Accepted BanHammer's Builder App, Because Why Not?

Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by SlashBanIP, Jan 28, 2019.

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  1. SlashBanIP

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    Oct 10, 2016
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    IGN: BanHammer
    (e.g Administrator)

    About you: I'm currently 18. I like Etiu's toast recipe and I'm an aspiring HR Senior Executive of ColdNetworks

    How long are you on ColdNetwork: Since 2016
    (when did you join ColdNetork ?)

    Who or what inspired you: To be honest I've always wanted to build. I made it a little joke to try and become Builder again, like the good ole days. But seeing Omri's builds (My current Faction base on Kitmap), and actually finding out he's a builder, inspired me to seriously apply since I respect him so much.
    (e.g Nick)


    The builds are available on my plot.

    (Show us some creations of your Buildings (3 - 8) (Also show a proof!! If you don't have a proof, your application will get denied after 5 days)

    Why do you want to be a Builder on ColdNetwork: I've been a builder on CN before, and have been in some building situations and it's overall a great experience.

    Why should we pick you to become a builder: Cause I'm hot, I have plenty of experience and I'm trustworthy as I'm already a Sr-Mod.

    Specialty: I'm decent with futurist and medieval builds.
    (List us some specialty things that you can build, like ("I'm good with towers or houses")

    Do You Have Discord: Ye.
    (You Need Discord to be Builder)

    Do you Have TeamSpeak³ : Ye.

    Timezone: GMT-5
    (e.g GMT +1)

    Activity: As long as I'm needed.
    (How long can you be online if you are Builder on ColdNetwork)

    Experience: Like I said, I used to be Builder+. Here's a very blurry pic from when I froze Badr for the vid.

    Do you have experience with being a builder?: Yes for the 3rd time.
    (If yes why are you no longer builder there?)

    WorldEdit / Voxelsniper: Who doesn't know what world edit is lmao. And after a brief google search of Voxelsniper, I am actually interested in using / testing it out.
    (Which WorldEdit / Voxelsniper commands do you know? and what is your overall knowledge?)

    Let me know if I missed anything I was forced to make this through a series of unfortunate events (named CaptionMeoow).
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  2. Etiuopia

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    I'm glad you have TeamSpeak to the third power, it'll be very useful. I believe this man is a very good builder and a handsome young man. if he misbehaves, give him some toast (no cheese as he is lack toast and toddler ant.)
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  3. CaptainMeoow

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    Aug 22, 2016
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    A good example for any staff who like to become a builder, making an application like everyone else and putting a decent amount of effort in it. Very well done!

    I like your builds and I have worked with you before, you'll fit in this team and you are very welcome! From now on you'll wear the builder tag.

    Application accepted,
    Thread closed.
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