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Discussion in 'Denied Media' started by nam_1zz, Sep 19, 2023.

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  1. nam_1zz

    nam_1zz New Member

    Sep 17, 2023
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    In Game Name:
    Proof of Channel Ownership:
    Same name as minecraft skin, same profile picture as minecraft skin. If you need more information then contact me
    Server Review:
    Server itself is a great place to practice your pvp skills or find more friends! I really like the pvp mechanics on the server like the kb or fishing rod, they're so unique! Also here's my video of me getting a clip in fireball fight :
    Do you have Discord:
    Yes, I do have a discord here it is : nam1zz
    Or if you want with the tags : Nam1zz#0753
    Video Type:
    I'll be probably will be uploading pvp montages/clips maybe even some trolling videos in the future
    What game-mode will you play the most:
    I will be playing Sumo, Fireball fights, Bed fights, Classic, No debuff and Build UHC. So this is not included into this question, but you may wonder how do I got so many followers and likes? I was editing minecraft videos 3 years ago, so they we're kinda cringe so I had to delete them :/ No matter what I hope you liked my media application
  2. isi123_

    isi123_ Senior-Moderator
    Staff Member Senior-Moderator Media-Admin

    Jun 14, 2023
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    Your video has reached a few views within 24 hours
    Try again when you have more views​
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