What do new Minecraft players need to do?

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What do new Minecraft players need to do?

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    For first-time gamers, Minecraft must be surprised and confused when they do not know what to do in the minutes, the first days in this New World. You just have to remember that the first and only goal that we have to achieve is to survive.
    Except for The Creative game mode, when players participate in other modes, the character can be hurt or even lost for various reasons, you probably do not want to accidentally kill yourself while not understanding, do not know all about this game?
    Download :
    optifine 1.16.3

    forge 1.16.4

    How to play Minecraft for new people
    If you're a new player, keep in mind the first and forest thing, which is to always protect yourself. Because after only the first 10 minutes in Minecraft, you will start to be in danger because it is dark and hordes of creepers can always appear at any time.

    Creepers regularly lay eggs in dark places, especially at night. So as soon as you step into mine, immediately plan and create a solid shelter so you can survive the night. While you can move all night in Minecraft to hide, the best way is still to have a safe haven.
    1. Original tool manufacturing
    And the first tool that you need to have, must have, is a bird hoe (bird hammer), then a table, a house (of course there must be a door) and of course at first these things will be made wood - the kind of material that you can exploit with your empty hands. From these early tools, we can exploit and earn many other materials to make better and more solid tools.

    After getting a wooden bird hoe, look for some open space or as quickly as possible move to a mountain to dig and collect new materials, which is stone. This way you can make another bird hoe in stone, better and stronger, so we can make a few other tools in stone or iron if there are enough materials.

    And of course, each different material will have different effects, durability, specifically:
    Wood (durability 60)
    Stone (durability 132)
    Iron (durability 251)
    Gold (durability 33)
    Diamonds (durability 1562)
    Although it has the lowest durability, in comparison, the mining tool is made of Gold with the fastest mining speed.

    Making beds is the second thing that we need to care about. Although a little more complicated, this tool has a great effect in Minecraft. In addition to wood, the player also needs to earn a few sheep, then take the feathers and use those feathers to create wool, combined with wood to form a bed, placing it in his shelter.
    One thing that if you have ever seen a survival movie and will see, is that the characters in the movie are always looking for ways to get fire, after the shelter, fire is the most important thing. Not only does it help you heat, cook food, light up, but in particular, it also keeps mobs, creepers away from us, ensuring safety not only the first night in Minecraft.

    We can build a torch using charcoal + wood + stone, the recipe, you can see in the article how to make basic objects in Minecraft. If you're playing Minecraft on a Windows computer, you can check the torch's brightness by pressing the F3 key.

    And of course, as mentioned, a house with doors, beds, torches will be a safe haven for any new player on the first night in mine.
    2. Building a farm
    The main farm is the place that can provide players with infinite, rich and extremely safe food. Unless you can't do it or are extremely confident with finding food from the outside, otherwise, you are forced to build a farm to grow, raise, feed yourself without risking it.

    If you want to grow wheat, you can earn seeds from tall plants. Then use the available bird hoe to create a wheat field for yourself. With this material, we can make our own bread, pastries or other cakes.

    In addition to wheat, we can also plant more potatoes or carrots. These are two types of tubers that are quite popular in Mine because it is productive and easy to grow, although there is no nutritional value (hunger recovery) such as wheat, but the processing method is much simpler.

    It is also important to note that, in the process of building your farm, garden, you should leave some space between the trees to get the way back, harvest and take care of your plants (because remember, Minecraft World has a great similarity to the Outside World , so if you do not want to accidentally destroy your own farm, you should calculate carefully before doing. Irrigation is also important so that your crop can grow, or dig a a water aerable system, or you can use water, put in a bucket and place it on a square block.

    3. How to cook
    Crafting is a table that makes tools and tools for players in Minecraft games, however, not always and anything can be crafted with this table, especially dishes and recipes. That's why you need to make an oven (the necessary materials are coal, cobblestones and metal ore bars).

    The stove helps you cook food or get more nutritious dishes, which restores more energy than other foods.

    4. Some other tips
    Never forget to build weapons and learn how to use them. The main weapons in Minecraft are bows and swords, which can be built with available formulas. Similar to bird hoes, these weapons can be built and have different abilities depending on the type of material you use to make them.
    To build these weapons, it is necessary to have:
    Make swords: Depending on the material you have (sticks, wooden planks -> wooden swords, iron -> iron swords, diamonds -> diamond swords ...).
    Making bows and arrows: Fire stones, wooden sticks, feathers, spider silk. You can build bows or bows, and wait to pick up the arrows that Skeletons drop when they attack someone.
    Stay away from Creeper as they can explode at any time.
    The water in Minecraft is infinite, even in buckets, you can use water for a lot of things without ever worrying about it or missing it.
    If it is necessary to mine sandstone or gravel for decorating, building houses or simply being trapped in such a mine, you can use torches to destroy them easily.
    Download Mod For Minecraft: https://wminecraft.net/