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    - As some of you know, Partners Program has been a thing on CN for months. However, it never had a stable structure. After a discussion between Owners and Media Management, we all agree on the following program for Partners and Partners+ .


    - Partners/Partners+ are granted with their exclusive [Partner] / [Partner+] tag & highest donator rank permissions avaliable on each gamemode. Also, they are allowed to host free giveaways within the community (must discuss conditions with Media Managenement).


    - To become a Partner/Partner+ you need to meet the following requirements:

    · 2.5K (2500) subscribers on YouTube (followers in case of Twitch or other platforms).
    · +750 views within a week from upload date per video/stream.
    · Uploading a video or stream on CN once per week.


    - Both ranks are granted with the same rights & permission. However, Partners+ have extra conditions:

    Partners+ must upload/stream at least 2 times per week and cannot record/stream on other servers. In short, their content must be exclusively CN related. In addition to this, they get paid with real money as bonus for their services.


    Since Partners/Partners+ are considered Media ranks, just apply using the same format as the other ranks or click HERE.


    Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

    ~ Media Management Team
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