IMPORTANT Kit Map SOTW Information, New Change Log, and More! Saturday @ 1PM EST

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    Hello everyone!

    Our Kit Map SOTW is this Saturday at 1PM EST. We have added a lot of new features this map, and rebalanced the gameplay too. We also took the time to fix all known bugs / glitches, to make the game mode smoother and more fun for you all. For more information regarding the Kit Map SOTW can be found below!

    ★ Information:
    This is everything you will need to know regarding our Kit Map SOTW.

    Map Kit: Protection 1, Sharpness 1
    Duration: 2 Weeks
    Team Size: 15 Man
    Release Date: Saturday @ 1PM EST

    ★ F Top Prizes:
    1. €75 Buycraft
    2. €35 Buycraft
    3. €15 Buycraft
    ★ Player Top Rewards:
    1. €40 Buycraft
    2. €20 Buycraft
    3. €10 Buycraft
    ★ Top Kills Reward:
    1. €45 Buycraft
    2. €25 Buycraft
    3. €15 Buycraft
    All our additions, and features can be found in the Change Log below!

    ★ Changelog:
    We have added and rebalanced a lot of our features and gameplay, we hope you will all enjoy this.

    NEW! Chat Reaction - It's a "who types the fastest" game, first person to type a word first wins.
    NEW! DTR Regen - 5 Minutes regen & -1.0 DTR loss per death
    NEW! Lunar Integration Features - /f rally, waypoints, etc.
    NEW! Faction Tournament Event - Compete against other factions and try to make it to the finals!
    NEW! /f focus - Pinpoint a waypoint at an enemy's base, and get their faction info on the scoreboard!
    NEW! /f lockclaim - Only works on SOTW, lock your claim from other people entering it.
    - NEW! Leaderboard Top Kills Symbol - Will appear next to name tag and in chat.
    NEW! /lff - Will open up a gui where you can pick your classes!
    - /gkit is now disabled in event zones (ex. KOTH's, Citadel, Conquest, DTC, etc.)
    - Conquest is now 1 point per cap instead of 5
    - Revamped Reclaims
    - Crapple timer increased to 30s
    - Frozen Drop changed to Supply Drops
    - Rebalanced Faction Experience
    - Removed class warmup
    - Rebalanced Crates / Gkits
    - Revamped token rank & keys shop
    - Revamped /f home timers
    - Disabled pearling in Conquest & Citadel
    - Cannot use ability items in event zones anymore (ex. Conquest, Citadel, etc.)

    ★ Server IP:

    ★ Store:

    ★ Twitter:

    ★ Discord:

    ★ Trailer:
    Kit Map SOTW on 30th of January Saturday @ 1PM EST! (19h France/NL) [Cold Network] - YouTube

    Reupload our trailer to win 3x Ability & Cold Keys on SOTW! (Post the trailer at #┃reupload channel on discord!) Download Trailer ➥
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  2. yeawhy

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    hype !!!
  3. Saxony

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    Looks much fun. Can’t wait to see what comes of competition this map.
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    Best update ever!! hyped!!
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