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    Recruitment For kitmap faction "Nweb"...

    *Baldinggg got banned on forums. LMFAO. So i`m making this for him. Cuz he big nub*

    Join discord and apply there :) https://discord.gg/W4buYkY


    Age =

    Do you have Discord? =
    How active can you be per day/week? =
    Are you good in building? =
    Rate pvp skillz 1-5 =
    In which PvP-Class are you the best? =

    Add me on discord if u have questions Emerald#7826 (I will 1v1 you to see if u are good at pvp unless ur class is archer/bard)
    You must have played the server for a while or u will not get invited!!! I will be updating this post time by time after ppl join the faction...

    Leader : Emeraldinggg

    Coleaders : Burj, oSafe , Unalert, TheDeathBringer

    Captains : EndiEB8 , Thrintios , Strqfed__

    Members : Resier

    (Yes this thread is cancer with the colors. idc)
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