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    - Be professional and respectful within the community and to Staff members.
    - Content Creators are not allowed to abuse their perks or in general take advantage of their rank in any circumstances.
    - Content Creators are not allowed to cheat or use illegal modifications. they're meant to be representing the server in a positive light. abusing this will get you blacklisted from the media team.
    - Content Creators are not allowed to advertise videos or streams that are not Cold related.

    Not complying with any of these will result in your media rank or application being revoked temporarily until you understand them and take them seriously. Any abuse or exploitation of the permission that has been given to you with these ranks will be heavily considered as fraud against the media team, and you will receive removal of your rank and punishment depending on the crimes you've committed.


    - 500+ Subscribers.
    - 250+ Views.
    - Two videos on Cold a week.

    Also, Partner isn't an open position where you can just apply for it, if you, however, feel you deserve to be a partner on our network, join and create a ticket.

    Application Form
    Click on the link above if you believe you meet the requirements for the rank you are going for and begin your application, it may take a few days for one of our media staff to check it, if so please wait patiently.

    Thank you,

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