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    AnyDesk is a very useful tool that we Staff members use to ScreenShare our players when we suspect they are using some kind of cheat while playing into our server.

    But, what is it?

    AnyDesk is a free software that doesn't need installation to work, just click on download and run. AnyDesk allows you to create private screen sharing rooms, this means you will be able to share your PC screen to anyone you wish to. It also includes cool and useful features like share sound, share clipboard and give mouse & keyboard control to your partner.

    How to use it?

    First of all you need to go AnyDesk official website:

    Now click on DOWNLOAD and run the file you just downloaded.


    To start a session, just send your AnyDesk code that will be randomly chosen and has unlimited uses with your partner, it should be a 9 character number like 111 222 333 (Example).

    Now, your partner must use the code on his/her AnyDesk to join your session and this gui will appear to you:

    Here you can configure what permissions will have your visitor. We Staff members just need Mouse & Keyboard control permissions, you must give us them! Blue means ON and grey means OFF. When you are done just click on Accept. This gui will be avaliable on the entire session and you can always toggle permissons at any time by just 1 click, it also includes a chat box to talk with your partner. To disconnect from the session just close the gui window or click the red button.

    This is, in short what AnyDesk is and why we use it to SS. Needless to say it's completely virus free.
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