Guide How to remove Loading Screens from Minecraft.

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    No one likes loading screens, they are ugly and make switching between servers a complete pain. Here is a quick/short & family friendly tutorial for removing Loading Screens from Minecraft.

    For those people that don't know what loading screens are, here you can see a common one:


    Now, let's get into the tutorial:


    1- Lets start on the Minecraft Launcher.
    2- Go to Launch Options


    3- Now turn on "Advanced Settings" and click on the MC version that you are going to use. Im using Flame this time.


    4- Enable JVM arguments.


    5- Copy and paste the following code on the JVM Arguments Box:

    6- Click on Save and launch the game. Enjoy!


    Im going to use Shiginima Launcher for this tutorial, I highly recommend it.

    1- Click on Edit Profile.


    2- Enable JVM Arguments.


    3- Copy and paste the following code inside the JVM arguments box:

    4- Save profile and launch the game. Enjoy!

    * Note: You need at least Java 8 update 121 or the code won't work!
Thread Status:
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