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    This thread contains all information regarding Cold Network Media Team. Here you can check what are the rules that Media Members must respect and also the requirements for becoming a Media Member if you wish to.


    This is the most important part of being a Media Member. Violating any of the rules will be severely punished, sometimes ending with media ranks removed.

    - All server rules are applied.
    - Media Members must upload videos/stream at least 3 times per month.
    - Media Members must be respectful within the community and to Staff members.
    - Media Members aren't allowed to abuse their ranks in any circumstances. (Asking players for ingame stuff for content making is considered abusing).
    - Media Members aren't allowed to cheat/use illegal modifications. Not even for content making.
    - Media Members aren't allowed to advertise videos/streams that are not CN related.


    In order to apply for Media ranks you have to meet all requirements. Not meeting a single one of them or being close to meeting them will end in your application being denied.

    Requirements for all ranks:

    - You must have a Discord account.
    - HD quality videos / streams (720p - 1080p or higher).
    - Must have uploaded / streamed on Cold Network at least 2 times in the last 30 days.
    - Decent video length, at least 3 minutes for montages and 5 for commentary videos.
    - Decent streaming length at least 30 minutes.

    Requirements for YouTuber rank:

    - Need at least 100 subscribers on your YouTube channel.
    - Need at least 100 views per video within a week from upload date.

    Requirements for Streamer rank.

    - Need at least 100 followers on the platform you stream on.
    - Need at least 50 total views per stream.
    - Need at least a 10 average viewer count on all your CN streams.

    Requirements for Famous rank.

    - Need at least 1000 followers on the platform you upload / stream on.
    - Need at least 300 views within a week from upload date for videos and 300 total views in case of streamings.
    - Need at least a 30 average viewer count in case of streamers.

    Want a higher rank or interested on becoming a Media Partner? You will find all the info on the following thread:


    To apply for Media ranks, click on the following link and fill the form with the required information. Good luck!

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