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    Every network has its own definition of what is considered an unfair advantage

    and what isn't. This is why we have created a thread to better address this, helping players
    across the network understand our regulations and provide a fair-play environment for everyone.


    Using our official download links are safer
    Downloading from here highly decreases your chances of potential false-bans
    Please note that downloads from other sources may invalidate your legitimacy

    Optifine [Download]

    Optimised rendering mechanics, all versions allowed

    TCPNoDelay [Download]
    Network mechanics, explicitly only from prplz allowed

    Mouse Delay Fix [Download]
    Game mechanics, explicitly only from prplz allowed

    ToggleSneak/Sprint [Download]
    Game mechanics, latest version allowed

    Keystrokes [Download]
    User interface, all versions allowed

    Key Mod [Download]
    User interface, all versions allowed

    Shiny Pots [Download]
    Rendering mechanics, all versions allowed

    CPS Mod [Download]
    User interface, all versions allowed

    Status Effects [Download]
    User interface, all versions allowed

    Armor Status [Download]
    User interface, all versions allowed

    Direction HUD [Download]

    User interface, all versions allowed

    Reach Display [Download 1.7 | 1.8]
    User interface, all versions allowed

    Sidebars Mod [Download for 1.7 | 1.8]
    User interface, all versions allowed

    Replay Mod [Download]

    Recording, all versions allowed

    Ping Display [Download]

    Rendering mechanics, only 1.8.9 allowed

    Better FPS [Download]

    Alternate rendering mechanics, all versions allowed

    Motion Blur [Download]

    Rendering mechanics, all versions allowed

    Fast Chat [Download]

    User interface, all versions allowed

    Animations Mod [Download]
    Better animations, versions for 1.8 and above

    TimeChanger [Download]
    Rendering mechanics, latest version allowed

    bspkrsCore [Download]

    Dependency, latest version allowed


    Everything mentioned here is strictly against our regulations
    Using any of these will definitely result in your account being suspended

    Cheats and unfair advantage

    This includes cheats from known or unknown developers or software in general
    specifically engineered to alter or modify game memory or code to grant advantage

    Modifications that affect hitbox lenience

    Extending entity hitboxes to grant further range

    Modifications that affect reach
    Extending the default reach value 3.0

    Modifications that affect positions
    Misplace and related, reading and modifying entity position packets to anything other than the original coordinate

    Modifications that affect view angles
    Modifying yaw and pitch, whether it's yours or another's

    Modifications that affect movement or speed

    This includes all sorts of methods used to achieve higher speed or impossible movements, like flight, omni-directional sprint, bhop, y-port, on-ground and so on

    All sorts of automation, like kill-auras, auto-clickers, auto-tool and more

    VPN, Proxy and Network utilities
    Using software to encrypt data or change original IP-header's information
    as well as purposely delaying or degrading your connection to the server using
    Clumsy/Net Limiter or related

    Modifications that affect tick speed
    Software like Cheat Engine or related that increases the TPS from 20.00 onward

    Injection into the game
    Anything that injects into the game, this even includes ssverify, do not run it

    Modifications that affect inventory mechanics
    Any sort of impossible action relating inventories, like keeping containers
    open after going out of range, moving while having a GUI/inventory open, and related

    Modifications that affect and alter mouse input

    Includes double or triple (or higher multiplier) clickers, macros, or software that move
    your mouse pointer (color aim-bot's, aim-bot and more)

    Modifications that affect velocity
    Increasing or decreasing velocity in any direction, or exploiting server-applied velocity to boost movement and related


    Using modifications that allow rendering tiles or entities that are normally
    not visible to a normal client, or displaying entity data or tracking movement

    Modifications that read usually inaccessible data

    Any modifications that allow the client to read invisible/hidden data, like
    other player's health, item, enchantments, item durability, saturation, effects and so on

    Modifications that spoof or alter normal data
    From reach display spoofers to ping spoofers, altering any data from its original state
    or purposely delaying or not sending data at all

    Exploits, glitches or vulnerabilities

    This ranges from trying vulnerabilities in the game/server's code to try and crash
    the application, to exploits like phase, teleportation, duplication of items and lag machines

    Known cheats from developers
    Any and all mods from developers like TSGLuke, Manthe Industries LLC, Monelite, and so on.

    Any other form of unfair advantage
    Just because it's not listed here, doesn't mean you can abuse or use related
    excuses to back yourself up.

    Any attempt at making cheat detection harder
    Attempting to worsen detection rates by killing vital processes, reloading processes,
    disabling services or killing screen-share tools


    These are not necessarily against our regulations
    However, having such makes you viable for punishment

    Unknown or obscure modifications

    Zero-day, new or abnormal modifications

    Obfuscated modifications

    Making code harder to read inside projects

    Custom clients
    Using any custom made clients is discouraged.

    Unstable or beta modifications

    Self explanatory, experimental modifications

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