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    Welcome to the BETA week of Kitmap. We have spent numerous hours and days testing our new features that we've developed and brought into Kitmap. Here is everything you need to know regarding this week's SOTW. All new features, release dates, map information, and more can be found in this post. The new SOTW Twitter giveaway is down below on our page. Have fun for our 5.0 Update, we look forward in seeing you all on Kits!


    Map Kit
    : Protection 1, Sharpness 1
    Duration: 1 Week
    Team Size: 6+1 Man, No allies
    Release Date: Saturday 13th May @ 7 PM CET (TODAY)!



    Spring Themed Warzone
    [NEW] V5 GKIT - Contains the best armor with custom enchant pieces.
    [NEW] Conquest Slide, brand new fun event to gain faction points.
    [NEW] Buycraft Crate, you can win exclusive rewards from this crate/
    [NEW] Spawners, each mob drops exclusive custom enchantment + killing mobs and animals contributes to MCMMO levels.
    [NEW] Spawn mining, gain coins and purchase the best armor of the game and other valuable resources.
    [NEW] Creeper eggs have been added to the gameplay, can be found in Risk Crate. Certain blocks now have x durability and creeper damage range is 0-3 (Creeper eggs don't break chests).
    [NEW] MCMMO is now apart of the gameplay, in order to be become stronger its recommended you train your skills!



    Twitter Giveaway

    Click here to enter the Twitter Giveaway.
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