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    In this thread you can easily find all the commands you have access too if you are in possession of and you can easily find how use them. If you have any problems with a certain command, or if you don't understand a command please contact a fellow staff-member.

    Commands for this rank:
    • /sc {message} - Puts a message into the ingame staff chat that is only visible to other staff.
    • /mute {player} {length} {reason} - Restricts the players ability to type in the chat or use chat related commands such as /msg /pm /r .
    • /unmute {player} - Removes the current mute of a player.
    • /warn {player} {reason} - Warns the player and shows it in their chat.
    • /unwarn {player} - Removes the last warn of a player.
    • /kick {player} {reason} - Kicks the player from the server.
    • /p {player} - Opens up the punishment GUI where you can find easy access to all punishments.
    Commands for this rank:

    All the commands from Helper.
    • /fly - Allows you to fly can do all gamemodes and in Spawn areas.
    • //thru - Sends you through the wall you're looking at.
    • /alerts - Toggles on and off the alerts that the anti cheat sends out.
    • /ss or /freeze {player} - Freezes the player you would like to screenshare so they can no longer move or do damage ingame. It will also send a message telling them to join TeamSpeak and not to logout.
    • /ban {player} {length} {reason} - Bans the player from all game modes so that they can no longer play on that account.
    • /ipban {player} {length} {reason} - Bans the player from all game modes so that they can no longer play on any of there accounts even alts.
    • /unban {player} - Removes the current ban from the target player.
    • /logs {player} - Brings up the anticheat logs of a player.
    • /checkban - /checkmute {player} Checks if the target player is currently muted or banned depending on what command you use.
    • /warnings {player} - Shows all active warnings for the target player.
    • /tp {player} {Kitmap and hcf only, for practice use /spec} - Teleports you to the target player so you can spectate them.
    • /tphere {player} - Teleports the target player to you.
    • /socialspy {Kitmap, Skybloc and HCF} - Able to see people’s /msgs to each other.
    • /v - Vanishes you so players can no longer see you.{Only works in KitMap, HCF and Skyblock}
    • /staff {kitmap & HCF only) - Lets you go into staff mode where you can check peoples inventory, randomly teleport to a player and more.Puts you in vanish automatically as well.
    • /back {Kitmap and hcf only} - Goes back to your last location you teleported / died.
    Commands for this rank:

    All the commands from Helper + Trial-Moderator
    • /clearchat - Clears that chat for the server you are on. Only use this if a server IP is being advertised or somebody is leaking someones information.
    • /mutechat - Mutes the chat so that nobody but staff can speak in it. Only use this if there is a large amount of spam going on.
    • /co i - Puts you into Core Inspect so that you can see who placed / remove a block or item.
    Senior Moderator
    Commands for this rank:

    All commands from Helper + Trial Moderator + Moderator
    • /alts {player} - Shows all the accounts the target players has connected to the server under that IP.
    • /deathban rollback {player} - Gives the target player their last inventory they had before they died. Only use this if they die in a way that isn’t fair.
    • /deathban revive {player} - Revives the target player if they are currently deathbanned.
    • /f setdtr {faction name} {dtr number} - Sets the DTR of a faction. Use this when a faction goes raidable to a hacker or a glitch.
    Head Moderator
    Commands for this rank:

    All commands from Helper + Trial Moderator + Moderator + Senior Moderator
    • /broadcast {message} - Sends a message to the entire server. Only ever use this to advertise certain events or important things that need to be said.
    Commands for this rank:

    All commands from Helper + Trial Moderator + Moderator + Senior Moderator + Head Moderator
    • /ipmute {player} {length} {reason} - Mutes the IP of a target player so that they will be muted on any account they try to use.
    • /unipmute {player} - Removes the IP mute of the target player.
    • /co rollback r: t: p: - This command should be used to rollback people's bases if they have been griefed or gone raidable to a hacker and their stuff has been stolen. The "r:" stands for the radius of how much you want to rollback. The "t:" stands for how long ago you want to rollback, like 1 hour etc. The "p:" is optional and is used to only rollback what a certain player did.
    • /gamemode (Kitmap & HCF only) - Gives you access to change your gamemode from survival to creative.
    • /koth start {koth name} (Kitmap and HCF only) - Starts a KOTH event.
    • /koth stop - Stops the current KOTH event.
    • /nick {player} {nickname} - Changes the Nickname of the player in chat (doesn’t affect commands).
    • Has permission to blacklist a player if they have a reasonable excuse too. However /blacklist is not a command.
    - The Managment Team -
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