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    What to do when you are banned?
    When you are banned, there are a few steps you need to follow when appealing a ban.

    Step 1:
    Log-in to the forum or create a new forum account.

    Step 2:
    Go to Punishment Appeals section:


    Step 3:
    Click on the button at the top right of the section:


    Step 4:
    Make your appeal
    In Game Name: Dehydrogenation

    Server: Practice

    Punished For: Unfair Advantage

    Punished By: Nick_0251

    Guilty: yes

    Proof: I had a client.

    Why do you think you should be unpunished: im sorry that i cheated.

    What NOT to do when you are banned.

    Don't go into TeamSpeak or Discord and ask staff members to unban you, this won't help you in any way and will decrease your chances of being unbanned once you appeal.

    Don't ask staff to check your appeal, this will result in an immediate denial.

    Do not post another appeal within 2 weeks if your recent one got denied.

    Lying in an appeal is not smart, it will get you nowhere. If someone finds out you are lying in your appeal, it will be instantly denied.

    Always follow the template, not following the template will end in an instant denial.

    Tips for when you are appealing.

    Put effort in your appeal, this will give you a higher chance of being unbanned.

    Be clear in what you are saying. Also when you have added proof, make sure it's clear and easy to see that you are the one who is right.

    Provide valid proof, don't say things such as "I don't have hacked clients" as that proves nothing.

    Be patient with your appeal, don't keep posting things as "
    When will I get unbanned" as this will only lower your chances.

    What do the questions mean?

    1 - In-game Name
    The name you were punished on in-game?

    2 - What version and client were you on
    1.7.10, 1.8.9, Forge, Badlion Client ect.

    2 - Server
    What gamemode were you punished on?

    3 - Punished for
    What is the reason for your punishement?

    4 - Punished by
    Who punished you?

    5 - Guilty
    This is the one a lot of people don't understand. If you are guilty, you deserve to be punished and you have done something wrong, if you are not guilty, you didn't do anything wrong, not being guilty needs quitte a bit of proof.

    6 - Proof
    Send a screenshot or video in which you want to prove that you didn't break any rule, keep in mind to use clear proof.

    7 - Why do you think you should be unpunished?
    Give a small explanation why you want to be unpunished
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