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    Welcome the "Builder Application Information" thread.

    This thread is here to help people to make their application, you will find all information about "Builder Applications" here. If you have any additional questions feel free to private message me.


    ° Follow the correct template °

    ° Don't ask any staff members or builders to read/review/rate your application. °

    ° Don't copy applications/lie on your application.°

    ° Don't tag any Members in your application. °

    ° Don't post more than 1 open application. °

    ° Don't have more than 10 warnings on Network or forum °

    ° You must wait five weeks before re-applying if your application got denied °

    Patience: Patience is one of the most important attributes that you need to join the build-team.
    Detail: adds a better attitude to the build and accordingly better the skills better the result.
    Time: One of the most important attribute as a member of the build-team is time.
    Friendliness: being friendly is a must to be a Builder.
    World Edit and VoxelSniper: Having a basic WorldEdit and VoxelSniper knowledge.

    First, we check for any applicants that do not meet the requirements, these will be instantly denied.

    All the applications that are in the discussion will be discussed in our Build-Management team .

    If too many builder votes -1 or almost none +1's you will get denied. If you get a good amount of +1's you will be accepted as a Builder. (BuildTeamManager do always have the last word and last decision if the applicant gets accepted)

    (e.g Administrator)

    About you?

    How long are you on ColdNetwork?
    (when did you join ColdNetork ?)

    Who or what inspired you??
    (e.g Nick)

    (Show us some creations of your Buildings (3 - ∞) (Also show a proof!! If you don't have a proof, your application will get denied after 5 days)

    Why do you want to be a Builder on ColdNetwork?

    Why should we pick you to become a builder?

    (List us some specialty things that you can build, like ("I'm good with towers or houses")

    Do You Have Discord?
    (You Need Discord to be Builder)

    Do you Have TeamSpeak³ ?

    (e.g GMT +1)

    (How long can you be online if you are Builder on ColdNetwork)

    (Do you have experience with being a builder? if yes why are you no longer builder there?)

    WorldEdit / Voxelsniper
    (Which WorldEdit / Voxelsniper commands do you know? and what is your overall knowledge?)

    Good Luck!

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