Denied Redcostra got banned

Discussion in 'Denied Appeals' started by Redcostra, May 13, 2017.

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  1. Redcostra

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    Mar 28, 2017
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    I just got banned by Daniel,
    The reason is advertising but the story is way different.
    I will explain it all,

    I was playing skyblock and suddenly some guy joined,
    Name; we41asdasad
    He start advertising, and there was no staff online.
    So i said in chat : Lets spam that ip away, me and couple of guys spammed that ip away but that guy keeps
    advertising. So i searched for a staff member, finally i found one on OpFacs i think, i found Mikeanika
    I told him there is a spammer on opskyblock, he came with me and when we returned on opskyblock that guy left, i gave him the name. Mikeanika returned to opfacs, and suddenly there was another spammer
    Name: samika
    I quickly went to opfacs and called mikeanika again. He came and he said i'm not gonna ban without proof.
    So i said: I can send u the ip as proof? He said yeah thats good. So i scrolled up in the chat for the ip, and i found it. I retypt it in chat but i made a mistake, i forgot to do /r or /msg. So i sended the ip in public. Directly i said Shttt that was ment for msg. Im sorry, mikeanika said Thats advertising but he knows that it was a mistake and i was helping him. So he did'n banned me. About 1 week later or couple days i got banned by daniel.
    Daniel recieved a screenshot from the ip i sended.

    This is the whole story.
    I'm doing my best on opskyblock and i help a lot of people.
    I don't deserve to be banned.

    - Redcostra
  2. TylerDaBoss

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  3. Danieltheworm

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