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    Greetings Cold-Community.

    Since we have been troubled with users getting banned by our Console. Loads of people have been coming to our Ts3 (Ts.ColdNetwork.Net) and been asking for an unban due to being falsely banned by Console, or a staff member. Just like how to get revived/refunded/DTRSet on HCF,


    What do you need?
    Video Proof (Strong)
    ScreenShots (Strong)
    Witness (Weak)


    Banned by the Console for "Fly" due to queuing a hacker that made me fly and die.
    There are two methods to get unbanned.
    Method 1:

    1. Please join the Cold-Network Ts3 (Ts.ColdNetwork.Net).
    2. Rename yourself to "UserName" - False Banned (Example: Merge - False Banned)
    3. Switch to the "General Support Waiting Room", and wait until a staff member moves you (
    4. Make sure you have your valid proof in hand, and ready.
    5. Once you have been moved, explain what happened to the staff member, and tell them you have the proof in hand.
    6. After the staff member analyzes the proof. He will judge if he can unban you or not (Moderator+). If he finds the proof invalid. Please follow the next method.


    Note that we do NOT accept any punishment appeals that have insufficient proof, or explanation!

    Method 2:
    1. Connect to
    2. Create an account with your IGN, and verify using the E-Mail you've registered with. (Required)
    3. After you have created an account, click on the "Punishment Appeal Form". (
    4. Fill in all the required questions.
    5. Submit the thread. (Do NOT ask any staff members to look at your punishment appeal, otherwise, it will be instantly denied!)
    6. Once you have been unbanned. Make sure you do not face the same problem. Since the staff member will mention that is your last chance!


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