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Discussion in 'Accepted Appeals' started by MbPerStrafe, May 20, 2017.

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    Punished For Doxing & public skype leakage.

    Punished By D4s

    Guilty:Yes and no

    Proof: (Dont need)

    Why do you think you should be un-punished?:Well Shad0wings_16 was talking trash in the chat
    So i said his skype name (I got his skype by searching his Ign on skype)
    So i said it to him.
    Then i said i can go to the next step.
    He thought about ddos but no why i will ddos someone?
    That only talked trash about me.
    I got banned for doxing to.
    But i dont see in the proof that i doxed him ik its a blacklist so why i will do it?
    Also i am sorry about saying his skype in the public chat.
    But still his ign is his skype so i dont see its leaking actually.
    Also i am active on the server helping players that are kind to me supporting the server
    So i really like the server it will be sin if i get banned for ever
    I also wanna say to sorry to shadowings_16
    But if you know me for a long time you know i cant ignore toxic messages i think because i am 15 and now pubering but i try to ignore toxic messages but its pretty hard if there isn't a /ignore ):
    I am learning of all my bans what i need to dont do and what to do
    I also agree why i got banned and if i didn't care about the server i just leaved it like this without doing a unban appeal i really care about the server i helped with re uploading the server trailers since now i try to improve the server with tips and reporting bugs (in private)
    I also try to be friendly to staff members if they accept it
    if they dont accept it i wont even talk to you.
    To summize it:
    I didnt doxed him it was not smart to see his skype name even it was his ign so i dont really count it as ''leaking'''
    i have alot of things to learn like ignoring players that are toxic so i wont will go in trouble. I really care about the server if i wasnt i didnt this unban appeal
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    Sep 10, 2016
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    You have been unbanned,

    But dont leak private stuff please.

    Thread closed.
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