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    What is Kit Map?

    Kitmap is a popular gamemode is a more intense version of the popular gamemode, Factions and HCF. Kitmap is a PvP based gamemode, this means that the goal is to kill players and to be the greatest! Kitmap does not include /spawn. To get to spawn you must run there. When you first join an Kitmap there will be signs for different kits. This means that you can get kits for free without making them by your own, To claim a base you must run atleast 300 blocks out from warzone. To claim you first must create a faction, which can be done by simply executing the normal factions command /f create, and after that you will have 100$ so you can deposite the money by typing this command /f d all To claim you use the command /f claim and you will get something called a "Claiming wand. To claim you right click one block and left click another and the Shift left click to buy the claim. Yes, claims cost money based on how big you make them. And in Kitmap when you make a faction you won't go raidable and your DTR will be same after you die and When you die in Kitmap you won't go Deathban instend you will be spawned in spawn and grab a kit like Archer, Bard, Diamond, Rouge, Ninja, Builder, Scout.

    KOTHS :

    Koths are events for most powerful factions participate in. A player must stay in the designated KOTH area for 3-5 minutes. After a KOTH is capped, the faction recieves a KOTH key witch can be redeemed at spawn for pretty good and powerful items from koth crate. You receive a

    Air Drops:

    Every hour air drops appear in warzone. All you to do is to run and collect them but collecting some of them doesnt guarentee that you can keep them. After collecting them you need to be safe to not lose the items you got.


    Builder - ( Full Iron Armor ) This class is used for building. You get many type of blocks to help you building and good tools to contribute building.

    Archer - ( Full Leather Armor ) This class is a PvP based class. Most factions use this class to walk long distances. This main purpose of this class is to be used during pvp as a support class. Simply shoot a player with an arrow from 10+ Blocks away. This will give the player you have shot an "Archer Tag" which will make them take more damage for a certain amount of time. Be Careful! Archers have low armor durability and can die easily! Archers Get permanent Speed 3 and Resistance. Archers also have a special ability! Simply Right Click sugar and gain a speed boost for a short amount of time.

    Rogue - ( Full Chainmail ) This class is another PvP based Class. This class is a very sneaky class! Rogues can use golden swords to backstab a player! These backstabs can do HARSH damage to players and can change the way a faction is fighting! Rogues gain Speed 3 and Jumpboost!

    Bard - ( Full Gold Armor ) This class is used as a support class in PvP. Bard has the ability to give players a variety of different effects by holding or clicking certain items. Here is a list of the most common bard items, and what they are used for
    • [] Blaze Powder - Holding, give strength 1 to Teamates, Click, Gives Strength 2
    • [] Sugar - Holding, Gives Speed 2 to Teamates, Click, Gives speed 3.
    • [] Feather - Holding, Gives Jumpboost 2-3, Click, Gives Jumpboost 4-5
    • [] Iron - Holding, Give Resistance 1, Click, Gives Resistance 2-3
    • [] Spider Eyes - Click, Give wither to you and to enemies (WARNING - DANGEROUS)

    Diamond - ( Full Diamond Armor ) This is used as an actual class to fight against people. With this class you get good armor which makes it harder for your enemies to kill you and get a powerful sword and many instant health II potions.

    Scout: - ( Chain & Iron Armor ) This class is commonly used as a speed boosted. You can defeat your enemy with the moved you do with your fishing rod! Also this class has speed booster ( sugar ).

    Ninja - ( Leather & Iron Armor ) This is commonly used for jump boosting and trap escaping. If you want you flex your enemies to contribute your team you should use Ninja!
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