Denied ExtraCombo or Optimizings 2nd staff application (MORE INFO I AM ASHAMED FOR COPYING BEFORE <3 sry)

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    Apr 22, 2017
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    ➸ IGN:
    My In-Game name is "ExtraCombo" and used to be Optimizings and Mangau
    ➸ Age:
    I am currently 15 years old (Nobody believes me due to my voice being high pitched)
    ➸ Timezone:
    Eastern Timezone

    ➸ What server are you applying for and why?:
    I am applying for Kitmap HCF and Practice because I love playing on them, the player base and general setup is excellent, the game modes itself is delightful. I am applying to contribute and would be a great asset to monitor and catch hackers.

    ➸ Do you have Skype? If yes, are you able to use a microphone?:
    Yes, I do have skype and a microphone

    ➸ Why do you want to be staff?:
    I want to be staff on ColdNetwork because I play on it all the time. I have lot's experience as a staff member, and I very much like to monitor, to help out and contribute to the community of a server I respect. That said; I dislike hackers and cheaters, I think they waste everyone's time and our pleasure of gaming. I want to make sure that the community is represented by professional, mature staff members that understand the most important concepts of a server and its community. I will always give warnings to anyone not conducting themselves properly and eventually ban players that are not responsive. I would love to be able to help the network continue to grow. I love being able to help with any concerns or questions anyone might have. I want to make sure that everyone on the server is having fun, without having to deal with any toxic players, because players should always have a great experience. Please note, that I will also make my time available If any players need help. Everyone within in the community is equal and should be treated equally; this includes second chances for improvement or change if needed. I want to provide the best playing experience possible for any user that joins the network, through simple actions such as answering a question asked in chat or providing additional assistance that may take a longer amount of time to complete.

    ➸ Who or what inspired you to become staff?:
    What inspires me to become staff is the community we build. It's a beautiful to be part of a great place you enjoy and spend lot's of time there. People seem loyal and dedicated to this server; It seems like there is a little number of hackers due to the amazing staff members.

    ➸ Why should we pick you to become a staff member?:
    I believe I should be chosen because I am a well-qualified candidate for staff; I have experience, and I am very loyal. I am not about hacking or griefing, I am good at monitoring and dealing with hackers or anyone toxic players. The network is in need of staff members that can provide incredible support and expertise in their field, and I believe that I am a qualifying individual in that regard. Throughout the day, players wait multiple hours for assistance on the TeamSpeak server, and I want to change that for the players. I will do everything in my power to decrease the waiting time for these individuals, as I know how frustrating it can be not to be moved for a long time for issues or concerns that may be very important. Below I have provided some of my key characteristics that I believe are beneficial to any team.

    I have determination in my life. I do not give up, and I keep on fighting for my rights whenever I can. Whenever somebody says (for example on old servers) "You are bad at your job (Because I banned a "well known" player because he was hacking) or "You won't get staff you should just stop" I Just keep on going while ignoring them and eventually the opposite thing happens

    I am a very professional individual, making sure that any of my work is done with very high quality and expertise. I will work as hard as I need to maintain the professionalism on the server. When I log on I do sometimes see staff members (No names are going to be stated you know who you are if you are reading this) fooling around and false banning people for reasons that are unnecessary.

    I am decently experienced with being a staff member so I can effectively lead any new-coming staff or even players in the right direction by giving them advice and tips on how to get better at being a staff or even just how to play HCF if they are new in the HCF community.

    ➸ How much time will you be able to commit to Cold Network as a staff member?:
    Vacation time: Almost all day
    School time -
    Monday: 1-2 Hours after school
    Tuesday: 1-2 Hours after school
    Wednesday: 1-2 Hours after school
    Thursday: 1-2 Hours after school
    Friday: About 3-4 hours after school
    Saturday: All day till 12 PM
    Sunday: All day till 9 PM

    ➸ Name your particular skills:
    (Knowledge about Minecraft and commands, catching hackers, helping players, friendly, etc.)

    I have been playing Minecraft since update 1.4.6. I am knowledgeable with commands because I have been staff, moderator, admin, owner and co-owner on multiple servers throughout the years. I am very proud to have caught hundreds of hackers since I have been monitoring on servers. I have introduced so many people to Minecraft, I like teaching and sharing my experience with other players, I believe that more people are playing and are passionate about the game, It gets even more interesting and will keep evolving for everyone.

    Here are some commands I know:
    /kick = To kick a player from the server.
    /ipban = Punish people from joining if they have the same targeted IP-address
    /ban = To penalize a player
    /warn = To inform a player of not doing something
    /unmute = To un-mute, a player that is muted.
    /tphere = To teleport someone to your exact position.
    /freeze = To freeze a player to most likely ScreenShare them.
    /mute = To prevent a player from speaking
    /unban = To remove a players punishment (Most likely for banning or temp-banning the wrong person).
    /vanish = To become invisible to players (Not Staff) / Visible to everybody
    /unfreeze = To unfreeze a player.
    /tp = Teleport to somebody
    /tempban = To temporarily punish a player
    /gm = To change your gamemode

    Screen Sharing:
    I am good at finding hacked clients while screen-sharing people due to my knowledge of hacks and how to hide them easily in "Secret" files. I can also find Ghost clients quickly

    ➸ Warn/Mute/Jail/Ban History:
    (Can you list any previous punishments? If you were banned, then explain why?)

    To be completely honest; Yes, I have been banned on a few servers when I was younger for hacking.On this server, I have gotten frozen but I did not have any hacks or macros, etc. For the last three years, I have not been interested in any of that, and I have not been banned anywhere. That said since I know a lot about hacking I can easily spot hackers on servers. You might be saying "3 years hmm things have changed since" that is true but I do have a decent knowledge of newer hacked clients like spook vape jigsaw Zeroday etc.

    ➸ Previous Server Staff Experience
    I currently own a private server for my friends and me to enjoy (HCF Teams of 2).
    I have also been a mod on multiple servers and admin all last year on a server that had around 50 players a day.
    I also have been Co-Owner on a server that got around 50 players a day (TextilePvP)
    I have been staff on an HCF server called HCNations, but I was staff before their revamp and I am no longer staff there (Kenzoo made a video about the revamp :O).
    And finally, I have been staff on HCEmpire on map 1 (also Revamped (well under maintenance but They are resetting all staff)

    As you can tell I have lots of experience in managing HCF servers

    ➸ If you have experience on other servers, why are you no longer staff there?:
    I am still active on my private server, but unfortunately, as you know servers shut down due to lack of money, bad management, or revamps, that is why I am no longer staff at this moment.

    ➸ What mark would you give yourself on the usage of English?:
    (Be honest!)
    I am bilingual, English is my first language, always learning and getting better. I believe I have a pretty decent vocabulary and knowledge of the language. I would say an 8 out of 10.

    Thank You For Considering My Application For Staff on The Cold Network

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    hello blyad
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    You haven't changed ANYTHING from your previous application, what you have copied is still there, and you say you are "ashamed" for copying? If you really are ashamed, don't apply with the same application I have exposed for plagiarism. You really are disgusting.
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    Dont think you have enought info added. You copied some sentences from your old application.

  5. Pengurino

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    Aug 5, 2016
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    Application has been denied,

    Lack of details + Copied .

    You can reapply in a month :)
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