IMPORTANT Grand Return - HCF SOTW, April 17th at 1PM EST!

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    Hey Penguins!
    After a long a** time of development and hard work put into this, HCF is finally back, we have chose to rebuild the game mode from scratch, and revamp everything. There are insane unique features, fantastic builds, events, and more that you guys will 100% love. Make sure to read this Forums Post fully, and check out our trailer also linked down below. We hope you all can enjoy and be satisfied with the content we are bringing you guys. I present you guys the grand return of HCF!

    Release Date: April 17th - 1PM EST
    All information can be found right under this!

    This is everything you will need to know regarding our HCF SOTW Release.
    Map Kit: Protection 1, Sharpness 1

    Duration: 1 Week

    Team Size: 6 Man, No allies

    Release Date: Saturday @ 1PM EST

    ★ F Top Prizes:

    #1 - €100
    PayPal & €150 Buycraft
    #2 - €50
    PayPal & €100 Buycraft
    #3 - €25
    PayPal & €50 Buycraft
    ★ Top Kills Prizes:
    #1 - €50 Buycraft
    #2 - €25 Buycraft
    #3 - €15 Buycraft​

    ★ Top Build Prizes:
    (Base Competition)
    #1 - €45 Buycraft ​
    #2 - €25 Buycraft ​
    #3 - €15 Buycraft​

    All of our new Features and Additions can be found below!​


    • Purgatory - Deathban area, kill different tiers of bosses to reduce your deathban from 1-5 Minutes!
    • CarePackage Event every 1h
    • Token Shop - Can be obtained by kills, mining, events, and playtime! (/tokens)
    • Faction Tournament - Compete with your faction in a tournament to be the best!
    • Supply Boxes (Partner Package and Ability Box)
    • Spring Lootbox & 2021 Flare
    • NEW Crates and GKits
    • Slide Event - Mix of Conquest and KOTH
    • Ability Items
    • Ore Mountain - Mine Ores and have a chance to win Keys
    • Treasure Mountain - Find treasures with insane loot
    • Chat Reaction
    • Lunar Integration Features
    • Double Token and Experience Events
    • /disguise - Disguise as a mob or animal (Cold+)
    • /d - Disguise as another player (Cold+)
    ➥ And a lot more features, that you will notice in game...

    All extra info such as our Trailer, Twitter, Discord, and Store can be found below!


    • Click here to watch our new trailer!
    ➥ Reupload our trailer to receive 1x Partner Package, Ability Box and 2x Cold Keys:
    Thumbnail - LINK


    • Click here to check out our twitter for giveaways & more!


    • Click here to join our discord and stay updated
    on everything that is happening with the server!


    • Click here to check out our store
    FLASH Sale on SOTW will be activated!​