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    Dear Cold-Network community,

    We have offically released Op SkyBlock.

    Here are some features:

    * Non-donator ranks

    * Mcmmo

    * Challenges ( /quest )

    * KOTH

    * 9 Diffrent Crates

    *New Donator Rank System

    *Mob Arena

    *Mine and Earn Money

    *Custom GTA Guns

    *Custom Starter Islands

    *Custom Challences

    *Custom Shop

    *Custom Events

    *Custom Maps

    And more!

    * Non-Donator ranks;
    We have ranks that can be achieved by in game money.

    Dirt - 150.000 - Be able to set 3 homes - /Kit Dirt

    Stone - 450.000 - Talk in chat with colors - Be able to set 6 homes - /Kit Stone - /Kit FlowerSet

    Grass - 750.000 - Talk in message with colors -Be able to set 4 homes - /Kit Grass - /Kit BannerSet

    Sand - 1.200.000 - /ci - Be able to set 5 homes - /Kit Sand - /Kit SandSet

    RedSand - 1.500.000 - /afk - /suicide - Be able to set 6 homes - /Kit RedSand - /Kit WoolSet

    Sponge - 2.250.000 - /eat - /feed - Be able to set 7 homes - /Kit Sponge - /Kit GlassSet

    Obsidian - 3.000.000 - /compass - /heal - Be able to set 8 homes - /Kit Obsidian - /Kit ClaySet

    Beacon - 7.500.000 - /depth - /me - Be able to set 10 homes - /Kit Beacon - /Kit SpawnEggSet

    Bedrock - 15.000.000 - /kittycannon - /echest - Be able to set 12 homes /Kit Bedrock - /Kit NetherStar

    Endstone - 25.500.000 - /nick - /craft - Be able to set 15 homes /Kit Enderstone - /Kit VoteKey - /Kit SpongeBlock

    Frozen - 50.000.000 - /hat - /block - Be able to set 15 homes /Kit Frozen - /Kit Custom

    * Challenges ( /quest )

    You can do challences and earn money/items from it. Like on Op Skyblock but on op factions its /q instead of /c

    You can win spawners/blocks from /quest.

    * KOTH

    Most of you probably know what KoTH is but I'll explain it really quick, there's one KoTH in the map in the world and it can be captured by standing on the red area for 2 minutes, you will get a KoTH crate.


    The goal of mcMMO is to take core Minecraft game mechanics and expand them into add an extensive and quality RPG experience. Mcmmo wont work on people but you can make yourself custom potions by developing your Alchemy levels.

    * 5 Diffrent Crates

    We have put 5 diffrent crates:

    - Vote
    - Daily
    - Weekly
    - KOTH
    - Event
    - Rare
    - Premium
    - GoD
    - OP

    *Mob Arena / Mythic Mobs

    Mythic Mobs

    We added Myhtic Mobs, it basically is like mob arena mobs are over powered, Its hard to kill them but whenever you kill a Myhtic Mob you get custom drops like diamond blocks , protection 24 armor ect.

    What can I win from Myhtic Mobs?

    Spawners,Gold,Diamond,Emerald,Iron Blocks.

    *Mine and Earn Money

    Like on Prison we have added mini /Warp Mine to help people in the beginning

    *Custom GTA Guns

    Like on GTA we have added 12 Custom GTA Guns that would make game funnier.

    Here Is The Trailer Videos Of Op SkyBlock;

    The Cold Network Staff Team,
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