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    Welcome the "Punishment Appeal" thread.

    This thread is here to help people get dismissed from their punishments, you will find all information about "ColdNetwork Punishment Appeals" here. If you have any additional questions feel free to comment them below or private message me.

    Requirements / Rules

    • You must follow the template which could be found down below

    • You may not lie in your appeal.

    • Don't ask any Staff Members to read/review/rate your application. This will result in an instant denial.

    • Don't tag any members or staff members in your appeal. This will result in an instant denial.

    • If your punishment appeal gets denied you must wait two weeks (14 days) to write a new one.

    • If you get banned for “Logging out while frozen”, “Refusing to SS”, “Unfair Advantage”, or “Unfair Mods In SS”, but you state that you were "GUILTY" in your appeal and your appeal gets accepted, you will either be fully unbanned or your ban will be reduced, its up to the staff to decide
    • If you were banned and you state that you were "NOT GUILTY" in your appeal and your appeal gets accepted, you will be unbanned.
    • If you misuse or spam in your appeal you will get warned and the appeal denied. Or the appeal denied and banned from forums.
    • 'Cheats found in SS' is not appealable.

    • Put effort in your appeal to show that you really want to get unbanned.

    • Be descriptive to help the reader of your appeal understand the situation and how you got punished. Provide information about what you were doing before you got punished.

    • Guilty means you deserve the punishment you received. Not Guilty means that you believe that punishment you received was false.

    • Be honest in your application if you were Guilty it will benefit you if are honest and tell the truth than lying.

    • Be respectful, don’t write anything hateful or disrespectful towards anyone in your appeal

    • Provide valid evidence that proves you are not guilty.
    In Game Name:

    What version were you on (1.7.10, 1.8.9, 1.9 ect):


    Punished For:

    Punished By:



    Why do you think you should be unpunished:
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