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    Hello there! if you are reading this it means you either need this guide to understand the wonders of our newest update in sky block, or you are just reading this for fun and to expand your knowledge... The sky block server is huge and it has a lot, and I mean A lot of features, a few examples are donor mines minions quests and more, In this guide I will be explaining about everything, including everything and everything, the point of saying everything a few times is that there is a lot to explain, since as I said above we have a lot of features, lets get into the basics of sky block

    I have divided the parts in here into sections and subsections, for example, there's making money which is a section, and there's the Sub - Sections like
    different ways to make money each has a unique explanation, which is a subsection, and it will look like this:

    Sub - Section

    To start with I will be showing you the basic commands of sky block!
    /start - Generates a new island for you (opens a section where you can choose your islands type!)
    /island help - shows you in a small guide that opens in game, shows every command related to our sky block plugin, everything is written here as well if you feel more comfortable using it
    /island go - Teleport you to your island
    /island cp - basically in here you can change your islands settings, you can change chat settings see your members list you can upgrade here your team capacity and more,
    /island reset - Resets your whole island! you can start a new one if you do not like your current one or misclicked the biome you chose, beware, there is a cool-down so it cannot be abused, and you do need to confirm after you type the command in to avoid misunderstandings
    /island level - Updates your islands level, island levels are measured by the number of diamond blocks gold blocks iron blocks, and the special blocks that we have here
    /island level player - This command is if your interested in seeing your friends island's level!
    /island lock - locks an island so none can enter or teleport into
    /island top - the top 10 islands will appear in chat if you are interested in your location in the list!
    /island sethome - sets your island home
    /island warps - Lists warps that are available via Welcome Warp Signs
    /island invite - Invite a player to join your team. You can only invite one person at a time.
    /island accept or reject - This command is used when someone asks to join your island, you could either accept his request and allow him to be inside your team and island group, or reject so he cannot join, and he will stay out of the team
    /island team - if your interested in any of your island mods or whatever has invited anyone else you did not approve, you can see your whole island team in here
    /island leave - this command is used when you want to leave your current island (only works if your in someone else's island or have made someone else the leader)
    /island kick - This is used if you are not happy with your island members, you could kick one of them out, it will send them to spawn immediately, you should use this if they grief or steal your items!
    /island makeleader name - if you type /island makeleader only it will say unknown command, make sure you type in a name, it gives the leadership of the island to someone else, this is a way if you created your own is but want to join someone else
    /island coop player - this command gives the person you chose abilities in your island, he could build, open chests, and more, but he will not be a part of your island, which is another option if you want to join someone island's but does not want to leave yours
    /island expel player - basically forces a player to leave your island if he refuses to leave himself, /island kick kicks a member from your team, does not kick someone from the actual island, this is what this command is used for

    Spawners Buying // Drop Worth's
    Wolf Spawner - 50,000$ // Drops - well nothing, its not for farming, Its a wolf spawner
    Squid Spawner - 4,500,000$ // Drops - Gold bars, // Worth per drop -
    Rabbit Spawner - 150,000$ // Drops -
    Sheep Spawner - 200,000$ // Drops -
    Pig Spawner - 120,000$ // Drops -
    Chicken Spawner - 250,000$ // Drops -
    Cow Spawner - 300,00$ // Drops -
    Slime Spawner - 500,000$ // Drops -
    Cave Spider Spawner - 600,000$ // Drops -
    Spider Spawner - 700,000$ // Drops -
    Zombie Spawner - 800,000$ // Drops -
    Skeleton Spawner - 900,000$ // Drops -
    ZombiePigman Spawner - 2,000,000$ // Drops -
    Enderman Spawner - 1,250,000$ // Drops -
    Creeper Spawner - 1,500,000$ // Drops -
    Blaze Spawner - 1,500,000$ // Drops -
    IronGolem Spawner - 4,000,000$ // Drops -
    SilverFish Spawner - 4,000,000$ // Drops -
    Witch Spawner - 8,000,000$ // Drops -
    Villager Spawner - 9,000,000$ // Drops - Diamond Each drop // Worth Per Drop - 10$

    Ways to make money:

    Cactus Farm:
    Needs to be 1 block apart from another cactus, you cant place any block next to a cactus, needs to be on sand, can be stacked really high and can be auto farmed! Each cactus is sold for 6$ and bought for 12.5

    Sugar Canes Farm:
    Has to be at 1 block or less far away from water, it can be stacked pretty high and can be auto farmed, each sugar cane is sold for 8$ and bought for 32$

    Potato // Wheat // Carrot Farm:
    Making a normal farm is really simple, just get a hoe, could be diamond, gold, or even wood, click on the ground once if its dirt, twice if its on a grass block, and plant the seeds, put bone meal on it if you want instant growth, Wheat is being sold for 10$ each and bought for 60$, Potato is sold for 10$ each and sold for 25$, and the last carrot, is being sold for 10$ as well and bought for 25$

    Drop Chest // Voting
    You can get money from either the supply drops or voting as well, use /vote to basically vote for our network, after you use each link you will receive a key which you can open and either get a spawner or money or an armor from, but yes money is an option, or you could get a better key from vote crate like ultra, and then get an even bigger amount of money, and there are the drop supplies, you right click them and it will either give you certain blocks, money, armor, or several other things

    Selling Common Blocks:
    You could sell some blocks, such as leaves wood cobblestone stone Andesite and glass, perhaps there are more blocks that I haven't written here, cobblestone and stone are both sold for 0.5$
    All type of woods sells for 1$, leaves are sold for 0.5$ as well andesite is sold for 0.85$ and glass for 0.5$

    Raking Systems:

    In Game Ranking System:

    /Kit Dirt
    Able to set up to 3 homes.

    /Kit Stone
    Be able to talk in chat with colors.
    Everything that previous ranks have.

    /Kit Grass
    Able to set up to 4 homes.
    Everything that previous ranks have.

    /Kit Sand
    /clearinventory ( /ci )
    Everything that previous ranks have.

    Able to set up to 5 homes.
    Everything that previous ranks have.

    /Kit Sponge
    /eat - /feed ( 5 Minutes cool-down )
    Everything that previous ranks have.

    /Kit Obsidian
    /pv ( 1 room )
    Able to set up to 6 homes.
    Everything that previous ranks have.

    /Kit Beacon
    /PV ( 3 rooms )
    Everything that previous ranks have.

    /Kit Bedrock
    /PV ( 6 rooms )
    Able to set up to 7 homes.
    No /feed - /eat cool-down.
    Everything that previous ranks have.

    /Kit Endstone
    /Heal ( 5 Minutes cool-down )
    /Workbench - /Craft
    /pv ( 8 rooms )
    Able to set up to 8 homes.
    Everything that previous ranks have.

    /Kit Glowstone
    /PV 1
    Able to set up to 10 homes.
    Everything that previous ranks have.

    /Kit SoulSand
    /Nick ( none colors )
    Talk in a message with colors.
    No /heal cool-down.
    /PV 2
    Be able to set up to 15 homes.
    Everything that previous ranks have.

    Donor Ranking System:

    /Kit SkySoldier
    Can join when the server is full!
    5 Euro

    /Kit SkyWarrior
    /pv 3
    /sethome 20 homes
    Can join when the server is full!
    10 Euro

    /Kit SkyPro
    /pv 4
    /sethome 25 homes
    Can join when the server is full!
    Has chat formats!
    15 Euro

    /Kit SkyTitan
    /nick with colors
    /pv 5
    /sethome 30 homes
    Can join when the server is full
    Takes no fall damage!
    Has the ability to use formats in chat!
    20 Euro

    /Kit kyKing
    /fix all
    /back (on death)
    /nick with formats and magic
    /pv 6
    /sethome up to 35 homes
    Takes no fall damage!
    Can join when the server is full!
    Chat with formats!
    30 Euro

    /pv 7
    /kit SkyLord
    can set up to 40 homes
    Can join when the server is full!
    Can use formats in chat!
    Takes no fall damage!
    40 Euro

    /PV 8
    /kit SkyGod
    /sethome can set up to 50 homes
    Join when the server is full
    No fall damage
    Chat with format
    No teleport waiting time
    50 Euro

    /set (takes blocks from inventory)
    /PV 10
    /kit SkyOG
    /sethome 75 homes
    Join when the server is full
    No fall damage
    Chat with format
    No teleport waiting time
    100 Euro

    /gadgets (like 500+ gadgets)
    /back (on death)
    /pv 1-99
    /kit SkyExpert
    /kit Custom (Decoration kit)
    /sethome 999 homes
    Join when the server is full
    No fall damage
    Chat with format
    No teleport waiting time
    Keep xp on death
    150 euro

    Custom Blocks:
    Yes, we have custom blocks, what that means is that we have a specific custom block which boosts your island level A lot, and I mean A lot, it affects it, you can't get it by mining or finding it, so you have to get it in the ways we set it to, if its in crates or supply drops

    Yes, you have read correctly, We have Bosses! Such as Soul Stealer Skeleton Knight and more, Each Of the bosses has different stats and special abilities, Beware! they are very strong!

    Molten Core - Strongest
    - SPEED 4
    - HEAL 1
    - HARM 1

    - Strike Lightning
    - Confuse Player
    - Shoot Fireball
    - Shoot Arrow

    - SPEED 1
    - HEAL 1
    - HARM 1

    - Confuse Player
    - Disarm
    - Steal Life

    - SPEED 1
    - HEAL 1
    - HARM 1
    - JUMP 1

    - Throw Player
    - Teleport Player
    - Enderman

    - SPEED 2
    - HEAL 1
    - HARM 1
    - JUMP 1
    - Strike Lightning
    - Confuse Player
    - Bomb
    - Shoot Arrow
    - Ignite Player
    - Spawn Minions

    Frosty - Weakest
    - SPEED 1
    - HEAL 1
    - HARM 1
    - JUMP 1
    - Confuse Player
    - Bomb
    - Freeze Player
    - Spawn Minions
    - Steal Life

    It's as simple as it sounds! they do things for you, such as farming perhaps building and more, but they do cost! you have to provide them with food and blocks, they can't just do whatever!

    Quests are currently under maintenance! But stay tuned, we will release new quests with new rewards very soon!
    But basically if you type /quest you will get a list of quests that you can perform, it will give you an explanation about how to perform each of the quests and tell you which reward you will be receiving after you finish!

    McMmo and koths:
    We have decided to add a Koth this sky block reset, its located in /warp pvp! the Koth is right next to a tree, it's hard to miss! Also, we decided to make McMmo a bit better then last time, mining is a bit easier now and so is getting mcmmo,

    How to donate:
    Now this is the most simple part of the whole guide
    You could either go on forums yourself and go into the shop, Or just type /buy in-game! It will redirect you exactly into the shop, you put your name in and select the rank or perms you want!

    Gta Guns:
    Yes yes, we have gta guns and gta bombs!
    Such as cocopops which is a powerful grenade that splits into 4 different pieces that explode after 3 - 4 seconds
    C4, Everyone knows what C4 Is I assume
    AirStrike, you throw it on the ground! then you have 15 seconds to run! it throws around 30 drops, well nukes, on the ground that will deal massive damage
    There are guns!
    Such as Deagle Python Guass and Carbine

    (Its located in warp donor shop, and there are enchantments such as depthstrider 5 ench signs, and more)

    Sky block buycraft has many things in it, if its from ranks till abilities, Let me explain what I mean by abilities, of course,
    we have ranks starting from SkySoldier and ending in Sky Expert, there is a more detailed list about the ranking perms above, now the more interesting part which is perms you can buy and abilities!
    you can buy skyblock worldedit, decoration /heads command, unlimited PVS, and even trails rains wings and block trails!
    World Edit: 10 Euro
    /heads: 5 Euro
    Unlimited PVS: 15 Euro
    Trails wings etc: 5 Euro
    There are tags you can buy as well! also, you could purchase keys items / cmds spawners and even in-game money! here's a more detailed list of what each cost and how much:
    5 Spawner keys: 7.50 Euros
    5 Legendary Keys: 5 Euros
    5 Ultra Keys: 3.50 Euros
    5 Guardian Keys: 2 Euros
    16 Sell Wands: 4 Euros
    64 Sell Wands: 10 Euro
    Kit GoDPvP: 6 Euros
    Kit GodTools: 3 Euros
    5 Iron Golem Spawners: 5 Euro
    10 Iron Golem Spawners: 8 Euros
    There are lots, and I mean lots of tags, such as sexy thuglife abuser shadow 18+ and way-way more, they all cost 2 euros each
    250 McMMO Credits: 3 euros
    600 McMMO Credits: 5 euros
    1500 McMMO Credits: 10 euros
    And Finally In-game Money:
    10 Million: 12 Euros
    20 Million: 20 Euros

    We have both public and donor mines, in the mines you can pvp and using /god will result in a punishment... the mines include diamond ore emerald ore gold ore coal ore iron ore some Redstone ores and lapis ores! you can mine as much as you want and they recent once in a while, the donor mine is more exclusive, pvp is enabled in the donor mine as well but there are fewer people in it, more diamond ores and more emerald ores, its larger by depth as well, compared to the public mine of course

    We have a small but unique pvp area, the pvp area includes a tree Koth and a supply drop area in it, the supply drops are spawned randomly and the Koth starts randomly as well, you cannot fly or use /god in the area, the pvp area is where people go to fight in sky block, as sky block is not a pvp game mode, that's what the pvp area is for, releasing the need to pvp...

    We decided to upgrade our eco and go for a more farming ish reset, we tried to make farming for cactus sugar canes and those kinds of stuff as decent as we could, we made custom drops for some mobs so you people could get diamond and emeralds without mining them or buying!

    Supply Drops:
    In warp pvp there are drops which appear once in a while, it says in chat supply drops in 30 seconds, may sure to grab your gear and go to warp pvp! the supply drops could give you emerald blocks diamond blocks gold blocks or some armor, or perhaps even a spawner, sometimes it even gives ig spawners!

    Each in-game rank donor rank and each of the players has a starting kit! Just type /kits to chose the kit you want, the higher your rank, the more kits will appear
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