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    Why are we recruiting? We are recruiting because we need people to help build traps, capture events, be loyal and expand our base. - At the moment our base is good, we have a spleef, outside trap (piston floor removal xd), KoTH items, God Items and Prot 3 set.

    Where our base? Our base is located yoat: -373 65 628 (if you want to visit us and have a base tour.)

    Any Requirements: You have to be decent at building, good at Redstone (a good understanding of how to make a HCF/KitMap trap), good at PvP (for the situations where we are ganged up on.

    About our Faction/clan: To rank up to captain you have to be loyal to other faction members, stay in the faction for around 2 weeks, deposit money into our faction.

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