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  1. Near

    Near Guest

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    Hello everyone! HCF is booming now and I would love some people to join my faction Nato. I'm kind of a chill guy so thats good and it's summer now so I will be able to play more!

    1. No betraying! (Server Ban)
    2. No Griefing the base! (Kick form F/ Server Ban)
    3. Respect all faction members! (Kick From F)
    4. Don't add alts to the factions (DTR boosting/Faction Ban)
    5. Help the faction with your knowledge!
    6. No Trucing people! (Kick From F)
    7. Don't curse! (Kick)
    8. Stealing Not Allowed! (Kick)

    ! - Means mandatory

    1. Skype!
    2. Age!
    3. IGN
    4. PvP Skills (1/10)
    5. Building Skills (1/10)
    6. Do you agree to the rules!
    7. Do you agree that you will get a ban if you Betray the faction!

    All posts will be read in 24 hours! So hurry

    P.S. Remade for new people!
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  2. Markus

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    Jan 8, 2023
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    thanks for the information
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