This is Proof Of Me And My Friend Recording Ourselfs because We Were Kidding Around and i After the Second Clip i got Banned but didn't pop up in chat. I Mean It Did After The Vid}
    Here Are The Links
    Thanks :) !
    Why do you think you should be unpunished:
    i Think I Should Be UnBanned / Unpunished, Because i Wasn't Hacking or Using Any Modifiers or Something Like That. Im So Sad That im Banned Because im Really Active on The Server and I Really Enjoy Playing On Cold ! As i Said i Wasn't Cheating or Something like that ! I Know That i Sound Like That Randos That Say this things { LIES } But i swear i Wasnt Cheating !!! I'm Really Sorry For Whatever That I Did. But i Think This Is a False Ban ! The Server is Awesome and the Server Community and The Staff And everyting About this Server.
    Thanks :) !

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    I have decided to accept your appeal and give you a new chance, this will not be as easy if this happens again.
    Appeal Accepted, Locked.
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