Download Wings Mod - Mod game adds wings functionality in Minecraft for PC

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    Experience a very interesting version of Wings Mod when bringing great abilities to the player by flying in the sky, You can create your own wings to move in the sky through available materials in Wings Mod or earn easily. The design form of wings is completely free.
    Among the many versions of Minecraft mod games, many people have had a strong impression with the Wings Mod version when giving players the magical ability: flying in the air with wings.
    The notable points are in the Wings Mod game mod
    - Ability that allows you to fly in the sky. When you experience the Wings Mod version you will have an additional unique function: can fly in the sky. Just need to collect enough material, you can create your own wings and use it as a means of moving in the air. Players can not only move on the ground to search for places, food sources, and drink, now with wings on your back you can explore everything on the ground, but also can observe the There is nothing in the higher air, the farther world. The more convenient the move, the greater the safety, will help you survive more effectively in the game. - Nice design. The wings in Wings Mod not only help you comfortably move in the sky, but are also a very hot fashion accessory for Minecraft mod gamers. Perhaps we are no strangers to games that feature wings (gods) in the first half RPG genre. It is an important part of the character's appearance as well as increasing combat power. With a game like Minecraft, the fact that you own wings has the same meaning. When equipped with outfits, you will feel a little confident flying in the sky to help you become more beautiful.
    Download Wings Mod
    wings mod 1.16.3
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