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    • Dear ColdNetwork members.
      Recently I've noticed that many players apply to join the BuildTeam. So I decided to make a Builder Tutorial

      Joining a BuildTeam requires detail, patience and time. Having these requirements you need to know what each on of them is.

      Patience is one of the most important perks that you need to join a BuildTeam, When you have to make big projects to proof that you deserve to be a member of a buildteam you need to be patient. A big mistake that everyone does when a big projects needs to be finished is to panic, You don't need to panic because that makes you stress and decreases your creativity, your plants for the build and your time. If you need to make a tower but at the same time you are thinking to make a castle hang up, make a list and after finishing something delete it from your list and go to the next one.

      Making a wall only by using cobblestone and grass isn't the greatest option, thats why you need to detail whatever you make. Detail adds a better attitude at the build and accordingly better the skills better the result. Sometimes when you're not good with detail all you have to do is practice, practice different patters, think different options to make it look better, add many blocks dont stick in 1-2 blocks pattern.

      One of the biggest perks as a member of a buildteam is time, If you can't effort the requirement time that you need you have two options, Don't try to join a buildteam or make the time seem useless and do your stuff. What do I mean by that is that time is extremily important but when you know when and how to handle it then time is a useless perk for you. You can succed that by being patient wich that makes a result that patience is the top perk.

      Now that we talked about perks/requirements we need to talk how you can prove yourself.

      Having a basic WorldEdit and VoxelSniper knowledge is something that will help you prove yourself and make your life easier by using commands. If you don't have worldedit&voxelsniper knowledge you can't join a buildteam due to "lack of skills". but imroving yourself in the building isnt all of course, you can improve yourself as well. Your patience, time, and detail.
      you can challenge yourself to build something ass quik ass possible, but also make the build really detailed. Training your patience is the most difficult one.

      WorldEdit Wiki/Professional tutorial
      VoxelSniper Wiki/Professional tutorial

      Working type
      Its extremily important to know what kind of builder you are, If you are solo builder or if you are team builder. You should also find what building type you fit.

      Closing this post I think this is a helpful thread about how to be a good builder. If someone thinks that I forgot to add something please DM me on forums telling me what I forgot and I'll make sure to add it. Regardless thank you for your time watching this post

      kind regards Apposition.

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