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    IGN: UseRod

    Age: 20

    Since how long have you been a developer?: 2017

    Which coding languages do you know?: Java- css-html-python

    Why do you want to develop for our server?: because i like that type of development, and i'm in need of money too, filling my bills.

    Why should we choose you over other players?: Because, i'm working with a heart, not only for money too.

    What is your favourite type of plugin to make?: PvP Plugins, cores

    (eg: Pvp plugins, cores, chat plugins, moderator plugins):

    Proof that you can develop: i worked with KyvackMC(Factions Server), i did stop working with them because of lack of experience, hope this one be better. i got some plugins made since 2018, 1019, 2020. i would like to have a fresh start and good one.
    (Projects that you’re currently working on, or what you have made.):

    Are you able to finish projects before a deadline?: Yessir

    Extra’s: N/A
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    can you send code snippets?
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