Accepted I was banned after 5mins of joining! (False Ban)

Discussion in 'Accepted Appeals' started by hammy127, Apr 30, 2017.

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  1. hammy127

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    Apr 30, 2017
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    IGN - Hammy127
    Punished For (Reason) - Advertising (False)
    Punished By - Panadox
    Duration - Permanently
    Guilty? - No
    Proof (If Applicable) - ask a player called Jenaa. I told her i was banned on another server for Advertising my server (True Ban) as that player often comes on that server. The player asked what was the ip and i said the ip to the player and then i was kicked. I was going to read the rules straight away after i had finished the conversation to see what is and is not allowed (this is true) as i don't want to be banned (like so happened...) for anything stupid i have done. I am not saying it was the player's fault. Nor mine. If I was advertising i would have said in public 'Guys wanna join my server? go to this ip: (not mentioning it in a report)'. But the way I replied to the question 'what server & ip?' I said 'it was [ip]'. That is clearly not advertising to the public and I clearly disagree with the fact i have got this ban and I certainly believe this is an error.
    Why do I personally think i should be unbanned? - I think i should be unbanned because
    - The player asked for the ip
    - It's pretty obvious that if you are only answering the question you should not get banned
    - It was in /pm (private message)
    - It was not in public
    - It was not intended to do it in public
    - I was not expecting the player to ask for the ip address of that server.
    - I must give a response to the player
    - and the fact that the player had no thought that i would be banned if i only told her the ip i had advertised in that other server.
    - I did not want to say it loud as i was aware of my previous ban (the previous day) which is for 30days(now 29 days)
    - I am not trying to blame that player
    I hope you take some of this into consideration and think twice when it comes to situation like this. I hope you unban me soon as someone from another server told me that this is a really good server. I have listened to that player as he/she was very wise to me and the fact I am trying to make this my 2nd best server I have been on through my entire Minecraft career. Try to accept this as I and surely other players think this is an error which needs to be sorted out fast. Now even though this is a believed mistake i will not do it again.
  2. Danieltheworm

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    Sep 10, 2016
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    You have been unbanned.
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