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Discussion in 'Accepted Appeals' started by TheGoldenJohn, May 13, 2017.

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  1. TheGoldenJohn

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    IGN: (This is your ingame name e.g. BanHammer):TheGoldenJohn

    Punished For: (The reason that was given by the staff member e.g. Hacking!):Regent and more

    Punished By: (Staff IGN):Auto Bot (Console)

    Guilty: (Yes/No): No

    Proof: (If you are not guilty please provide proof that shows that you are not guilty): I don't have proof but I will tell you what happened. I was playing practice and I pressed the iron sword to start the game. BUT then my parents needed me and I went AFK. Then I came back and it said that I was permantly banned

    Why do you think you should be un-punished?: I think I should be in-punished because I didn't use hacks !

    ** If you follow this template and offer good proof, you are guaranteed to get unpunished. Good luck.**
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  2. Danieltheworm

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    You have been unbanned.
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