Denied Ticrate's Punishment Appeal

Discussion in 'Denied Appeals' started by Ticrate, Jan 19, 2024.

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    Dec 15, 2023
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    In Game Name:
    What version were you on (1.7.10, 1.8.9, 1.9 etc):
    1.7.10 CheatBreaker
    Punished For:
    Refusing to SS
    Punished By:
    I'm not guilty
    firstly I don't have the film secondly please read to the end
    Why do you think you should be unpunished:
    First of all, no state or even a city allows programs such as anytest teamviewer to view files without permission for what our dear Sr-Mod tried to do I can report the server and by breaking the law they can shut it down and the owners of the server will be held responsible. I don't get blocked so what if I'm toxic I have a right to it no matter what the regulations are you can't restrict freedom of speech ... Sr-Mod with the nickname xPoquu should be immediately expelled from the staff for lack of competence and I recommend that you think more about your future steps I had hoped for a normal game but this server is not suitable for playing without a Vape client. unfortunately I do not have one. One thing that puzzles me is what exactly he wanted to check me for please give me a detailed explanation if I don't get it then for just trying to force me to download anydesk program I will report you. I ask you one thing a lot can be said about you I like to play on this server because apparently you are doing something right but the incompetence of the administrators and the hole antecheat are destroying your good opinion HAHAH how do you think why has more players than you?!!!! recordings and screenshots will not be made available to you do not need such insight do not see the need.
    In a friendly way, I will tell you what is wrong with the anti-cheat "Spike" reaction time is too low can not correctly recognize whether someone is using cheats why? because it is a bot that is only taught schemes. As I know life no one will read what I wrote because you do not need players tyke money.... I have written many times about pinger that players tep behind and the visible effect is a sudden increase and immediate decrease in ping such behavior should not be treated with a ban or cancellation of the match. It should automatically expel from the server.... If anyone has read this, I congratulate you on your patience and please remove the block, I have no intention of acting to the detriment of the server, otherwise I would not upload any recordings from it. I'm only asking for one change: an anti-cheat that will kick players out of the server for sudden ping changes!!!!!!!
  2. urspooky

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    Dec 31, 2023
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    Appeal DENIED You may re-appeal in 14 days.
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