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Discussion in 'Accepted Media' started by lavasweeper, Sep 10, 2017.

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  1. lavasweeper

    lavasweeper New Member

    Sep 10, 2017
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    Your ign: Lavassweeper

    Link to your channel: wwwyoutubecomclavasweeper

    Proof that it is your channel: hhttpprntscrcomgjixlq

    Do you have skype?: Yes But i would rather not say my username in the public.

    Which kind of videos do you upload: Gaming: Uhc skywars hcf kitmap and a lot of streams.

    Which Gamemode(s) You will mostly record on: Hcf and Kitmap On Cold.

    Something about your channel: I stream alot and have 50 views a vid on average. My most viewed video has about 400 views. I know I dont have The 250 subs but i hope you can give me yt rank. I will be able to upload every week for sure. And i will start doing 1v1s on cold aswell. But every week i will probably stream kitmap. I have a total of 5k views and 114subs. I also almost have a watch time of 8000 minutes. Hope this is enough thanks <3
    Edit: I also forgot that Ive been quite active on the server you can ask some of the other youtubers on here :)
  2. BestSteve300

    BestSteve300 Known Penguin

    Oct 30, 2016
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    Accepted, congratulations!

    I don't accept people with channels like you very often. But I have seen that you can be alot more succesful with just a few adjustments.

    Check your inbox.
Thread Status:
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